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Girl meets world fanfiction maya leaves

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Maya was doing okay. She had a rough past, but as of now, things were changing for the better. Her mother was around a lot more, Shawn was in the picture, Riley was still Riley, Farkle still a boy genius, Lucas still a Huckleberry, Zay was still making her laugh, Smackle still reminding everyone of their humanity, and the Matthews still as wonderful as always. Maya's life was falling into place, and she was doing okay in school, Shawn proposed for god's sake.

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Girl Meets World Fanfics — Ski Lodge: Chapter 3

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What happens when Maya finds out that Kenzie has a cute older brother? A simple FaceTime call leads to something so much more. The story is set 10 years after High School Graduation. Maya is 27, Lucas is 28, Riley is 26, and Farkle is also A relationship never worked out for them in High School but Lucy always came first so when they become friends with benefits they obviously keep it a secret.

However that all changes when she ends up pregnant with Lucas unborn son. In an attempt to keep the baby with at least one of them Maya tells Lucas to take the baby and leave after she unexpectedly gives birth to the baby. This story will follow Maya reconnecting with her little girl. This story is set 5 years after Girl Meets Goodbye. My version of how things would change and how these relationships would work.

Lucas and Maya met each other in an orphanage when they were As time went on the two of them got very close and they ended up falling for each other. Just as Lucas turns 17 he is adopted by a family from Texas which leaves Maya completely heartbroken until she is given the news that a family right there in the city wants to adopt her as well. I suggest reading Fate first then Destiny after as Fate follows their relationship and how they met.

Posts Likes Following Archive. Check these Lucas and Maya fics out on Wattpad you'll love them - all written by the same author. Check out these Lucas and Maya fan fics on Wattpad.

All by the same Author. I think you guys will like them! They're also pretty popular on there. Home: Currently in progress new fic Lucas and Maya met each other in an orphanage when they were Let us lay in the sun And count every beautiful thing we can see. Girl Meets World Testing. Test TEST. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

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Please leave empty:. He is close friends with Riley, Maya, and Lucas. He is Riley's boyfriend.

What happens when Maya finds out that Kenzie has a cute older brother? A simple FaceTime call leads to something so much more. The story is set 10 years after High School Graduation.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. This is a Rilaya fanfic If you don't like the ship get out of here. Or just don't read.

Captain Swan Fan — Lucaya FanFiction

Maya Hart is 16 years old. Life seems to be the same just 2 years later. Farkle continues to chase after her, riley and Lucas are two love bugs every hour of the day, and josh refuses to acknowledge her. That was until new years that year It was her first time but they were both to drunk to take any precautions. Her and josh agreed to never talk about it again and then from there Maya had discovered she was pregnant in the February of that year. She knew it was Joshes it had to be She couldn't take it anymore, she packed her bags and left. I know you think you can fix this Riley, but you can't.

The bell rang throughout Abigail Adams High School, signaling the end of third period. The halls were flooded with students, all heading to their next class. Maya made her way to her locker, pushing through the crowd. Hurry up! They parted to let the girl through.

Maya and Lucas were sitting by the window currently discussing the love triangle. Lucas felt slightly relieved yet uncomfortable that they were talking about this.

I love games! The class sat down around the couches and fireplace playing board games. They played monopoly, sorry, and uno.

When Maya pushed Riley onto his lap, he stuck his hand out to catch her. It was later revealed that Lucas is in the same history class with her. Riley is immediately smitten with Lucas when they share a smile. Lucas teaches Riley that not everything can be fixed, like him.

Aren't you ready to go? Maya just stared at her for a moment. Riley's brows furrowed. What could you possibly have done to get detention? Maya straightened and shrugged.

Story Author Community Forum. Maya Hart doesn't talk to her father. Hardly talks to her mom. And she finds there even some things she can't talk to her best friend Riley about, like her feelings for Riley. So why I guess the only thing to do is to She's not a good writer, she's an artist.

Jul 25, - Sitting down next to her, he made sure to leave some space so she didn't feel crowded. "Maya, please tell me what's going on." She looked down.

At that moment he wanted nothing more than to be her knight and save her from whatever monster was making someone so pretty so sad. I'm not sick! His mom had always told him not to get in fights but his dad had told him to be scrappy when he did get in a fight so Josh spat at him.

I do not own Girl Meets World! If you like this story, please check out my other Lucaya story, "I'd Pick You". Summer had just started and Maya was dreading what the next couple of months were going to be like. Everything was going to see so annoyingly awkward, with her and Riley having to "share" Lucas, and Maya just wanted out of it.

Hi guys! I know this is a short chapter but basically Maya's mom is making her move to go live with her aunt in London. Maya walked into the Matthew's apartment to find the Matthews all over the place.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence.

When Josh entered the room something seemed off. That something was Maya. He thought she would be ecstatic because she just finished her Jr year. But instead of her normal bounciness, jumping on his back and calling him Uncle Boing, was gone. Instead she looked at him, said hello and left the room.



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