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Girl scout cookie delivery notes

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Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin , and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? Welcome to the Quick Bites Resources Page! Here you can find all you need to know to run a successful cookie program with your troop! Use the drop down tabs below to locate more in-depth information about each facet of the program. If you need additional assistance, please call our customer care line at

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For Cookie Sellers

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Find cookies, learn when cookie season starts in your community, and locate cookie sale booths by simply entering your zip code in the Find Cookies! You can also call or email your local Girl Scout council.

Council staff or volunteers can help you find a cookie booth near you. Councils conduct their cookie season for about a six- to eight-week period per year, most between January and April, but some as early as September. You can search for cookie sales in your neighborhood, get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies , and use social media to tell your friends.

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies , you power amazing experiences and life-changing opportunities for girls year-round—from trips to our nation's capital to community projects to outdoor adventures.

The more cookies you buy, the more you help Girl Scouts build essential skills as they begin to think like entrepreneurs and learn to take the lead, both now and in the future. Girls gain these skills from working with others, setting goals, and interacting directly with you, the cookie customer!

Our Digital Cookie platform keeps girls front and center as we move beyond the booth and offer a convenient way for consumers to buy cookies online and support girls at the same time! Depending on the council, girls will either use a personalized cookie website, mobile app, ecard, or direct link to ask their customers to make a Digital Cookie purchase. To find out if the Digital Cookie platform is available in your area, visit www.

We caution against purchases of Girl Scout Cookies found for sale online at auction, community list sites, or sites such as eBay and Amazon, because GSUSA, your local Girl Scout council, and our licensed cookie bakers cannot guarantee the freshness or integrity of these cookies.

In many instances, these cookies are actually expired, or the sellers are using Girl Scout intellectual property without our authorization. Further, purchasing cookies in this way does not support Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program.

To find out if the Digital Cookie platform is available in your area, visit Digital Cookie. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Girl Scouts participate in varied activities throughout the year and work on many projects. The cookie program is just one of those activities. And because only registered Girl Scouts may sell Girl Scout Cookies , their market availability is normally limited to the six- to eight-week period when girls are engaged in the program through their local council. There are many different kinds of Girl Scout Cookies! You can learn about the cookies on the Meet the Cookies page of our website.

Availability varies depending on the local area, so contact your local Girl Scout council to find out which varieties are available near you. Contact the cookie baker if, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with a package of Girl Scout Cookies.

This date corresponds with the end of each cookie season. Accordingly, Girl Scout Cookies with a date would be baked for the — season. Each of the Girl Scout councils sets its own price based on its needs and knowledge of the local market. Today's prices reflect both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout programming in an ever-changing economic environment.

Remember—the proceeds stay with your local council and troop to power amazing experiences for girls. To find out when Girl Scouts are selling in your area, use the Find Cookies! Girl Scout Cookies are sold by weight, not by size or number. The number and size of cookies vary by variety and by baker. This information is featured on every package. You can learn more about the cookies on the Meet the Cookies page of our website. A cookie may be called Trefoils when baked by one baker and Shortbread when baked by the other.

The two cookies look and taste similar, but the name of the cookie and the recipe may be different. Even if Girl Scout Cookie names are the same, the recipes may differ. This information is clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form.

You can also find the information on the Meet the Cookies page of our website or on the Cookie Finder app. With special regard for allergen concerns, our bakers bake Girl Scout Cookies in state-of-the-art facilities, and consumers can be assured that every required safety protocol is adhered to in order to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients. To find out which licensed baker supplies your council with cookies, contact your Girl Scout council.

Ingredients may differ slightly by baker. Councils select the varieties offered in their area. To see a listing of all current varieties of Girl Scout Cookies , along with pictures and descriptions, go to Meet the Cookies. Check out our Cookie Recipes page. You can also visit Pinterest to find and share recipes.

All of the girls pictured on the packages are registered Girl Scouts or Girl Scout alums. Every package shows Girl Scouts in action participating in Girl Scout program activities.

We trust our licensed bakers, who are industry leaders, to develop recipes using ingredients that will produce the best-tasting and highest-quality cookies while simultaneously addressing industry trends; scientific trends; and, of course, consumer preference. One of our bakers, Little Brownie Bakers, has removed high-fructose corn syrup from its cookies. We are in the process of removing high-fructose corn syrup from all Girl Scout Cookies and all cookies will be free of high-fructose corn syrup by Palm oil is an ingredient found in the majority of baked snacks sold in the United States.

Per GSUSA's licensed bakers, it is necessary to use palm oil in our cookies because of its unique ability to provide volume and texture in baked goods, usually without adding trans fats. Additionally, growing palm oil requires less land in comparison to other vegetable oils and supports the livelihoods of more than 4 million farmers globally. One of the primary goals of our Girl Scout Cookie bakers is to create the best-tasting cookies possible using the best ingredients available.

The world's food supply is intricately tied to the use of palm oil, so we believe promoting sustainable manufacturing principles is the most responsible approach for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookie development.

At Girl Scouts, we have an opportunity to use our strong voice to bring about positive change on this important issue, and our bakers have made the following commitments:. Our licensed bakers are committed to using as little palm oil as possible in Girl Scout Cookies and have committed to continuing to research viable alternatives. ABC Bakers is a member of the RSPO, an organization of growers, buyers, manufacturers, conservationists, and other interested parties striving to develop and follow best practices to ensure sustainability.

