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I want to change my life but feel stuck

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We all go through periods where we feel like we might be stuck in a rut. In fact, it's not uncommon to feel like you're just going through the motions, treading water, or jogging in place. You're doing the same old things, but it doesn't seem like you are actually getting anywhere. Things that used to excite you start to feel less interesting. Instead of moving forward toward your goals, you're remaining stagnant. These feelings can be frustrating.

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Can’t Get Past That Stuck Place In Your Life? Here’s What to Do

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Comfort Zone Challenges , Personal Growth Maybe things have changed a little or maybe not. But you still feel stuck in the same issue, swimming in circles and getting very tired. You have to base your improvements on objective evidence, timeless wisdom, and advice from experts. All too often, we decide our approach is wrong because of how our life looks to us. We feel that our lives are lacking because of what we think our lives should look like.

Because it looks that way to us, we believe that it must be that way, and therefore, we have to change it. The truth: no matter how successful you are, something in your life will always look wrong to you. How do you know what those monstrosities are? Easy: you look at the results in your life. Before making any changes, you should consider:. How do others describe you? Easy fix though, right? Reading all the personal development advice is a good start, but you should also look outside that arena.

Sometimes reading fiction, fables and poetry can open your mind to new ways of seeing things. Many fiction writers are geniuses at assessing the human condition and creating ways to transform lives.

Over the millennia, humans have repeated the same life issues and authors have written about them and how to overcome those issues.

I tried and failed, tried again and failed again, looking for so many people, things and experiences to make me happy. My relationships never lasted. Everything in my life seemed temporary. And then, finally, I got it. I felt like someone handed me the key to the magic door. Funny thing was, the key was sitting right in front of me all the time. I stopped trying to figure it out on my own. I worked with someone who had achieved much of what I wanted in life.

Most importantly, I was open to their advice and mentoring. He looked at my past, pointed out some of my mistakes, and helped me refine my ideas for a new life. It totally changed the way I thought about my life and happiness. Of course, not everyone can afford to hire a mentor for long periods of time.

So what should you do then? Read many of the comments below. The same handful of issues repeat themselves in so many lives. While the specifics may vary, the answers are often very similar. If you feel yourself struggling with the same issues as other readers, see if you can think of ways to help them.

Comment on their comments. Offer your support. It always amazes me that we hold the answers we seek in our own hearts. In helping others, we help ourselves. Utilizing the meditations in my book, The Mindful Guide to the Law of Attraction , can help you quiet the monkey mind and hear the answers in your heart.

The law of attraction suggests that our positive or negative thoughts bring about positive or negative experiences. Let the law of attraction work for you by adopting its basic steps of identifying and visualizing the things you desire.

Then use 45 practical meditation techniques included in the book to achieve awareness. I worked my way up a big retail chain in the uk and found the job highly stressful, it changed me, made me short tempered, lack patients, gain anxiety and yet I never left. Good paying job, never went to college or university so just thought this is what everyone does, so suck it up. I have a big family, mother works herself to the bone, father is a selfish man that only support and talks about himself.

I love them but theres never been that support or drive from them to be happy, they have bad jobs, no money and they arnt that happy in life. I have 2 sisters that have supported me and weve become a lot closer over these last couple of years. I have less than a handful if friends and realised I have a lot of immature and fake friends which doesnt help my anxiety. I also thought that once ide have a child that my parents would be amazing grandparents but I think I see them less now than I did before.

I never try anything and it annoys the hell out of me. I have no motivation and I dont want my son growing up seeing me unhappy, unfullfilled and full of regret. I dont know where to start, what to start on. Hi Lucy! First of all, nothing in your past has any effect on your future unless you allow it. Write down your loads of ideas and, as you write them down on paper, feel which one s speak to your heart the strongest.

Write that thing at the top of a fresh piece of paper to get you focused. Then list out everything you can think of to move forward on that thing. Get all of your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Do it right away. Action begets action. When you accomplish one tiny thing doing some online research, making a call, writing something down, etc. Be the mom you wish you had.

Perhaps make a job change your first action item. What are you naturally good at that you enjoy? How can you use that in a job or a business? Only pursue things in your life that are in alignment with your values.

No one else gets to live your life but you. Make it count. It took me a while to stop being like my mother in my marriage which was quite destructive. Using mindfulness every day and, especially in my interactions with my husband, I noticed how what I did and said affected things. Over time, this transformed me into the person I wanted to be which paid off immensely in my marriage.

