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Nursing Sessions, Puppy Raising, & The End

Today, I took a picture of our screen door with our son’s fingerprints all over it.  Then, I selected a puppy to hold on my lap while the rest were sleeping.  A few things are coming to an end and I’m a bit sad about it.  It’s a tough reminder that things will change and…… Continue reading Nursing Sessions, Puppy Raising, & The End

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Raising Puppies, Those First Eight Weeks

Are you thinking about breeding your dog?  Curious about what you’re getting yourself into?  Wondering what taking care of puppies for eight weeks is like?  I’m going to tell you and I’m not going to sugar coat it. First off, it is a LOT of work.   The first few weeks are actually pretty easy.…… Continue reading Raising Puppies, Those First Eight Weeks

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Weaning Puppies

Today, we started the weaning process and I have a tip for anyone raising puppies… Our vet recommended grinding up some puppy food and adding some milk replacer to make it a mushy consistency.  He also suggested serving it to the puppies in a pie pan. I did some looking around on Pinterest and was excited…… Continue reading Weaning Puppies

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Puppy Delivery

We bred our dog, Callie, to a beautiful white male lab approximately two months ago.  A few weeks later, it was very apparent that she was pregnant.  We took her to a vet for an ultrasound and he confirmed that she was pregnant with at least seven pups!  We determined her due date would be…… Continue reading Puppy Delivery