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I want a guy like gaston lyrics

Who plays darts like Gaston? Who breaks hearts like Gaston? When I hunt I sneak up with my quiver And the beasts on the field say a prayer First I carefully aim for the liver Then I shoot from behind Is that fair? Who has brains like Gaston, entertains like Gaston?

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Beauty and the Beast (OST) [2017] - Gaston

Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures ' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast Voiced by American actor and singer Richard White , Gaston is an arrogant hunter whose unrequited feelings for the intellectual Belle drive him to murder his adversary, the Beast , once he realizes she cares for him instead.

Gaston serves as a foil personality to the Beast, who was once as vain as Gaston but not being as immoral prior to his transformation. An original character who is not present in the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont upon which the film is based, Gaston was inspired by Avenant, a character filmmaker Jean Cocteau created specifically for his film adaptation of the story.

Created by screenwriter Linda Woolverton , who based the character on some of the ex-boyfriends she dated in her past, Gaston was developed specifically for Disney's adaptation of Beauty and the Beast because the studio felt that the film could benefit from a strong villain, who is lacking in the original fairy tale.

As the character evolved from a non-threatening aristocrat into an arrogant man relentlessly seeking Belle's hand in marriage, Gaston ultimately replaced a female relative of Belle's who the filmmakers had originally created to serve as the film's villain. Both Disney and supervising animator Andreas Deja initially struggled with the concept of animating a handsome villain, which had never been attempted by the studio before. Deja ultimately based Gaston's appearance on those of handsome soap opera actors in order to create a grotesque version of the Prince Charming stock character , while some of White's own operatic mannerisms were incorporated into the character.

Gaston both physically and emotionally embodies hypermasculinity. In direct contrast to his adversary the Beast, Gaston is depicted as handsome with an unattractive personality. Gaston has been generally positively received by film critics , although some of them dismissed the character as an inferior, less memorable villain than some of the studio's previous efforts.

Considered to be one of Disney's most famous villains, Gaston is frequently ranked within the top-tens of Disney villain rankings released by several media publications. Gaston is one of several elements unique to Disney's animated adaptation of the " Beauty and the Beast " fairy tale, written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

After Katzenberg insisted that development on the film be completely overhauled, the studio ultimately decided to incorporate elements from filmmaker Jean Cocteau 's film adaptation of the fairy tale into their own version of Beauty and the Beast. Hischak observed that Gaston himself had been developed as "a new kind of Disney villain" because he is introduced as a harmless, comic individual who gradually changes and evolves into a much more sinister character as the film progresses.

In addition to eliminating Belle's sisters, screenwriter and creator Linda Woolverton introduced Gaston as a "blockheaded suitor" for the heroine, [16] basing the character on boyfriends she had dated in the past. Disney hosted an open casting call for the character, which several actors attended. Andreas Deja served as Gaston's supervising animator. The first villainous character to whom Deja had been assigned by Disney, the animator immediately recognized that Gaston was unique in terms of Disney villains because he was not designed to frighten both the film's hero and audience, as previous Disney villains had been.

White's casting ultimately influenced Gaston's design; the animators adjusted the character's appearance after hearing White's operatic singing voice for the first time, making Gaston similarly operatic in his movements, gestures and mannerisms. You're in a room by yourself and are invited to be as creative as you can be. Anything you could imagine … they could draw! Both Gaston's personality and physical appearance evolved dramatically during production over the course of two and a half years.

Gaston is depicted as a very narcissistic, self-centered and superficial individual, motivated by extreme jealousy. Beloved by nearly every character in the film, most of whom revere him as the town's most eligible bachelor, [46] [29] Decent Films film critic Steven D. Greydanus agreed that Gaston initially resembles "merely the ultimate dumb jock". From very early during the film, audiences are led to expect that Gaston's obsession with Belle will eventually drive him to battle the Beast, Belle's love interest and protector.

Beauty and the Beast parodies the idea of excessive masculinity, a trait shared by both Gaston and the Beast. He's in love with the face in the mirror, and the pathology of male vanity is a very '90s idea.

Gaston is Disney's most chauvinistic villain to-date, although this trait is approached with humor, making him at times a comic relief character early on, [51] unlike Disney's previous villains. As a strong leader, Gaston is able to convince a large following to do as he commands and trigger conformity and bigotry in others, [66] [52] although he remains incapable of implementing such ideas on his own.

Gaston debuted in Beauty and the Beast as an arrogant hunter who is determined to marry Belle, whom he considers to be the village's most beautiful woman. However, she refuses his proposal when he throws a wedding party without her prior knowledge. Belle is the only one in town who actually dislikes Gaston for the person he is inside. Thoroughly humiliated, he sulks, but when her father Maurice shows up saying that she has been captured by a hideous Beast, he comes up with the idea of having him thrown into an insane asylum, unless Belle agrees to marry him.

