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Why we shed hunt & you should too!

Shed hunting is the process of gathering antlers that were shed by the animal (moose, deer, or elk). There is an actual club for this activity-The North American Shed Hunting Club, founded in 1991. We aren’t quite as organized.  Typically, our adventure starts out on a beautiful spring day where we want to get outside.…… Continue reading Why we shed hunt & you should too!

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Country Life & Predators

We live on approximately 50 acres of land in the country with a creek running through the property.  We have trail cameras set up that have captured a bobcat, skunk, raccoons, and many coyotes.  There are a lot of predators here. Last year, we lost our entire guinea flock.  We aren’t sure how, but between the…… Continue reading Country Life & Predators

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Venison Taco Pie

I recently took out a pound of ground sausage and a pie crust for dinner.  I baked the pie crust in preparation for a quiche.  Then, I realized I had actually defrosted ground venison.  Since that doesn’t quite go well in a quiche, I had to improvise.  The result was so good that my husband…… Continue reading Venison Taco Pie

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Ranch Venison Burgers 🍔 

One of the greatest parts about hunting is completing the process from field to fork.  A successful hunt is a great accomplishment, but for me, the real success is completing the process and ultilizing the meat.  Feeding our family… A big complaint among those who cook wild game is the “gamey” taste of the meat.…… Continue reading Ranch Venison Burgers 🍔 

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The Best Of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s fun to look back on the year and all that we were blessed with.  Today, I spent some time looking over what you all are reading on my website.  I wanted to know what posts were searched most and read.  As I’m planning for 2017, I want to…… Continue reading The Best Of 2016