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This book is a must read for all dads who have ever cooked or wanted to cook for their families. It's a great combination of stories and recipes to go with the stories. Interesting concept. A number of male foodies write about feeding their families. Some of them are writers.

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La Forest; Author1. La Forest grew up in Detroit, MI. He attended St. Ambrose High School. In , he joined the U.

Navy, and served aboard Sixth Fleet Oilers in the Mediterranean. As a police officer, he served at the 12th and 5th Precincts. During his tenure with DPD, he was awarded more than twenty citations and commendations. He was assigned to Charleston, West Virginia where moonshine violations were rapidly being surpassed by firearms' and explosive's crimes.

In , Bernard volunteered in response to a request for additional special agents needed in Los Angeles California. By the time Bernard and Brenda were transferred to Phoenix, in , they had been blessed with five children.

Those "kids" would eventually bring fourteen grandchildren into the La Forest clan. In , he was asked to take over the Los Angeles Field Office. As was his practice in Phoenix, the Los Angeles office concentrated on complex investigations. The result, quality and impact on crime were high. Complex conspiracies usually breed cooperative defendants! This usually translates in greater numbers. Connections to U. After retirement in , Mr.

La Forest was recruited as a contractor by ATF from - He streamlined application processes for the Brady Act, a statute that had initially pulled agents away from important case initiation and field operations. Later, he developed detailed methods for scrupulous examination and evaluation of all crime gun traces in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Thousands of referrals were forwarded to enforcement agencies in America and foreign countries. The Intel leads dealt with falsified gun purchases, domestic and international trafficking in guns and narcotics, terrorism and other violent crimes.

In , Bernard decided to put down on paper stories about law enforcement agencies contributing their resources and expertise to wage war on crime.

While many writers choose to highlight personal conflict in stories about "white hats and black hats," Bernard's first two books stress examples on how most joint operations usually work, with a minimum amount of dissension. However, there is always room for spirited competitiveness. Those in the "game" will know what I mean! My Note: During my career as a law enforcement professional, I had the honor of working many fine people-those who wore their badge proudly after swearing the oath, "To Protect and Serve.

They are not forgotten by me, nor by thos. La Forest. This novel picks up a few years after the ending of Shadow Partners. The story begins with a series of brutal murders in three separate States. Seemingly, they are not connected. Local jurisdictions are busy investigating the crimes, with no reason to suspect any relationship to other incidents. Although Janet had not witnessed the assassination of a DPD officer, she did take note of the driver of a getaway vehicle-a man who recognized Janet.

Manfred Kurtz and the Task Force members become involved after another source reveals facts about another murder. Far from being an elementary, the men and women will become embroiled in political corruption, murder, firearms trafficking and the first ALPHA strike against America by a determined terrorist organization. China wants to make inroads into America's love of guns through established firearms' importation procedures.

However, the legitimate effort has been subverted by new adversaries from China. Led by a Chinese colonel from the People's Liberation Army and a cabal, consisting of a select group of military and political members of China's elite, a subplot surfaces.

Before long, the race is on to identify and neutralize the terrorist group responsible for many dead Americans. The country's law enforcement is stymied on the makeup of the group and where they might strike again. In a bizarre turn of events, ATF becomes the number one target of criticism from all sides of the firearms' issues, and is blamed for the attacks.

He calculates that the time is right to scrape up the tidbits developed by the Task Force. His agency identified what the group's acronym stands for, and intends to parlay what he has into a chance for significant publicity. Even so, the Director might not have all of the information he requires for success, or does he? Faced with having to relinquish the investigation, Manfred Kurtz and Angelo Tana receive a lifeline.

It's tossed to them by a Chinese criminal investigator. Colonel Mozi Zemin has come across information vital to the Task Force. However, Kurtz and Tana must travel to Hong Kong where they race to intercept a shipment of weapons of mass destruction.

Back in the U. Progress is being made, though. Bit-by-bit, ATF and DPD officers and their support people begin to build a picture of the scope of the terrorist operation. But, just before a national enforcement operation, Washington decides to hold back ATF.

Instead, their bosses at the Treasury Department acquiesce to a partial case-takeover by the Departments of Defense and Justice. A small carrier task force will search the Pacific for the arms shipments, while ATF handles the countrywide raids.

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Help Center. Remember me. There are all kinds of photo poses for men that you can use to create an eye-catching portrait of men of all ages, shapes, and sizes. From sitting to standing, arms crossed to legs crossed, and many points in between, the following poses for men will make them look their best. Though the hands might seem like a minor detail, if a male model doesn't know where to put them, the portrait can quickly look awkward.

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La Forest; Author1. La Forest grew up in Detroit, MI. He attended St. Ambrose High School.

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Someone takes a photograph and the photo ends up attached to your refrigerator with a magnet. Here's the question: When you look at the two photographs,  John Donohue - - ‎Cooking.








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