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In high school, I had three friends who I was extremely close to for years. During our junior year, we had a falling out. You've seen movies. The one thing that surprised me was not a feeling or a thought, but a person.

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In high school, I had three friends who I was extremely close to for years. During our junior year, we had a falling out. You've seen movies. The one thing that surprised me was not a feeling or a thought, but a person. After years of friendship, I was a little hurt, angry, and confused by what had happened. But there was one person who didn't care about what I was going through, she just cared about me. Even without the years of history together, she became my best friend and my rock, always there to support me.

I hope that everyone can find someone like her one day, but I've got dibs on mine. These are the reasons you deserve a best friend like mine. She knows what you're capable of, and she won't allow you to do anything but the best, if not better. She's your motivator and your captain. She's always been around, even before you became close friends. You start to realize that all along, she's been right there next to you. You have the same interests, do the same things, how did you not notice sooner?

If you're looking for an honest opinion, she's the one to go to. She's not afraid to tell you the truth. There's nothing better than some healthy venting with your best friend.

She won't judge you for letting out some of your inner anger. You'd be surprised at how much she'll have to say as well. She cares about everything and everyone, to the point where you sometimes question her sanity. Never try to argue with her, because in the end, she's always right.

She sees the best in everyone and really makes the world a better place. How could you not love her? Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!

Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This is not a valid email, please try again. You feel like a part of you has died whenever she leaves. She comes with one downside: she'll go to a different college than you. Don't be discouraged, she's only a phone call away, and she'll text you all of her random thoughts. It's like she never even left. You'll begin to have enough memories to make a million scrapbooks. She'll be there smiling next to you in every picture.

You'll have special places over town to go to when she comes back. People genuinely wonder if you're a couple. She's so full of hope and love. She will never let you forget how important you are to her, even if she uses strange out-of-the-box compliments. She even had a Galentines day. She's protective of her friends and she will do anything for you.

To my best friend KT, I love you. Thanks for being a beautiful human being. Thank you for never judging me, always supporting me. You've always been there. I hope everyone can find someone like you to be in their lives. Now more than ever, we are all incredibly thankful for our healthcare workers, and really everyone who is on the front lines of taking care of our neighbors and loved ones during this time.

I don't happen to be an " essential worker ," but when I talk to my friends who are nurses and doctors, the number-one complaint I get from them has been surprising to me: they can't stop complaining about how badly their feet hurt from running around all day and night.

Honestly, I don't blame them. Alcohol can be super high in calories depending on the drink, so try some low-calorie drinks that won't make you feel like you've betrayed your diet! If you're anything like me, you like to throw back a few adult beverages every once in a while, but you also cringe when you look at the calorie content on the cocktail menu!

I love food and I hate the thought of wasting my calories on drinks, even alcoholic ones. I also am not a fan of light beers so I decided to do some searching and find the perfect cocktails with no guilt attached. Like most women, I dread trying on swimwear.

It's an unpleasant time of the year I often try to avoid until the inevitable beach day with friends is planned, after which I reluctantly scour the internet for something flattering yet stylish.

Nothing ruins a nice day in the sun with friends like feeling massively uncomfortable, and the options available in swimwear can oftentimes be dismal, to say the least.

One of the first things I always notice is the incredible lack of size inclusivity in swimwear. Of course, it exists everywhere, but in swimwear, it's especially apparent.

This year, people are embracing and are thankful for the great outdoors and simple beauty of nature than ever before. Whether you're planning on hitting up your best friend's pool the second quarantine is lifted in your area, or you just want to look like an absolute Queen hanging out on your back porch alone, these suits have got you covered metaphorically, of course.

While no one loves this new way of life we're adjusting to, it's the necessity that will eventually help us fling open our front doors and frolic freely once again! Premature thinking? But while we're in the midst of this quarantine time, we're chatting about the most terrifying, the funniest, and the weirdest thing that quarantine has forced us into recently.

