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Finding friends as a mom

When my son was born, my husband and I were 3, miles away from our families and the first in our group of friends to become parents. Try as they may, no one could offer the type of support that I needed quite like another mother. If you are home with a new baby and are having a difficult time making connections, I hope some of these suggestions lead you to find a few new friendships. Call your library and ask if they have a library story time. Most libraries will offer "story hour" tailored to different age groups; the baby story time is a terrific place to meet new moms and is an excuse to get out of the house.

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Finding friends: How to meet other new parents

Remember as a kid when you could go up to someone and just ask them to be your friend? As an adult, it doesn't feel that simple. In those first months of parenthood having a network of friends who can support you and understand your experience can help make the transition so much easier and get you out of the house. You can build those new connections, though, and find that understanding group of "mom friends" that you can vent to, get advice from and just hang out with.

Here is their advice. My son is over a year, and the three of us still meet up weekly. I asked the moms if they would like to go for a walk sometime, and we became friends. You can do a quick google search and see if they have one. Ours is pretty elaborate. We have playgroups for each age range, and they meet weekly at local parks, libraries, people's home, etc. I actually got a great turn out, and now we have a great group that hangs out together all the time.

So glad I did it. The Peanut app is like Tinder for parents. You are matched with moms with similar interests that live in your area. Like Tinder, you can swipe through profiles until you match with other moms or moms-to-be. You can chat through the app, give polls for a good meet up times, and then schedule meetings with one or multiple moms. The activities are usually helpful. We do two clothing and toy exchanges a year, a make a meal day where you go home with a whole dinner ready, and even have speakers on finances, relationships, etc that talk about our specific stage with young kids.

Each group is different, but there should be similar activities. There is a fee for the year for child care and activities. The clothing exchange alone made up for it, and the friendships are invaluable! You can also check out a few meetings for free before committing. MOPS is a network of motherhood support groups that are based in tons of cities.

They host activities to provide new moms and moms of preschoolers and older kids with a group of moms to lean on and a place to build those relationships. For most groups, it won't be awkward to start a conversation because all the moms are there to make friends; plus, you will have an activity to talk about. Many groups also provide childcare so you can focus on making new friends. It was always the same moms in our classes so it was easier to make friends over time.

I still got to get rid of the lonely feeling because we were out doing something with others. Plus, it's easy to start conversations or talk there because our kids are always interacting and you can bond over that. We made a moms' lunch, and I started doing boot camp with some of them. Sometimes if I know who I'm meeting, say a woman or two from a moms group, I will have questions already prepared in my mind in advance.

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6 Ways to Make Mom Friends

NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy. To make true mom friends that you can call on during the tough days of motherhood, follow a few essential steps. I was the new girl in town, with a baby on the way.

When I had my son six years ago, none of my friends had kids. None of them.

My daughters are the most important people in my life! I think there are a lot of reasons we all have trouble finding friends as a Mom, but one of the biggest is motherhood itself. Let me preface this paragraph with a statement: I was one of those girls. Movies make it look crazy, but movies exaggerate everything.

How to make mom friends as a busy mom

Ever wonder if other mothers experience the same challenges as you? They probably do. There is only so much you can talk about that concerns the kids. Also scheduling when they're working moms and I'm a stay-at-home mom. It's also hard because we all raise our kids differently. I know I would make my kids clean up at other houses. Having the conversation about that can be tough because of the friendship.

I‘m too awkward to make mom friends

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So as an introvert, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and purposefully find new mom friends.

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The Trouble with Finding Friends As a Mom

You met her at the park. She offers you a drink. Welcome to a new type of dating scenario, where everyone is looking for The One with total package potential: Kids the same age! Shares parenting values!

And even more important, when have you needed social support more acutely? When my first child was born, the demand on my existing friendships took on a new requirement — practically overnight. Were you a mom, too? Could your child play with mine? Could we have coffee or a glass of wine!

Everything I Wish I Knew About Finding a Mom Tribe

My children put me in situations with other moms all the time at the playground, school events and activities. Yet I can count on one hand the number of true blue mom friends I've met under these circumstances. A mom friend is someone who just gets you and the experience of being a mother. She lives nearby making popovers and quick visits convenient, and her schedule aligns with yours for playdates. She always saves you a seat at soccer practice and knows how to listen without judgment. It's a valuable friendship we covet because the relationship is a gateway into the world of adults, and that's more than just a nice thing to have. It's a necessity. If there are so many of us looking for more mom friends to share the mundane, maddening and marvelous moments of motherhood, then why is it so hard to actually make them?

Oct 10, - Making friends as a busy mom is hard! If you find moms of kids a similar age as your child, well, that is a great starting point for a friendship.

You have to weed through the masses, awkward play dates, and a few crazies to find the right one. Shortly before I had my daughter my husband was relocated for work. I found myself in a new town, hundreds of miles from friends and family, with this new tiny human.

Tips for How to Make New Mom Friends, From Moms

Remember as a kid when you could go up to someone and just ask them to be your friend? As an adult, it doesn't feel that simple. In those first months of parenthood having a network of friends who can support you and understand your experience can help make the transition so much easier and get you out of the house. You can build those new connections, though, and find that understanding group of "mom friends" that you can vent to, get advice from and just hang out with.

Women are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends

Making mom friends moms with kids the same age as yours that you click with, laugh with, and share your deepest fears with isn't an easy feat, but it's an important one. So whether you're a new mom or a mom in a new situation for example, you just moved to a new location , brushing up on those friend-making skills is key. Like any first date, making a first playdate with a new mom friend can be nerve-racking.

Seeking other amateur, irreverent new mom who walks the line between reading every study about how to develop your newborn's optimal gut flora and just NGAF.

I had visions of building a fantastic circle of mom friends on mat leave. Then I tried baby-and-me yoga. By Natalie Stechyson July 13, As the first in my social circle to get pregnant, I craved these new friendships as much as I craved double-chocolate doughnuts and microwave lasagna.

MOM FRIENDS | Part 1: Why is it so hard to make and keep friendships with other parents?

You may be thinking: Friends? I already have plenty of friends! But a parent friend is different. We're talking about someone who's living through the same sleep, feeding, and development issues you're facing with your new baby. Someone who's happy to talk about poop, breast milk, and spit-up.

Tinder for playdates? Why moms are using apps, speed dating to find friends


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