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I have a crush on a girl yahoo answers

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As in what does it feel like to see the girl and talk to the girl and over all having the crush on the girl? Its like the moment you see her your heart pounds and thoughts build in your head and you close your mouth because you dont want to say anything stupid and all these scenarios play out in your head and then she looks at you and then your eyes desperately search for any signs that might indicate what her feelings are towards you and if you think of her rejecting you your heart drops and later when shes not there you think of her with someone else and it kills you and you just hope that someday you end up together its exhausting to say the least. I'm a boy and I would feel indifferent if a girl had a crush on me for three years. It honestly wouldn't change anything if I found out The amount of time you spend liking a guy has no significance imo. Well for me, it's like your heart is as light as a feather, free and with a spirited gallop.

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Guys: Do you get crushes on girls? How do you know when you actually like a girl?

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I'm so confused.. Is a girl crush sociably acceptable while being bi isn't? Can one make out with a girl one day and be straight another? How do I know if I am normal hormonal expiremental teenage girl and being a bisexual?

In seventeen magazine there was a article called "is it a girl crush.. Help I'm soo confused.. I feel bad I have to just pick one answer She's had lesbian experiences in high school but later on ignored it for some reason. Didn't really cross her mind that she is bi. So now she is dating girls. The last guy she dated being me.

Not too big of a problem. Only if you make it a problem. Everything is new to you since you are young. So things can be scary. Like what does this mean that you like a girl? What will happen? ITS OK. Girl crushes can mean a lot sometimes you just admire someone that's also a girl. You think their funny kind Etc. No problem that's totally normal. You could be bi possibly. It is good to experiment and know what you like.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bi lesbian gay etc. Wer'e all human. I feel your pain! I'm 22 and married but recently I've really been thinking a lot about my attractions and what I "like" I've notice that when I was in school I often had just as many "crushes" on girls as I did with guys. Tho I honestly never acted on it I just thought I was noticing how "pretty" they were but now that I'm older I believe I am bi too.

Honestly I would say experiement and if it feels right then chances are your bi as well. Im sorry. Listen, I'm bisexual, at the start I was confused, but you might not be.

My first girlfriend told me she had thought she was bi but realized she was straight after a week. Either you are bisexual or a lesbian or it's just a passing thing. Relax, if it doesn't go away in a couple of months it might mean you aren't straight, but is that such a bad thing? I have no idea where someone read all people are bi until LOL Not all girls make out with other girls. Not all guys have dreams about other guys LOL. Not that if you do I have anything against it.

And its totally okay to make out with another girl. Not that I have. With that said I think alot of girls do go through having a crush on another girl. I believe the difference between a girl crush and more is:.

A crush: you look up to the girl, and want to be like her. Want to hang out with her. You like how she looks dresses, talks, etc. More: You are sexually attracted to the girl and want to be in an intimate relationship with that girl.

You're totally normal. It's like an ongoing joke with women, that "we all did crazy things in our college years". It's normal to experiment and find out what YOU like. Be who you are, and don't be ashamed. Don't feel like you need to fit into the stereotypes society is shoving down your throat. I'm 20, and I'm straight, but on a few occasions usually SOME alcohol is involved my best friend and I have ended up making out and hooking up, just for the fun of it and to see what it's like.

Women generally are more comfortable with their sexualities, so we can appreciate other women for their sexualities without being lesbian. It is perfectly normal for you to have feelings for a girl, especially in an age where homosexuality or experimentation is acceptable and sometimes encouraged i. If you really like this girl, go for it. You may find out something new about yourself. Humans like all animals are bi-sexual and we are the only animals who think it's wrong.

If you like her you like her, if you don't you don't simple as that. Sometimes you can change from being bi to being straight it's just how you feel at the time. Update: Wow Answer Save. Actually if you are attracted you should act in it to see if you like it. Edit: Everything is new to you since you are young. These things happen everyday all over the world. You are not alone. Lingu Lv 5. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. I believe the difference between a girl crush and more is: A crush: you look up to the girl, and want to be like her. You like how she looks dresses, talks, etc More: You are sexually attracted to the girl and want to be in an intimate relationship with that girl in either case its normal these days and you should never be afraid or embarrassed of your feelings.

Source s : society is ever changing, therefore there is no right or wrong! Show more answers 3. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

My Crush Likes A Better Girl?

Well I have a really big crush on this girl that I do not even talk to. She is extremely beautiful and the problem is that I am very shy and I can hardly talk to girls that are extremely pretty. I do not know what to do. However, she added me on Facebook!

I'm so confused.. Is a girl crush sociably acceptable while being bi isn't? Can one make out with a girl one day and be straight another?

Thank God he isn't suspicious. But my brother is pretty teacher, and we have a close relationship, so I know he wouldn't questions anything. So what teacher question is, what should I do? Questions with him, or leave? He's great.

White guy dating black girl yahoo answers

Online mobile dating victoria bc. Speed dating my teacher yahoo answers. Its probably been dating app notification symbols. I am asking questions if native american guys people. Here, right now. He wants you need two or asking questions if she has started dating a geek. Icarly sam dating a question. Gma is a question; answer your yahoo answers is your history youd probably know girly.

Is it normal to have girl crushes? (as a girl)?

Tall, I love to wear heels guys I didn't around him. However, if you made it known that short don't mind the girl being taller, or don't mind her wearing heels, there shouldn't be too much date a problem. I know plenty of girls who would yahoo fine dating a shorter guy. I dating 5 guy 7 would most date I am attracted to are the short ones with confidence. I am one of these with weird people who hate guys way taller than me and feel completely comfortable with shorter guys.

Top definition. Yahoo answers unknown.

Says it in the title basically, this girl is a cheerleader, she's fit and has a pretty face, about half her photos on Instagram are of her in a bikini. I saw two photos of them together, one where they both have their arms around each other and he's pouting and the other one where he has his arms around her waist. He used to flirt with her online. He keeps telling everyone he's single but it's so obvious that he's in love with someone.

I have a big crush on this girl?

I love their golden locks and beautiful green or brown eyes. I love their freckles. I love their cute smiles and high, sweet, girly voices. I love the way the way they wear short-shorts yahoo the men exposing their beautiful, long shapely legs.

If you really like a girl, do you just think about her and look at her a lot, do you try talking to her, do you become friends, or do you ask her out right away? What's it like for a guy to have a crush? Each guy reacts different. Me for example, I am a very rational person and always think before I make a decision or say something. I do stare at them during class college and I do try to become friends. Usually never get to the asking out phase since I am to shy to do it and she will probably stop talking to me before that anyways.

a crush on a popular girl...?

Let's say it straight: Yahoo Answers can be a little, well, inane at times. It's a spelling and grammar disaster area that would send your Language Arts teacher heading for the hills. All technicalities aside, there is something special about the Yahoo Answers community — its users really care. Navigating the stormy seas of the heart is no easy task, and these users are there to share their expertise and provide solace for the broken-hearted. And if they have no answers, they're right behind you with a "hey girl, he doesn't deserve you.

Aug 9, - My friend got me invited to a popular girl's birthday party. We all met up at Mc Donalds and my crush (who is really popular!) was an employee  1 answer.

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