Change is definitely possible for you. It simply has to be important enough for you. From plenty of personal experience, that perceived pain of change is so much less than your monkey mind is currently convincing you of. Do it for you, your happiness, your son, your best friend. You totally deserve it. You are enough. Paige Oldham recently posted.. But nowadays I rely more on my intuition. I noticed I often already knew deep down what I wanted to do. But my compulsive thoughts made me indicisive.

Kim Land recently posted.. How to Meditate: The Ultimate Guide. Your intuition is what I call your True Self your heart , and those compulsive thoughts are the monkey mind your head.

Your True Self tends to whisper and speak through your body which makes its message more subtle and sometimes harder to hear. The monkey screeches loudly and usually comes from a place of fear. Messages from the True Self come from a place of love and feel more comforting.

Meditation is a great tool to use to objectively watch the monkey and its antics and not get wrapped up in them. In meditation, you and your True Self can sit back and laugh at its attempts to get you to do what it screeches about.

I found this website after typing up how to fix your life when you have tried everything haha. So anyways I live a really sad, unfulfilling life at the age of I lack basic socials skills and am introverted which has lead to me to be living a depressed life where I have few friends and have never had a girlfriend because of my inept social life.

I have tried many things such as viewing sites with social skills and attempting to connect more with people from my school however my reputation is already so ruined that I am viewed as a freak. This depressing life leads me to look for an escape which lead to my extreme video game addiction where currently i play video games around 8 hours a day.

I have tried many things to help me have a better life such as quitting games, picking up reading, exercising at a gym, eating healthy, socializing more, looking into religion, quitting social media, studying a lot at school and so on. Although i try all of them as it should make my life better I can never stick to it and just end up in the same video game addicted isolated hole I have been in for years. I am done with having no social life. I am done with feeling depressed and introverted.

I am done with my sad life.

5 Game changing strategies for when you’re feeling stuck in life

If you do not know how to precisely tackle the issue, breaking free from feeling stuck in life can be really difficult. It gradually weakens your strength to get unstuck. The situation is comparable to the attempt of breaking free from quicksand.

In a culture that celebrates progress, achievement, and forward movement, feeling stuck can be extremely uncomfortable. We are taught to push our feelings of stuckness deep down inside of us, allowing them to develop into ambivalence, ruminating thoughts, and anxieties about the future. Instead of ignoring these feelings or trying to think your way out of them, here are five things to do instead the next time you're stuck:.

Comfort Zone Challenges , Personal Growth Maybe things have changed a little or maybe not. But you still feel stuck in the same issue, swimming in circles and getting very tired. You have to base your improvements on objective evidence, timeless wisdom, and advice from experts.

The only solution on the table if you are feeling stuck

I drank seven nights a week. During the days I would smoke weed and cigarettes in rotation until it was time to head out to the bar that night. I was lost, depressed, feeling worthless, and headed nowhere fast. I ended up spending the summer living in a dorm room on campus because I couldn't afford anything else I was 24, mind you. I worked in an electronics factory 12 hours a day until I couldn't take it anymore. I quit my job. I decided it was time for me to make a change.

12 Powerful Ways To Change Your Life When You Feel Lost, Hopeless, and Stuck

But you are struggling to figure it out. It happens to all of us. The most important thing is to act and refuse to stay stuck. Staying stuck is. Others have done amazing things in the past, they are struggling in the present to be awesome again.

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Many times, we feel stuck in life.

Stuck in life lately? Feeling stuck can be arduous, time-consuming, and depressing, even. We get stuck for a variety of reasons.

How to Get out of a Rut

By AAwosika07 Uncategorized. Click here for more details. Oh, did I mention I dropped out of school when I only needed three credits to graduate?

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The anxiety comes when I think it should be otherwise. I start to force myself to work, to come up with ideas, and to make things happen. When you think life should be different than it is. When I relax and surrender to this quiet period in my life, things seem okay. I can only notice what life brings to me.

Feeling stuck in life? How to take your life from stuck to awesome


Jan 5, - I felt stuck, in a rut, and — let's be real — I wasn't doing much to change my habits. I was blaming everyone and their mom on my problems and I.


Feeling Stuck in Life? 10 Powerful Ways to Free Yourself







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