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Walnut Pesto

  A few things happened this weekend that prompted me to whip up a batch of walnut pesto.  First, the basil I started from seed this spring is finally ready to be picked. Then, we had some major excitement in the garden yesterday.  I headed out to water the chickens and noticed something red on…… Continue reading Walnut Pesto

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Simple Sausage and Onion Quiche

I bought 24 eggs recently.  We were going through them quickly, so I figured I might as well stock up a bit.  Of course, now that I had them all on hand…we didn’t eat any.  Since it’s Sunday, and they expire in a week, I threw together a casserole with six of the eggs.  It…… Continue reading Simple Sausage and Onion Quiche

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Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown

Today, I entered the grilled cheese academy’s grilled cheese recipe showdown.  I stuck with a pretty basic recipe, but after reviewing the 2015 winners, I hope to get a more complex recipe submitted before the competition closes tomorrow.  That said, the one I submitted is pretty dang tasty!  Here’s what I put together.. Sassy Summer…… Continue reading Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown