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Bad guy off of meet the robinsons

It's tempting to label Meet the Robinsons as just another in a long line of recent computer animated kid-traps, but it deserves a more upbeat description. Thankfully, we're not subjected to the new staple of the big-screen cartoon - anthropomorphized animals are kept to a minimum a few genetically engineered frogs and a T-Rex. I'm tired of talking bears and singing donkeys. It goes without saying that children will enjoy the movie this is a blanket statement that applies to anything except the worst animation , but there's enough of a storyline to keep adults from dozing off. Lewis is a year old orphan with a penchant for inventing things. Most of his inventions are disasters, but that doesn't stop him from forever tinkering.

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Wesley Singerman: Wilbur

They are, in general, the universal benchmark for what makes a great family film and especially a great animated motion picture. Not only that, but they have quite a cavalcade of despicable villains at their disposal! Disney Villains are among my favorite characters across the spectrum of entertainment. They are among the Gold Standards for what great villains should be like; most of them are not very sympathetic, but they just have so much style and so much passion, and are voiced by such great actors, that they will forever be regarded as magnificent.

HOWEVER, with so many animated movies put out over the years — there are dozens upon dozens of Disney films — not every movie is going to be a masterpiece, and not every Disney Villain is going to be fondly remembered. Instead of being mysterious, intimidating, intriguing, or just plain entertaining, they can become forgettable, irritating, pitiful, or even all three. They are the villains Disney tends to forget, and for good reason. But knowing where such a great company went wrong — especially since many of these characters have potential — is just as important as admiring their finest successes in the annals of devilry.

Edgar, from The Aristocats. When I started this list, I was actually tempted to put this guy right at the top of the heap. Yeah; he was nearly number one!

Edgar is one of the saddest, most pathetic excuses for a villain in ANY movie, in my opinion. It has a very mellow sort of pace and mood, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are much more engaging and artistic films one could watch.

Edgar is the butler of one Madame Bonfamille; an aging ex-opera prima donna who owns a family of spoiled pet cats. He, meanwhile, will be appointed as their guardian, and inherit the money after them. So, he plots and schemes to get rid of the cats so that he can get all the money. Not only that, but this guy is one of the most bungling, clumsy doofuses in all of history!

Enter master animator Milt Kahl. You just wait and see! In a way, Medusa is truly a tragic case. But the saddest part is, he has some potential! He drives a stylish black auto, has twin attack dogs, is often kept in shadows…at first glance, he seems like a possibly scary, really cool villain!

With the Ten-Eyed Man, it was botched pretty quickly, and there was basically no hope after a certain point. Not much hope for something brilliant, in either case, all things told. But with Sykes, there was a chance to make something spectacular; one of the darkest and most grisly villains Disney ever conjured up! Instead, he becomes one of the most forgettable. There is no excuse for this dull-as-dishwater loan shark to exist, and for that reason, he lands solidly in the top three.

And we all know how bad those are. This is one of the worst Disney Sequels of all time, in my opinion — top three easily — and while there are MANY reasons for why this is, I think one of the biggest is this guy. Again, seen it all before. But who could possibly be worse? Sykes was a load of dull wasted potential, but at least the potential was there, and he had a couple of cool moments.

The same cannot be said for our number one pick…. This is a villain who is basically dead on arrival. So is the movie, for that matter. In my opinion, it is the single worst Disney movie ever made, barring perhaps some of their direct-to-video pictures.

And the villain is no exception. Alameda Slim is a dancing cattle rustler who dresses in a sequined costume and is able to hypnotize cows by yodeling. You read that whole thing correctly. And no, none of it is an exaggeration. Now, as batty and as downright dopey as that whole setup is, I would give Slim and the filmmakers credit if they had gone all the way with it. He does this because he apparently used to work as a cowboy but everybody laughed at his methods.

I refer you to the hypnotic yodeling mentioned earlier. Not so much because he has crazy powers or anything, but because he controls the world they characters live in, and has a sadistic streak. In both cases, the plans, motivations, goals, and personalities of the characters matched about evenly. With Slim, everything feels either too big or not big enough, and the result is a villain who is as messy and bizarre as the rest of the film.

Apparently, early on, they wanted to have Slim planning to take over the country with an army of hypnotized cattle. As demented as that would have been, I actually wish they would have gone with that! Would it have been good? Not necessarily, but at least they would have gone all the way! Slim is too silly a character to ever take seriously, and they try so hard to make him serious it just makes him feel dumber as a result. I was slightly torn between Rourke and a somewhat similar villain, Clayton from Tarzan.

In fact, to be fair to Rourke, I do remember more about him than Clayton, in terms of lines and actions. He was the symbol of the worst of humanity, just as one could argue the secondary antagonist, Sabor, was the symbol of the worst of the animal world.

The two worlds Tarzan is torn between. Also, with Clayton, you knew he was bad news from the beginning; his designs, his attitude, his dialogue, there was no hiding the fact he was a bad guy. Rourke is the opposite. And, to his credit, Rourke does get a few scary moments. But the twist with Rourke being the villain comes almost out of nowhere, his personality seems drastically different before and after the twist, and despite all his toughness, he goes out like a chump.

Bowler Hat Guy, from Meet the Robinsons. I agree on the number one, I also think that Alameda Slim is the weakest villain of Disney and perhaps also of the world of animation, because he's looks more like a clown than a villain.