His plan fails when Belle proves the Beast does exist, and she says that he is her friend, and that he is a better person than Gaston. He becomes jealous, snaps, and decides to gather a band of villagers to kill the Beast, playing off their fears that the Beast might wreak havoc on their village. The Beast has no heart to fight until he sees that Belle came back for him, at which point he easily overpowers Gaston and intends to kill him. However, when Gaston begs for his life, the Beast decides to be the better man and have mercy, and climbs back up to Belle.

Ungrateful and unrepentant, Gaston stabs the Beast in the back when he sees him embracing Belle, but loses his balance when the Beast swings his arm backwards at him; consequently, Gaston falls to his death. Gaston appears in the remake as played by Welsh actor Luke Evans.

During an interview with Empire magazine, Evans said that Gaston would retain his hunter background, yet would also be a former soldier in the French army. He also implied that this version of Gaston is darker than the original.

Bored with his peaceful life after returning from the war, Gaston pursues Belle, determined to marry her, as she is the most beautiful girl in the village and the only one good enough for him. He also finds her independence to be a thrilling challenge, and shows obvious disgust with the bimbettes who constantly fawn over him purely because of his appearance.

He accosts her at her home, subtly offering his hand in marriage for when Maurice dies, but she turns him down.

Gaston sulks in the tavern until LeFou cheers him up with a song. Maurice appears, claiming that Belle has been imprisoned by the Beast. Intrigued, Gaston offers to help Maurice free her as means of gaining both Maurice and Belle's favor. Gaston comes to doubt Maurice's claims and reveals the only reason for helping him was so he could give Gaston Belle's hand in marriage. When Maurice refuses to allow Gaston to marry Belle, Gaston ties him to a tree, leaving him to the wolves.

He hopes by doing this, it would coerce Belle into marrying him, as he tells Lefou that after Maurice dies there will be no one to take care of Belle except for him.

Maurice later accuses Gaston of his crime, but Gaston fools the people into thinking Maurice is mad and arranges for him to be locked up in the asylum. He privately offers to put a stop to it if he lets him marry Belle, but Maurice still refuses. When Belle turns up and proves the Beast's existence with the mirror, Gaston's jealousy drives him to rally the people to storm the castle and kill the Beast, but not before he orders Tom, Dick, and Stanley to lock Belle alongside her father to prevent her from warning the Beast.

He confronts the Beast alone and shoots him in the back. Belle appears and the Beast fights back, holding Gaston over a chasm, but Gaston begs for mercy and is spared. Instead of leaving, Gaston stands on a nearby stone bridge and shoots the Beast again, this time fatally. In response to the Beast's life fading, the castle begins to crumble and the bridge where Gaston is standing breaks into pieces, sending Gaston falling to his death.

Unlike in the animated movie, Gaston's death is shown onscreen. Gaston appears in Broadway musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast , which premiered at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on April 18, In the Melbourne stage production of the film, he was played by Hugh Jackman. Gaston is also featured in the Marvel Comics serial for Beauty and the Beast , taking place during Belle's stay at the castle. He generally served as comic relief and effectively the "protagonist" of the village B-stories, where he is trying to come up with some scheme to get Belle to marry him, only for the triplets to interfere and sabotage his plans in order to get him to focus on them over Belle.

In the novel, Gaston and the Beast are portrayed as childhood friends, with the curse erasing Gaston's memory of the prince.

He also had a section dedicated to himself in the tongue-in-cheek book Villain Files alongside the other Disney Villains, with it implying that his meeting Belle was during archery practice. He also was in Descendants: Isle of the Lost , the tie-in novel to Descendants , where he haves three sons, two whom he evidently named after himself due to his egomania. They also shared his egomania to some extent, but were comparatively kinder than their father. Gaston has appeared in the television series Disney's House of Mouse , and was voiced again by White.

The second time was in the fifth season , where he befriended Belle. He was depicted in a more lighter manner compared to the original movie, where it is implied that his love for Belle was genuine. Although he acted as the main antagonist for both games, he also acted as an ally character in the former, using his strength to help in a task early in the game.

In the Disney Princess video game, he acts as the main antagonist of Belle's chapter. Like in the film, he attempts to rabblerouse the villagers into attacking the castle. This time, however, he simply tries to convince the villagers the castle was evil and of dark magic, and thus needed to be destroyed, and to that end tried to abduct Mrs.

Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere to act as proof. However, Belle outsmarted him. He also had a mention in Kinect Disneyland Adventures , and also appeared briefly as a disguise for the villain Misrabel in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.

