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How to look like a vampire guy

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Anna Winter was born in and lives with her husband and one small daughter in the south of Germany. Even as a young girl she was enthralled by fairy tales and other stories. She drew collections of stories for her family and began writing on an old typewriter at only eight years old. She read countless novels and never lost her fascination for words. Later she wrote novels for her friends, who encouraged her to publish them.

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Sensual Modern Vampire Makeup

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Updated: December 8, Reader-Approved References. It definitely is a stylish look, and you can have a lot of fun with it at a costume party or as a day-to-day style. To look like a vampire, all you need is a little makeup and the right clothes.

Use a light foundation or white costume makeup to make your face pale like you never go out in the sun. You can also make your lips blood red with the right shade of lipstick. Look for dark, gothic clothes like a vampire would wear. If you want to take your outfit to the next level, go for a ruffled white shirt and a cape. To complete your look, find some fake fangs in a costume shop or search online. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. To create this article, 59 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 11 references.

It also received 19 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Learn more Dressing Like a Vampire Daily. Pulling Off a Vampire Costume. Styling Your Hair like a Vampire. Show 1 more Show less Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Have pale skin.

Vampires are supposedly undead and only come out at night. This means their skin is usually paler than the average color of human skin. For a paler complexion, apply a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. Use a foundation that is one or two shades paler than your skin. For vampire purposes use the thicker foundation. Apply foundation in the center of your face and work toward your jawline.

Blend using your fingers or a brush, according to the foundation you're using. If you have a dark complexion, don't worry! Vampires can have all different sorts of skin tones.

Just remember that you're supposed to keep out of the sun, so you want to avoid looking like you have a dark tan. Use dark eyeliner. Vampires are dramatic and nocturnal looking. They also can be hundreds of years old. You want to look like you might have seen things nobody could possibly have seen. To pull this off, use dark eyeliner and possibly shadow to pull off the right look. Apply eyeliner and use a small amount of dark purple eye shadow with black mascara.

This will help your eyes "pop" a little more than normal, giving you a dramatic look. Light red eye shadow around the eyes is also good. This hints at the connotations of you looking undead or bloody. For a more dramatic look, use darker eye shadow on the top of your eyes, and lighter eye shadow underneath your eyes.

Make your lips blood red. The lips are usually the most vibrant part of vampire makeup. Depending on your complexion and intended look, use somewhere between a bright red and blood red.

Go for a basic matte style. If preferred, use lip gloss instead of lipstick. Method 2 of Wear dark clothes. Dark colors are the clothes of vampires. When you look in your closet, try to avoid things with bright, shiny, or pastel colors.

Instead lean in favor of things that are solid and dark. You want to look like a creature of the night, not an outlet store model. Avoid conspicuous brand names and shirts with lots of prints on them. A black t-shirt and black jeans is a great everyday vampire look. You don't have to wear only black. A little bit of color can work as well.

Dark purples and navy blues are just as appropriate as black. Dress up. Another vampire look is the old, formal, Victorian style. Dress like you're ready to go out for a night on the town. Wearing elaborate, dark toned clothes that might seem out-of-date to give off the impression of the undead. For men, try a dark suit jacket or overcoat with antique buttons. Wear dark pants with a white button up shirt for the perfect vampire style.

Have some "everyday" vampire clothes. You probably don't want to have to dress up like you're headed to a funeral every day. Black skinny jeans with a red, purple, or black top will help to create a more comfortable and contemporary vampire look. For girls, black skirts with ruby studded designs look awesome, but avoid clothes from the mall that are branded to be "vampire" theme.

Wearing a Twilight t-shirt won't make you look like a vampire, it'll just make you look like a fan. Wear the right shoes. Generally, vampires don't run around in tennis shoes or sneakers. They need the right kind of formal shoes to pull off the right look. For boys, chunky boots are always the best bet. You can wear dark leather dress shoes, or big black work boots for the right look.

Doc Martens will work fine. For girls, shoes should be dark and dressy. Spiked flats or small heels will work, as well as Black Doc Martens. Dress practically.

