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I always want the bad guy to win

The bad guys are never supposed to win. These are classic bad guys and villains. They make you cringe. They make you wonder whether if you always wear some combination of green and black you might be a super-villain. But those bad guys and villains are fictional. But we know the world is full of lots of real-life bad guys and girls.

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Do you ever want the bad guys to win in movies?

I wanted the humans to win in Avatar and kill all the na'vi. I wanted the Empire to win in Star Wars and defeat the rebels. I wanted the English to kill all the Scottish in Braveheart. I wanted the Emperor to kill Russell Crowe in Gladiator. Do you ever want the bad guys to win in movies?

When I don't like the hero in the movie. Or when the bad guy is just too cool, like the Joker in The Dark Knight. All the time. I wanted Two-Face to kill Alfred, Batman, the Joker, Lucius Fox, the script writer, the director, the makeup artist, the first grip, second grip, head chef, Personal assistant to Christian Bale Seriously though, I'm not a fan of implausible happy endings that most American movies have I often find the bad guys to be more charismatic, and have more interesting personalities as characters Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

That's kind of an easy answer, though, since even though Dr. Horrible is the "bad guy" he's the protagonist and obviously the one you're meant to feel empathetic towards. Spoiler warning I guess? For sure in Avatar, and they did win really.

So what they have to go back to space? The guy who ratted them out had the right idea! Well not exactly in your examples. But I think, like with tragedies, it's something I wouldn't want to see happen frequently. I mean, I can enjoy a good tragic story The same with the bad guy winning -- it's great when a well-developed villain actually gets to win which is more seldom than it should be , but if all of them do, it would kind of suck the fun out of it. Not really, they are trying to make you hate the villian, I suppose for you they didn't suceed.

Maybe villians are usually more appealing and less dull. Especially because he's an awesome hardcore assassin.

The Dark Knight, yeah. Kinda lame he didn't; the Joker had everything in control before that. Aren't the main characters from Inception bad guys too I was rooting for them. Example: I hated the ending to Hellboy II. It was the exact opposite of what should have happened. The evil corporation, InGen, wants to capture the dinos to open a dino-zoo to San Diego, which isn't too condemnable but fairly understandable in the capitalist world. The good guys constantly do idiotic choices and never think of the consequences.

Like that photojournalist-enviromental activist, he's the biggest douche; He sabotages the mercenary camp, destroying their equipment and forcing the troops to a life threatening situation of having to travel the island by foot. And still he's presented as a good guy in the movie and makes out alive. Ugh, goddamn eco-hippie. Sorry for the novel, just watched it last evening and it was in fresh memory :.

It would be nice if it happened more often, or if more action movies had the balls to kill off the tacked on romantic interest and go for the revenge angle or tragic ending. Yes, but seriously man? You wanted Russell Crowe to get killed in Gladiator?! WTF lol that was some sad stuff. Please Log In to post. Bring back the main forum list.

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I always root for the bad guy in movies

We wouldn't want to cross paths with any of them in our own lives, but there really is nothing quite like watching a villain do their very worst on our TV screens or at the cinema, as we remain safe in the knowledge that they can't get their wicked hands on us, or our popcorn. From Joffrey on Game of Thrones to Batman's ultimate nemesis the Joker, TV and film are ramped up a gear when a juicy villain is thrown into the mix. The stakes are higher, they command our attention and we can't tear ourselves away. Instead of wholly rooting for the good guy and siding with law-and-order as we would in the real world, we find ourselves drawn towards the darker characters and, if we're being totally honest, sometimes wanting them to win the fight.

In an age of superhero movies and TV anti-heroes, fictional villains are more complex than ever before. This week, Vulture examines villainous entertainment in all its forms. You know the story: A hero journeys into a strange land, discovers a strange new item, uses it to defeat a villain, then returns home victorious.

Villains are always the most interesting characters, because they lack a moral compass and base their decisions often on emotion rather than rational thought. That can be disappointing when in their heart of hearts, fans really wanted the villain to come out on top. Throughout the years, movies have made villains into heroes or creatures of pity, leading audiences to cheer for them in the hopes of a happy ending. Tobe Hooper created the horror classic featuring the mask-wearing maniac Leatherface.

Ask Your Question today. Whenever I watch a movie or TV show, I want the "bad guys" to win, even though I know they're going to lose. A guy who fits into one of these groups may become a deep love interest of mine. I fall harder for these kind of guys than any other. Thats very normal. I just hate how the Indiana Jones's and James Bond's of today's movies always triumph over whatever the problem may be and they act as if they know they are invincible. I always do especially for evil queens. The only time when I don't root for the villain is when I'm watching a horror film.

The Bad Guy Wins

It can be unsettling to see your 4-year-old bite his cookie into the shape of a gun, point it into the air, and shout, "Pow! Indeed, it's common for dramatic play to center around themes of good and bad, friends and enemies, power and vulnerability, particularly as young children work to learn the difference between right and wrong, to understand rules, and to control their impulses. Power play helps them make sense of these confusing issues and gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in the world. When your child acts out good and bad roles, he is actually trying on power from both perspectives: the frightening negative aspects of the bad guy and the heartening positive aspects of the good guy. He can actively gain control over the things that frighten him by experiencing both sides of the power play equation.

I wanted the humans to win in Avatar and kill all the na'vi. I wanted the Empire to win in Star Wars and defeat the rebels.

It should be noted that, unlike clinical personality traits, these traits are normally distributed in the population — e. And despite the antisocial implications of the dark triad, recent research has highlighted a wide range of career-related benefits for these personality characteristics. Psychopathic individuals are generally more dishonest, egocentric, reckless, and cruel than the population average.

What makes us root for the bad guy?

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Morality matters, says Matthew Grizzard, an assistant professor in the University at Buffalo communication department. Viewers tend to like the good guys and dislike the bad guys. They hoped to find out whether simple differences in appearance—for example black clothes compared to lighter colors—would be enough for viewers to categorize a character as a hero or villain.

Yes, provided that it were not inevitable from the outset

The Warrior Within is a book about battles. The battles caused by the internal struggles we all face. Battles that can lead those who have endured such pain that they feel taking their own life is the only escape. Who fights their battles? Who fights your battles?

Apr 9, - It's because of this dynamic that fans often like the bad guy more than the hero, even though the good guy always wins. That can be They want him to see the error in his ways and live happily ever after. Once he kills Manny.

We're all used to heroes winning out over the bad guys. The bad guys get theirs, justice is done, and the heroes walk away happy. Sometimes things are a little more bittersweet , but we at least expect the villain to lose in the end.

The Good Guys Will Win


When Good Kids Play the Bad Guy






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