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One Bowl Bars

This is another recipe handed down from my mom.  I remember having these growing up and loving all the chocolatey goodness.  However, I have not had them for at least the last ten years.  But…that’s about to change… Tonight, we’re celebrating Valentines day with some venison steaks and will be enjoying these “dump bars” for…… Continue reading One Bowl Bars

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Dinner Menu Ideas, Week 2

Well, we survived week one of meal planning without spending any extra money on groceries!  However, testing out Home Chef was a complete flop.  My only fear about using them actually happened.  We had bad weather two days last week.  Apparently, the roads were so bad that FedEx couldn’t make it out to our house…… Continue reading Dinner Menu Ideas, Week 2

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Easy Cherry Sugar Cookie Cups

We had friends over for dinner last night.  Thankfully, I took the time the night prior to put the lasagna together so I could spend most of the day cleaning.  Since I had a little extra time, I decided to put together some Sugar Cookie Cups.  Luckily, I had a little helper to keep me company.  I…… Continue reading Easy Cherry Sugar Cookie Cups