Gaston has received generally favorable reviews from film critics. Gaston to life. However, critical opinions of Gaston have been rather lackluster in comparison to those of other, more acclaimed Disney villains; reviewers generally prefer Scar , Maleficent and Jafar. Christley of Slant Magazine dismissed the character as juvenile and little more than the film "reducing every aspect of its source material to the level a kindergartner would understand".

Gaston is considered to be one of Disney's "classic" villains, [91] [45] as well as one of the studio's most famous. Hischak, author of Musicals in Film: A Guide to the Genre , dubbed him "one of Disney's most fiendish human villains".

That's the enemy. Gaston frequently appears within the top-tens of Disney villain rankings organized by various media publications; however, he is usually placed closer towards the middle of these countdowns and seldom ranks number one. Movies included Gaston at number 11 on their ranking of "the 12 most famous Disney villains from worst to best", awarding him "points for not only being a huge jerk, but for also trying to blackmail Belle into marrying him From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 13 May This article is about the character. For the song, see Gaston song. United States: McFarland. Oh My Disney. Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved January 21, Jim Hill Media. Retrieved February 9, The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 13,

Actor changes lyrics of your favourite Disney songs in quarantine parody

A short reprise is performed later in the musical. The song also appears in the live-action remake, where it is again performed by the characters of LeFou and Gaston, played by Josh Gad and Luke Evans, respectively. Forgot your password? Retrieve it. Get promoted.

By Carly Stern For Dailymail. As Tropical Storm Gaston gathers steam traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, Americans waiting for the turbulent weather to reach the East Coast aren't exactly intimidated — they're amused.

LeFou : Gosh, it disturbs me to see you, Gaston Looking so down in the dumps Every guy here'd love to be you, Gaston Even when taking your lumps There's no man in town as admired as you You're everyone's favorite guy Everyone's awed and inspired by you And it's not very hard to see why! No one's slick as Gaston No one's quick as Gaston No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston For there's no man in town half as manly! Perfect, a pure paragon! You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on!

Gaston (song)

When Bill [Condon] found out about those lyrics, he said, 'Oh my god, can we please look at that, because it would be a wonderful way to add an extra freshness to the movie. Menken and the late Howard Ashman originally collaborated on the film, though Ashman sadly died as a result of AIDS-related complications before the film's release; Menken has here worked alongside lyricist Tim Rice to pen three new songs for the live-action film. We've also heard details about how Belle's iconic yellow dress will make its transition to screen , alongside a feminist twist added to the princess' backstory. The film hits UK cinemas 17 March You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

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Of Bob W Gaston: Who does she think she is?

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Tropical Storm Gaston inspires witty musical memes from Beauty & the Beast fans

Gaston is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures ' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast Voiced by American actor and singer Richard White , Gaston is an arrogant hunter whose unrequited feelings for the intellectual Belle drive him to murder his adversary, the Beast , once he realizes she cares for him instead. Gaston serves as a foil personality to the Beast, who was once as vain as Gaston but not being as immoral prior to his transformation. An original character who is not present in the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont upon which the film is based, Gaston was inspired by Avenant, a character filmmaker Jean Cocteau created specifically for his film adaptation of the story.

The news and media have told us that the lyrics that are changed and added are actually lyrics that were left out of the original animation. Like for instance, this film is rated PG instead of G like the animation was. The words literally describe killing something, and Gaston was already terrifying enough to some boys and girls. It also shows that Gaston has no qualms about killing, and was that a good lesson to teach your kids? Most likely not. I think that in this part of the song, Gaston is telling us exactly how he will kill the Beast when the villagers march on the castle.

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Some are spending quarantine figuring out how to entertain the kids now that schools are closed, others are binge-watching the best TV series and films on Netflix. By Lidia Molina-Whyte. Actor and YouTuber Kurt Tocci, however, has found a brand new way to pass the time in self-isolation: adapting iconic Disney lyrics to reflect the challenges of lockdown life, with costumes to match. You can watch the video below:. Disney Characters In Quarantine. Posted by Kurt Tocci on Tuesday, March 31, The viral video has clearly resonated with those cooped up at home and is a welcome slice of entertainment in these strange times.

BatB Producers:We wanted to downplay the cartoonish grandiosity of Gaston X-MEN No one fights like our elf, Or wears tights like our elf. Nobody can light up.

When Belle leaves, the Beast sings about being sad — a song that I swear is about minutes long. Potts, where she tells him that he deserves better than Gaston — some light gay condescension. Two are disgusted, but the third smiles — a sort of gender-bending moment.

Beauty and the Beast, On Screen and On Stage — “Gaston”: New Lyrics and Hidden Meanings


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