The Mass Balance certification supports farms that grow palm oil while using sustainable practices, respecting human rights, and preventing deforestation. Little Brownie Bakers is working with the RSPO to not only improve the sustainability of palm oil for Girl Scout products but also for the entire food industry. Sustainability refers to social, environmental, and economic factors that an organization addresses to provide value not only to consumers but also to the world. GSUSA is proud of the initiatives its licensed bakers report on annually that speak to their corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

Our licensed cookie bakers are actively working with their suppliers to ensure that the cocoa used in Girl Scout Cookies is responsibly sourced. Our bakers are required to provide assurance that cocoa sourced for Girl Scout Cookies is child- and slave-labor free. To provide this assurance, our bakers require compliance from their cocoa suppliers through strict supplier codes of conduct. Our bakers are working with cocoa suppliers, farmers, and industry partners to identify risks and support education and training that promotes sustainable and ethical practices.

GSUSA understands that, in spite of the best efforts of our manufacturers and the ongoing work by their suppliers, we also have a responsibility to provide leadership on the topic of slave labor and human trafficking.

We are committed to using our powerful voice and brand wherever possible to effect change in this area. GSUSA is committed to providing cookie customers with the highest-quality products available.

We understand that customers have questions about the foods they choose to eat, and GSUSA works alongside its trusted bakers to develop recipes using ingredients that will produce the best-tasting and highest-quality cookies. Girl Scouts recognizes that many people have concerns about GMO ingredients, and we monitor member and consumer opinion on this matter while simultaneously addressing industry trends; scientific trends; and, of course, consumer preference.

It is important to note that there is worldwide scientific support for the safety of currently commercialized ingredients derived from GMO agricultural crops. The new label on some Girl Scout Cookie packages will help consumers make better-informed food choices. We encourage consumers concerned about sugar intake to discuss dietary options with a doctor or registered dietitian. For consumer convenience, each of our licensed bakers lists dietary exchanges on the cookie information pages of their websites, so people with diabetes and parents of children with diabetes can make informed choices.

The amount of sugar and carbohydrates is also listed on each cookie package. Girl Scout Cookies are sold for a short time every year and are considered a snack or special treat. As with all treats, they should be enjoyed in moderation. GSUSA promotes a healthy lifestyle for girls, which includes a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Our health and fitness programs encourage girls to adopt fitness and healthy eating habits early in life and to continue them into adulthood.

Girls are also taught to consider ingredients and portion size when choosing snacks. Girl Scout Cookies are produced once a year, making the production of specialty cookies difficult. In addition, the demand has not been great enough to make it economically feasible.

For more information, visit the Meet the Cookies section of our website. Please contact your local Girl Scout council about availability. For more information, visit the Meet the Cookies page of our website. Girl Scout Cookie packages are intended to be recyclable, but they may or may not be accepted by your local recycling service depending on the types of materials it processes. Several Girl Scout Cookie varieties are produced in flexible film packaging, without a carton. The flexible film overwrapping the cookie tray may be recyclable in some markets.

Film overwrap packaging has eliminated thousands of pounds of paperboard from the waste stream, and the reduction in packaging weight saves thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, which further reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Adding halal certification to our existing kosher certification was an important step forward in this regard. Little Brownie Bakers is actively pursuing halal certification. They are the same delicious cookies that you know and love.

Obtaining this certification did not require changes to any of the ingredients, recipes or baking processes. It strives to provide an innovative take on this truly classic treat. This time-honored campfire treat is made with natural flavors and specialty ingredients. ABC Bakers strives to be as transparent as possible so that its customers can make informed decisions about what they buy.

Note that only those allergens explicitly named in the statements are in the cookies. Visit the Meet the Cookies page of our website for more information.

Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Tags – Free Printable

Simply print, cut, fill out, and attach to your bags. You can even have your Girl Scout sign their name or a quick note at the bottom. However, this was our first year going door to door. The girls were excited, and were pretty good sports about it!

The Cookie Program has ended. Placing an initial cookie order allows girls to have inventory in-hand for Cookie Go Day, so they can start selling right away.

Helpful Gimme5! Resources Gimme5! Info Sheet Gimme5! Customer Entry Cards. Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.

Girl Scouts Giving Cookies to Our Heroes

When does the cookie sale begin? Initial order taking begins January 6 - January When can customers start purchasing cookies online? Girl Scout Cookie Season has been extended to May 31st. At this time cookies are available online only. How much will cookies be this year? What are the ways that customers can buy cookies? This year, customers have three different ways to purchase their favorite treats.

Operation Thin Mint

Use the following facilitator guides to host your own Cookie Academy and help girls earn all the cookie business badges for their grade level! Digital Cookie Shutdown Request Form In light of the extension of the Cookie Program to now end on Sunday, April 19, please use this form to make adjustments to your girl's Digital Cookie options available to cookie customers. Only 1 person from the Service Unit should submit this form. Additional Cookie Proceeds Option Agreement.

Find cookies, learn when cookie season starts in your community, and locate cookie sale booths by simply entering your zip code in the Find Cookies!

Scouts can't sell cookies in public. Buy on line and you'll support them and sponsor a sweet surprise first responders and neighbors in need. Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?

Initial Cookie Order

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? All Categories.

This Girl Scout cookies thank you printable is a perfect way to finish your cookie season. Make your delivery smooth with these tips, too. I learned long ago how to help my daughter organize her cookie sales, and this free Girl Scout cookies thank you printable we put on every delivery makes things easy. I love that this Girl Scout cookies thank you printable serves multiple purposes. Not only does it thank the customer for the order, but the small note tracks what each person ordered and whether they paid in advance or not — important to ensure we get all cookies delivered to the right person.

Thinking Outside The Girl Scout Cookie Box: Scouts Encourage Cookie Donations


Last year, more than 4, girls in GSWPA sold cookies through their personalized web page. Digital Cookie Girl Delivery Option — Please note: Girl Delivery.


Digital Cookie - Getting Started


Girl Scout Cookie Program®




Order Girl Scout Cookies Online


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