It seems like the only thing I do these days is scroll through social media in a desperate attempt to gain information. My phone has called me out on my screen time more than once, and I just continue to ignore it. You're probably in the same boat — stuck at home, scrolling deeper and deeper into a hole of conspiracy theories and possible "back to normalcy" dates, hungry for information.

While we know that the news is not our mental health's friend these days, getting reliable information is helpful and necessary. While the rest of us are home on our phones, healthcare workers are on the coronavirus COVID front line every single day.

They see what we read snippets of, quickly gaining the perspective that we couldn't fathom. That's why we're going to the root of the information — these healthcare workers who put their own safety at risk every single day. Today, I sat down virtually with Blakelynn Sherouse, a labor and delivery nurse in Ridgecrest, California. How long have you been a nurse? Currently, we are screening all patients, visitors, and staff for signs of infection and exposure, from the time they enter the premises.

Everyone has their temperature taken and is asked a variety of questions based on possible symptoms and exposure to those testing positive. We have a tent setup outside of our ER to manage our "surge," even though we pray to never see it.

In regard to direct patient care, we are requiring every patient and visitor to wear surgical masks or homemade cloth face coverings. If we were to have a person under investigation or a positive result, our protocol involves isolating the patient in a specific room designed for "airborne precautions" so that those in the surrounding area are not exposed through breathing the same air.

As for my unit, we have an extra doctor on call as our "dirty doctor. As of right now, my hospital is keeping a close eye on those that may be exposed and begin to show symptoms. Employee health records and keeps in communication with the nurses in contact with patients under investigation and positive cases.

If one was to begin showing symptoms we can contact our employee health nurse. If we match the criteria, we are scheduled for a drive-through test. We are then to self isolate at home and cannot return to work while waiting for the result. Once the result is released — from my understanding and discussing with coworkers — we are to self-isolate at home for two weeks, no matter what that result is.

Thankfully, we have yet to have a nurse come back with a positive result. However, we've had many that have had paid time off drained because they are required to isolate after they've been tested.

Yes, thankfully we do. My hospital has been blessed and cursed through this ordeal. We are a rural hospital in the middle of the desert that is two hours away from the next bigger hospital, so we see a wide range of patients on a daily basis. One of our main functions is scheduled surgeries.

We rely heavily on our outpatient procedures and have patients commute hours for treatment. Sadly those operations have been shut down because of this crisis. The hospital has much less buzz around it recently — it's eerie. However, on the other hand, my hospital has been preparing for any possible surge of patients. We've had time to stock up on necessary supplies, like PPE. While I'm sad to know that nurses are not getting their full-time hours because of our decreased patient load, I'm also thankful we are not pushed beyond our limits at this point.

The biggest change day-to-day during this crisis has definitely been more the impact on my patients and their families. Having a baby is not only an extremely joyful time, but it can also be a very painful and stressful event for some mommas.

It has been taxing having to explain why we are only allowing one support person with our patients. And even after delivery, that person can't go home — they have to stay for the entire hospital stay.

Through this whole thing, I've tried to stay closer to my patients when I can. Whether I chart in the room or just spend a little extra time talking with the patient and her support person, I feel like it helps if they know that I'm not only their nurse but also another support person that's there for the two of them and their baby.

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Advertise Donate Read the latest issue Newsletter. Probably in Carman. We had a very nice, albeit brief, conversation. Between September and August , my relationship with Maddy was virtually nonexistent. Maybe initially we exchanged some polite smiles—waves, even—when we passed each other; however, as we moved further away from that one, fated NSOP pregame, we stopped acknowledging each other altogether.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. What do these people have in common besides being extremely rich and famous?

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Friend Like Mine

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Why You Need A Best Friend Like Mine

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You know the friendship is real when silence is normal and not at all awkward. Friday nights were made for cheesy horror movies and Disney Channel Originals.


Why You All Deserve A Best Friend Like Mine



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Nov 14, - Columbia needs more friendships like mine with Maddy Harden. AddThis Sharing Buttons A friend of mine began talking to a girl that he knew. You have a new person at Columbia with whom you can connect. At the risk.


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A Friend Like Mine


A Friend Like Mine


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