Just because you want to look like a vampire doesn't mean you get to ignore the concerns of weather and dress code at your school. It'd be impractical to dress like you're going to an 18th century ball when it's 90 degrees out. When it's hot, you'll probably have to ease up on the heavy makeup and thick layers, but try to stick to wearing black clothes and stay inside. Use some vampire accessories. A couple of old accessories can help pull together a vampire look and make you look like you've been stalking the back alleys of London since the s.

Hit up swap meets, flea markets, and antique stores to find cheap old accessories. Any of the following will be perfect: Pocket watches Canes Antique brooches or pins Old necklaces Silver bangles and bracelets Amulets [6] X Research source. Method 3 of Consider wearing fangs. Fangs are the hallmark of a vampire. If you do wear fangs, find small ones that don't look tacky. Plastic fangs from the coin machine at the grocery store will just look silly.

15 Best Vampire Makeup Looks for a Next-Level Halloween Costume

In Balkans folklore , Dhampirs sometimes spelled dhampyres , dhamphirs , or dhampyrs are creatures that are the result of a union between a vampire and a human. This union was usually between male vampires and female humans, with stories of female vampires mating with male humans being rare. The word "dhampir" is associated with Balkan folklore, as described by T.

When we think of vampires we typically think of dressing in all black, however in vampire mythology, there are several different styles of vampires when it comes to fashion. The cardinal rule of vampires is looking good.

If you were to make a quick list of "what's hot" in today's society, vampires would definitely rank in the top five. Today's vamps are sexier and more glamorous than their predecessors and they always seem to have plenty of money and eternal good looks at their disposal — looks that aren't vulnerable to aging or gravity, giving them obvious appeal to ordinary people with ordinary lives. But look closer, and you'll see that this fascination is based on more than just sex appeal. No, what really has us so smitten is that extra "something" that they all seem to possess, something that us mere mortals just haven't quite figured out. So, that got me to thinking…what is it that gives them that edge?

8 Ways to Be a Better Human by Living Like a Vampire

Ever wanted to act like a vampire? Look no further. Keep in mind that this is not a guide for being a vampire for Halloween, or acting like a romantic, aristocrat vampire. Acting like an "everyday" vampire is a fun way for people of all ages to play pretend without anyone knowing. Try it and see! This is fun to do while taking walks. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use.

How to Dress Like a Vampire

Modern vampire makeup is attractive and makes the wearer look like a sexy undead creature from the other world. The days of identifying vampires by their grease-paint covered faces and hunchbacks are over. The creepy, yet decrepit Bela Lugosi no longer reigns as the ideal vampire image. With modern day movie and television hits like "True Blood" and "Twilight," vampires have taken on a new, more sophisticated, look. While there are still fangs a plenty, the modern vampire appears as a sensual blood-loving creature rather than a half-corpse, half-zombie combination.

A vampire costume with scary vampire makeup is a classic Halloween choice, right up there with scarecrow costumes , witch costumes, and cat costumes —especially when you're in a last-minute pinch and need to craft something pronto.

Christopher Golden is the New York Times bestselling author of novels for adults and younger readers. His current work-in-progress is Cemetery Girl , a graphic novel trilogy collaboration with Charlaine Harris. He has cowritten three illustrated novels with Mike Mignola, the first of which, Baltimore , or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire , was the launching pad for the Eisner-nominated, New York Times bestselling comic book series Baltimore. His original novels have been published in more than fourteen languages in countries around the world.

Updated: December 8, Reader-Approved References. It definitely is a stylish look, and you can have a lot of fun with it at a costume party or as a day-to-day style. To look like a vampire, all you need is a little makeup and the right clothes. Use a light foundation or white costume makeup to make your face pale like you never go out in the sun.

Updated: March 28, References. Vampires are mythical beings that are popular in the media and in movies. If you're a fan of vampire movies, it's possible that you've even wanted to look like one. While it's not easy, changing your style of dress, makeup, and daily routine can get others thinking that you're a vampire in no time. Random Article.


Aug 21, - These looks don't require spending big bucks on products—just don't forget the fangs! Of course, you can also take inspiration from famous vampires, like Count Dracula or vampire makeup on boy peeking from door.








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