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In Riley's dream she saw vampire and one was about to suck her blood and then Riley woke up screaming. Riley started crying and said Maya I had a nightmare about vampires and one was about to bite me and drink my blood. Honey calm down I'm right here said Maya. Then Maya turned off the light.

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Girl Meets World Fanfictions

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But because I got a little carried away I think this will end up being a two shot. Hope you guys like it. Word Count: 2, Zay dramatically rolled his eyes, slinging his backpack over his shoulder as the two of them maneuvered their way through the hall.

First period was the only class the two of them had together this year. It was different in the previous years. Being best friends, Zay always made sure they took all the same classes, that way they could mooch off of each other and have someone to crack jokes with.

Lucas, however, after having a scary conversation with his strict father about his future, made sure to actually try and make an effort for senior year. That included less Zay, less partying and more academics. Haze, walked up to the board. Neither Lucas nor Zay could get a good look at her because she was standing on the other side of Finch. All they could make out was her long brown hair. Finch and Haze whisper among each other while the class watches on in silence, curiosity brewing.

You have a girlfriend. Haze returns his attention to the class. Transferred here from Wesley High. She was gorgeous. Her olive skin complimented her brown hair and hazelnut colored eyes perfectly. She had dimples when she smiled that were paired with full lips. She was wearing a summer dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. He had to know this girl. Keep reading. Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans.

One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide. Sorry in advance. I wake up to the sound of jeopardy blasting from the t. It was already noon but I work the night shifts so for me it might as well have been 6 in the morning. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I shuffle into the common area and watch as my roommate, Isadora, fills out paperwork while absentmindedly answering the questions from the outdated show.

Lewis, it was bordered on the east by the Eastern Ocean and on the north by the River Shribble. It helps me concentrate. I started working here when I was a freshmen in college. This will take place October 17th - October 23rd.

The list below shows what prompts and what day to write them. There are two prompts for each day, one Angsty and one Fluffy. You can choose one prompt OR do both prompts for that day if you would like! Please Hashtag everything RucasFanficWeek Happy Writing! So anyways, hope you guys like this one shot. He grabs her hand and gently rubs her fingers.

I know how much it meant to you. Riley softly smiles. I mean sure I was upset at first but I realize that the important stuff we hold on to can be replaced with new important things. Important people actually and you know where you are sitting is where Berry the Bear used to sit. Riley smiled at her adorable boyfriend. But you know when I was a little girl, Berry always protected me when I felt scared but now I have someone new to protect me and make me feel safe.

He pulls away, still having his arms around Riley. He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. I will always be there for you. I will always protect you. The next day, Riley was sitting on her bed doing her homework until she heard a knock on her window. So I got you something.

It was a purple teddy bear. Riley hugs her new bear tight and gives Lucas a kiss on the cheek. Thank you. Lucas smiled. Would you like to join us for dinner? Riley went to put her new bear on her bed. Lucas smiled remembering when he told Riley that when the right person gives them something they keep it like its gold.

He smiles at the sight of her leaning against the wall with a teeth exposing grin and her shoulders jerking gently as she laughs.

Eventually her friends managed to convinced her and preparations were underway. Riley stressed so much about every detail of the party being perfect she had difficulty actually enjoying the night itself.

Rating: K Words: Quickly, they tried packing everything back into the picnic basket. But when he started to move, he felt resistance. Looking back at her, he saw that she stood in place with her face to the sky, arms stretched at her sides. He could only stare at the girl he loved looking calm and happy spinning around in the rain. Every rainstorm needs sunshine afterwards, right?

Maybe she was it for this one. So, he let her have her fun while he just stood and watched with a big goofy grin on his face. But, seeing her smile like that? Collide Rucas AU iwantyoutochooseme : Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans.

Anonymous said:. She laughs softly. Riley moves closer to Lucas and wraps her arms around Lucas, giving him a big bear hug. Riley giggled. She looked up and saw Lucas, waving at her and giving her a cute cheesy smile. Riley chuckles and got up and went to open her window, letting her boyfriend in. They both turn around when they heard the door open.

Thanks Mrs. But the evidence was staring right back at her, taunting her. However- Riley knew- she knew in the bottom of her heart what had transpired. You could get sick.


After I see Maya and Josh start to kiss, and I leave the room. I mean, I love them, but Josh is my brother, and Maya's my best friend. Ewe, gross. I turn the corner, and am able to see Maya's room through the crack of the door. Inside, I see Lucas sitting up, with his head hung low, and his hands covering his face.

But because I got a little carried away I think this will end up being a two shot. Hope you guys like it. Word Count: 2,

He knew that voice. He ran as fast as he can, not sure where he was going but he just had to find her. He scooped her up in his arms and ran his hand though her hair. His eyes were watery, and his heart was breaking. Baby it's me.

Story Girl — Fanfic: You are My Sunshine, Girl Meets World |...

Ever since Riley and Lucas got together, they've been spending less time with Maya and Farkle. What happens when Riley goes missing? What will Lucas do when he finds her? Please read. This is going to be another sequel to Our Life is Just Beginning. They were making plans to go on the date that they had planned before Riley had fainted. Topanga pulled into the parking complex, and they all piled out of the car. Lucas escorted Riley to her apartment and walked her in. Riley picked If I Stay.

It was late and they were worried about Maya. Shawn felt panic rising in his stomach, he was generally running on high levels of anxiety and stress lately. Well if he was being perfectly honest anxiety was kind of always an undercurrent in his whole life. Maturing had just replaced anger and self-destruction with panic attacks, which he supposed were better. Katy was also anxious she knew her daughter was very good at getting into trouble and was slightly worried she would come home in the arm of a police officer.

Or well, a Maya and the Matthews 's moments story.

Hello, my fellow readers. I am so excited to see the episode. But the one thing that I'm livid about was that they cut out a little cute Rucas scene where Riley and Lucas were flirting with each other.

Zay reflects on his feelings for Isadora Smackle. It was the first time everything had gone significantly not according to plan. Her parents had always told her to go after what she wanted.

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Summary: Riley has a dream that made her breakdown. When she goes to school, she isn't herself and her friends are concerned and wondering what's wrong. Riley was walking in complete darkness with thick fog surrounding her. She didn't know where she was or where she was heading to. Missy started to walk around Riley. You don't deserve to be with him.

I saw him first. The boy on the train. The day Riley decided she was just like me, the day her lips turned kiwi. We were just seventh graders. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to feel wanted, to feel like the kind of girl she wanted to be. So I gave him up.

Jan 4, - Riley has a nightmare that comes true. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Lucas F., Riley M.] - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,

Aloha, my fellow readers. Well, I've decided that the gender of the Rucas baby is going to be a girl. And I came up with a list of names for the Rucas baby:.







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