Madame Medusa, from The Rescuers. Alameda Slim, from Home on the Range. Image size. See More by JJHatter. Featured in collections. Reviews, Rants and Discussions by dark-kunoichi Sweet Villainy by welchdisney Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. To me, the worst Disney villain from the Disney canon is Governor Ratcliffe. JJHatter Hobbyist Writer. Ratcliffe is one of the weaker baddies, in my opinion, BUT he has the advantage of, in my opinion, having some of the BEST villain songs in the Disney canon.

I love it basically anytime the character sings; even in the dratted sequel, his song was probably my favorite. Sincerely yours, J. Great List! I'd have to make the one exception of Edgar I could agree that Madam Medusa is an over the top Cruella knockoff. Alameda Slim Is great as far as whimsical, comedic baddies go. And guess what, he picked the latter and the rest was dismal history.

MouseAvenger Hobbyist Filmographer. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I disagree with this list entirely. Would it be all right if I offered my explanations as to why? Far be it from me to be angry at someone for having a different opinion than I.

If you like these guys and gals, and have a good reason for doing so, more power to you. Madame Medusa's hilarious! You must gain their confidence. Make them like you I didn't find her all that funny, myself, but if she made you laugh, good!

Sarousch is unforgivably lame, especially when compared to Frollo. He is a shadow of a villain compared to Frollo. NoctoNommer Hobbyist General Artist. But for the one you mentioned, not so much. But it's also been ages since I saw the film. Madame Medusa is more of a guilty pleasure character for me. I have not seen those videos, nor heard of them till now.

Meet the Robinsons (United States, 2007)

The patriarch of the Robinsons, Wilbur's father, and Franny's husband. He is in charge of Robinson Industries. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

They are, in general, the universal benchmark for what makes a great family film and especially a great animated motion picture. Not only that, but they have quite a cavalcade of despicable villains at their disposal! Disney Villains are among my favorite characters across the spectrum of entertainment.

The 47th Disney animated feature film , it was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions. It was the first film released after then- Pixar executive John Lasseter became chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Lewis is an aspiring year-old inventor who grew up in an orphanage , whose inventions have been scaring off potential parents. He works all night on a machine to scan his memory to locate his birth mother, who abandoned him at the orphanage when he was a baby. While taking the scanner to his school's science fair, Lewis meets year-old Wilbur Robinson, a mysterious boy claiming to be a time cop from the future.

Meet the Robinsons

Christopher Lucas. Long before David Letterman made it a nightly ritual, groupings of ten seemed to be the most common form of list making commandments, amendments, FBI most wanted, etc. Top 10 lists abound for everything today, from movies and music to sports and politics. From Walt himself and the beginning of his company, to his successors who have broadened the reach of the Disney brand well beyond where even Walt could have imagined it, this book will cover every aspect of the 93 years of history that Disney has to offer. In it you will find information on everything from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Queen Elsa, to the billion dollar acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm. Written for casual and die-hard fans alike, The Top Top Ten of Disney will revisit some familiar characters, films, songs, rides, and personalities associated with Disney but will also uncover some forgotten, obscure and overlooked parts of the company as well, such as the unlikely Disney films Victory Through Air Power and The Story of Menstruation It will be one of those books that the whole family can enjoy and can be picked up and referred to again and again. Author Bio: Christopher Lucas is a lifelong fan of all things Disney.

Top 5 Worst Disney Villains

Wilbur : I never thought my dad would be my best friend. Lewis : I don't even know what I'm doing. Wilbur : Keep moving forward. Lewis : I mean, this stuff is way too advanced for me. Lewis : And what if I can't fix this, what are we going to do?

Customer reviews. Meet the Robinsons [Blu-ray].

Lewis : Yeah? Franny : Just a little tip for the future, I am always right. Even when I'm wrong, I'm right.

Daniel Hansen: Lewis

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Michael "Goob" Yagoobian , or also better known as the Bowler Hat Guy , is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 47th full-length animated feature film Meet the Robinsons. He was voiced by Stephen J. Anderson as an adult, and Matthew Josten as a young boy. Michael is a tall, slender man with brown hair and a thin mustache. He is often seen wearing a bowler hat and suit. He is commonly dressed in black as an adult.

Michael "Goob" Yagoobian

As a year-old boy, Michael is more interested in baseball than his roommate's inventing hobby. He is mature for his age as he is willing to let go of his problem. However, in one of Lewis' timelines, after he missed the winning catch, his fury became uncontrollable as he was constantly in a bad mood. Once the orphanage shut down, as time progressed and as he grew up , his resentment of Lewis grew. As a result of shutting himself from the world for three decades, Goob never properly matured as an adult as his anger caused a stunted mental development.

Feb 7, - Check out our photos and full video of the Villains Cursed Caravan flanked by the Bowler Hat Guy (Meet the Robinsons) and Captain, May

You can get a Villains ExScream Makeover with complimentary face painting at stations around Echo Lake, join in on one of the dance parties taking place in the park, and enjoy a wicked cabaret atmosphere — not to mention some delectable, small-plate menu items — at Club Evil in the Hollywood Brown Derby. Destinations: Walt Disney World Resort. Topics: Special Events. With the exception of Maleficent and Barbossa whose meets start at , what time will all of the other meets begin and end? What is the suggested age range for attendees?

Be Prepared for ‘Villains Unleashed’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Bowler Hat Guy






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