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How do i help my husband find a job

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Supporting a husband during unemployment can be stressful. There are probably a lot of questions going through your head: How will you support your family financially? How can you help him find a new job? How should you adjust your budget? If you have children at home, how are they going to take the news? How can you alleviate your fears, find answers to your questions, and offer the support your husband needs?

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For Better or for Worse – How to Help Your Partner Through Job Hunts

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Just the previous Sunday afternoon, Del and I had been talking about his job. Over a period of time there had been significant leadership changes in his company, resulting in increased stresses and frustrations that hindered him from being able to do his job well. Many times Del would come home with a bad tension headache after a long day at work, not to mention the extreme fatigue he was feeling.

We decided he should update his resume and start sending it out to some recruiters, and we would see if God would open any doors. Then the decision was taken out of our hands. When I arrived home, Del was sitting in a chair in our living room just staring into space.

I have never felt so inadequate in all my life! I sat down in his lap and we both started to cry. After we shed our tears at least for that time we prayed together. Thus began our journey — one that would change us both individually and also our marriage forever. So as the wife of a man who no longer has somewhere to go everyday, where do you start in showing your support? We both recognized that, for the foreseeable future, Del would be available to help out more at home.

So he asked me to show him how to do the laundry since he now had the time. Del was also able to help with the groceries, the morning school drop-offs, and with dentist and orthodontist appointments. I was so grateful for his willingness to help with my load.

There were many days when Del needed me to be his greatest encourager, while he struggled with thinking that he was not good enough to get a job to take care of his family. I needed to remind him how important he was to our family, how proud we were of him, and how much we loved him. God would open that door of employment for him when He knew best — which is also why it was so important to….

What greater gift can I give to my husband than to pray for him; to commit him to the protection and care of the One who knows him more intimately than me, and who loves him even more than I ever could? Many times I would not know what to say to Del when he was feeling down or frustrated.

I knew that his feelings were real, but I also knew that Satan wanted nothing more than to keep him feeling that way. But you know, Del losing his job affected the whole family, not just him. When there are children in your home….. When Del lost his job, our children were 11 and 15 years of age.

Any time that Del or I wanted to spend money, our year-old son Ryan would tell us not to. Recognize the need to let the kids know how you are doing, as it is appropriate to their age. Tell them when Dad has a job interview, or even when he gets a call for a potential opportunity.

And most of all, pray with your children. We would thank God once again for His provision and care for us, and ask again that He provide a job for Dad. On more than one occasion I heard Del thank God in prayer for doors that the Lord had closed when he was not chosen for a job, even after several interviews that looked very promising. Blessed be the name of the Lord! Having had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom while the children were younger, and running my own accounting business as they got older, I am used to having time at home — by myself!

All of the sudden I had my husband around constantly. Yes, it had its advantages with regards to his help, but it was just not normal. I was used to my routines: getting lunches made, children to school, household chores done, getting out the door to see clients — all the things I had been doing for the past 17 years. So I would spend some time with him and then start dinner early, as we no longer had to wait for him to get home.

I found myself longing for time on my own. I found I was beginning to resent the fact that he was there all the time. But I also had to recognize and be sensitive to the fact that he did not want to be at home either.

As a wife, a lot of my security and stability came from the fact that I had lived in the same place for the 20 years we had been married, my husband went to work everyday and earned an income to pay the mortgage and the bills, my children were happy in their schools, and I had family and friends all around me.

Now it became apparent to me that all of that might change! Not only that, but I found myself wondering what Del was doing with his time — how hard was he looking for that job?

Was he allowing other things church involvement, household tasks, etc. More than anything, though, the most important change that came for the both of us was learning to…. Praying together as a couple was always a sporadic thing for us over the years.

But when God brought this change and uncertainty to our lives, there was no question that we needed to draw together and especially pray together if we were going to make it through this. We also pray together for one another. A few months after Del lost his job, God gave me a verse from the Bible that became my promise for this period of time we were going through. But in the end I knew God could be trusted and that He was faithful; that His plans were for our good and not to harm us.

