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Love letter to my guy best friend

Dear bestfriend, where do I begin? You've been there without fail since day one. You never bailed on me because you were "too busy" or "didn't feel like hanging out". No matter how many times I called you with pointless gossip or drama, you were always there to lend me your ear; and lots of times, your shoulder for me to cry on. You never once told me to "calm down" or that I was "just being dramatic". Everything I did in your eyes was validated and had good reasons behind it.

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This Girl’s Letter To Her Best-Friend Shows That Guys And Girls Don’t Always Have To Fall In Love

But if I had been, I would have said these things. I hoped that someday someone amazing would enter his life. Someone who deserved him and was deserving of his love. He chose you. He thinks you deserve it. Please be good enough! Please honor your relationship and love him more than he would ever ask you for. Can you see how much he cares for you? Can you see how much he wants your relationship to work? Please want him more than anyone else!

Remove other distractions from your life so that your relationship has the opportunity to grow properly. Are you proud of him? Are you proud to be his girlfriend. Then show the world! Tell people about him. You have a unique man. I hope you know that. I hope you see that he leads with his heart.

If he gives his love then it belongs to you forever. Please take great care of his heart! Give of your love freely. Care for him with every fiber of your being because that is the care you are receiving. Please accept his kind of crazy!

Love him when he screams at his video games. Love him when he hits the bottom. Give him space to feel safe. Allow your presence to be the place where everything is acceptable and loved. Please let him be fully himself! Be safe, be secure, and be there. Every single time. Have you seen his amazing qualities? Have you recognized how grounded he is in his beliefs? Have you seen his kindness?

Have you fallen in love with them? If so, do you tell him? Understand your words of affirmation are more important than you can ever imagine. Please use your words to boost his confidence! Never hold back an I Love You or words of appreciation. Everyone needs to hear this more.

No one is. Do it lovingly. Be ok with disagreeing. Do it in a way that he can accept your words as loving and meaningful.

If you do, it will take a while for that part of him to open to you again. As your relationship progresses, you are entering a new dimension. His children will require your love, attention, and understanding.

Please love his children as you love your own! Be willing to earn their trust. Love them despite their difficulties. Cherish them in the way children need to be cherished. Give them the motherly love they so desperately need. Please be the family and potential wife he desperately desires. Be steady. Be secure. Love him unconditionally.

Make your new family your world. Because that is what my friend deserves. He chose you! He chose you above any others. Please invest your heart, mind, and soul with this man. You will reap the rewards of his love and loyalty for many years to come if you do. I pray that you love him with every fiber of your being. Awe I love this. Hi Dia! Hold on tight to that guy best friend. You might want to pass this article along to him when the time does come. The transition is really hard!

May 17, 6 Comments. Previous Post Next Post. You may also like June 7, April 14, July 19, This is so sweet. Your best guy friend is lucky to have you in his life!

An Open Letter To My Best Friend Whom I’m Secretly In Love With

Parhlo will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information presented on the website. Read our disclaimer. I never thought I would have to talk to you through a letter that might never reach your doorstep but I have developed a bad habit of sharing everything with you so, here I am to share a sad leaf of my life-story with you. You are familiar with every emotion of mine and sometimes I even wonder if I know myself as much as you do. I still remember the first time we met, do you?

Everyday I wonder how I got through everything I went through before I met you. Since day one you have been by my side.

But if I had been, I would have said these things. I hoped that someday someone amazing would enter his life. Someone who deserved him and was deserving of his love. He chose you. He thinks you deserve it.

A Letter To My Guy Best Friend

Sometimes when you're venting to me about a mistake you made or how you can't find anything to wear that looks good on you, I'm baffled. I'm baffled because I don't see those things. You have these insecurities that I know about because we're best friends —but I don't see them. To me, I see this incredible person who amazes me on a daily basis. Someone who is generous and kind and compassionate. I see a mother giving it her all—day in and day out. No matter what. And I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge what a gift you are.

An Appreciation Letter To My Best Guy Friend

Tbh, I have always seen you as a brother. Perhaps because I always wanted a Kuya and having you as my best friend sort of fulfilled that wish. It felt so reassuring that I have someone of the opposite gender whom I can talk almost everything to. When we became best friends, I knew it was real because I felt that you were genuine.

Friend, a word describing a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. I have a guy best friend, and he has been my best friend for four years now.

Dec 28, AM. Dec 28, PM. Dear Ami I will never let you down.

An Open Letter To My Best Friend: You Deserve The World

I have had many people walk in and out of my life without making much of an impact on me, but with you, everything is different. You have been the one person who has always stayed true to me, regardless of what I put you through. I have never once questioned your friendship or honesty, mainly because I have never had a reason to.

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Jump to navigation. You are one of the most important people in my life, and I don't know what I would do without you. And honestly I don't want to know. I know if I ever have a problem or need someone to talk to you're right there. I can call you anytime and you always have time for me.

A Letter To My Best Friend

Guy friends provide the male companionship without all the fluff of a romantic partnership. Your perspective changed my life. You invited me into your one-man wolf pack and taught me how to see things from a completely new perspective, which has helped me to understand all the bizarre and ridiculous crap men do and say. You bring my inner bro out, and I kind of love it. Thank you for being the breath of fresh air in my day. You always return my phone calls and you always make time for me when I need it the most. You tell it like it is, which makes me stronger.

Mar 15, - A Letter To My Best Friend But most of all, you've stuck with me during the worst seasons of my life and I couldn't love you more for it.

I know. My lack of positivity, my negative mindset, the complaining, the crying, the silence, the stress… the list goes on. When things get tough, a lot of people tend to run as fast as possible. But not you. You sit with me, you laugh with me, you cry with me, you empathize with me, you pick me up when I feel like my world is crashing, you remind me that this is only a phase ….

An Open Letter To My Guy Bestfriend

But I want you to know, I often find my own self wondering what I did to deserve you. You make every single person around you better, without even realizing it. You light up every room, and lift up every single person around you.

An Open Letter To My Guy Best Friend




An open letter to my best guy friend:



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