One of the greatest blessings that we have found in our journey of the last three years is that God has taken what we both knew to be true in our heads and has now embedded it in our hearts.

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For Better or for Worse – How to Help Your Partner Through Job Hunts

When one half of a couple is out of work, it requires extra effort from both to keep the household on the move. While the burden of unemployment is certainly stressful for the person who has lost a job, it also represents huge new responsibilities for a spouse who still has a job. One of the biggest is bringing home a paycheck while supporting your partner in the search for a new job. This role requires patience, a positive attitude and flexibility — as well as generosity with your network.

Recently, my colleagues had a discussion about a trend in couples that we have observed where one partner refuses to get a job to support the household or have a stable employment. Here are some reasons why people choose to stay with a partner who refuses to work. Even though you may start to feel a lot of hurt, anger, and resentment towards your partner, ultimately you stay in the relationship because you are getting something out of it.

Really, you have. Some people will move to a different city, state, or country in order to find a job in their field. How do your social media profiles look? Are they a mishmash of public family photos and some political point-of-view posts? One of the most important aspects of your job search is to ensure that your online presence is up to date and professional.

How to Support Your Husband during His Job Search

Amelia Shroyer moved to Berlin in to be with her then-boyfriend, Nic. Nic worked full-time and made good money, but she found it hard to be unemployed. He celebrated every step of my progress, from a recruiter's first reply to a successful interview. Shroyer eventually got a full-time job and is now a social media strategist at House of Radon. She was able to return the support to Nic several months later when he quit his job to find a better one. When your partner is looking for a new opportunity, it can be fun to consider the options and dream big dreams together. At the same time, if the job search takes a while or is the result of a layoff, you may find your enthusiasm flagging. But your support can help keep your partner focused and even make the wait easier for you. The key is to stay focused on the positive. Review the list and look for ways to expand on the actions that are producing the greatest results.

How to Nicely Tell My Husband to Get a Job

How can you help your partner cope? For starters, you need to listen. Show engagement and empathize. Figure out what they need from you. Sometimes they may just want to vent; other times they may need your advice.

Just the previous Sunday afternoon, Del and I had been talking about his job. Over a period of time there had been significant leadership changes in his company, resulting in increased stresses and frustrations that hindered him from being able to do his job well.

The recession has forced many families to regroup economically and both partners cutting back on expenses or living off savings. If your husband is unemployed and you need to communicate with him about getting a job, approach him as a partner and invite him to tackle the issue together. As unemployment drags on, he may have become depressed, because the change feels permanent rather than temporary, says psychologist Maggie Baker in "Marriage Maintenance When Money is Tight".

When a Man’s Unemployed, His Wife Bears the Emotional Costs

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Long-term unemployment can be a debilitating experience, made worse by the self-loathing that compounds the problem. But while the consequences for those unemployed are well documented, there's another casualty whose suffering is less frequently considered: the spouse. In an attempt to help their partners through what is a tumultuous time, these women endure substantial turmoil themselves. The impact of male unemployement affects female partners too. Credit: Fairfax. A study published this month in the Journal of Marriage and Family provides a step towards understanding their emotions.

How to Help Your Spouse Cope with Work Stress

We recently spoke with Rao about both, and why the phenomenon seems to only apply to unemployed men …. He was still in a wounded, vulnerable stage looking for work and not finding it. So she was reminding him of the good stuff. How did the other wives in your study exhibit emotion work? I found that these wives were doing several things, one of which was trying to make their husbands feel confident. Wives were reassuring them that they had skills. How did they manage to do both? I had an example of this woman whose husband had been unemployed for a number of years.

Recently, my colleagues had a discussion about a trend in couples that we have refuses to get a job to support the household or have a stable employment. After all, who wants to think that they are being used by their partner or spouse?

Lord please help my husband in this his time of need. Lord help him to find a job soon in a quick way. I know you answer prayers as quickly as possible. I have my trust and faith in you and ask for your help with a heavy heart.

Help My Husband jobs


What to Do When You Can’t Find a Job: 12 Tips






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