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Me and my boyfriend have different views

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In the past, chemistry and having fun with someone was enough to ground a relationship, because whether or not I wanted to admit it to myself, I knew deep down those relationships were not built to last. Now it's probably one of my biggest concerns. After all, now I look at relationships as more than just someone to have fun with, but instead, someone I want to spend my life with — and having shared values is a big part of that. They are a fundamental part of who we are, and if you can find someone you can connect with on that level, then it makes sense that your relationship would probably have a better chance of going the distance.

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Can you see your partner’s POV?

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Politically, these are rancorous times. Not only are our social networks turning into poisonous echo chambers , but partisan animosity is also higher than it has been in decades. We heard from readers across the political spectrum, who are finding ways to bridge the partisan divide at least in their love lives. These are their stories, edited and condensed for clarity. We went to bed late on the night of the election.

I was pretty smug until about 9 p. I watched the returns until 1 a. The next morning, with tears in my eyes, I told Nisim we were going to have to get divorced because I could not live with him for the next four years. If the worst thing about him is that he supports Trump although, I should mention, not on everything , then I'm pretty lucky. I would prefer not to talk about it, but he loves to debate. It makes me worried about raising our son and the longevity of our relationship.

Mary Lowen Sik, 50, met her partner, Howard, 44, while they were both in the Air Force on active duty. In a nutshell, he tunes in to Fox News and sides with my year-old father. I tune into Democracy Now and have more in common with millennial progressive views. It is a strain, but I refuse to let the hype and reality show ruin a loving relationship. You have to either get divorced or work through it. Maybe see a marriage counselor, or throw out your TV and cancel your Twitter account.

Maryann Meador, 64, met her husband, Robert, 64, at church. He told me that he was a Republican before I married him, but I thought he was kidding. I was and am devastated about the last election. Sloan is very, very Republican. He believes Trump is doing great things for America, for the country that he went to war for in Iraq. We discussed further, and like most things, agreed to disagree.

We have a deep love and understanding for each other, and respect that we have different beliefs. Whenever we discuss something that gets heated, something that I am passionate about, I remind myself that I am MORE passionate about Sloan and our relationship. Jeff Hix, 51, met his girlfriend Sara Nesson, 43, on Hinge, a dating app. I, on the other hand, grew up in San Marino, Calif.

Ronald Reagan was president the entire time I was in high school and college, and I am forever imprinted by that experience and the conservative values by which I was raised. Ted Mathieu met his wife, Valerie, on Match. They have been together 10 years and live in Lake Worth, Fla.

Valerie worked at 5 a. I was playing hockey in my league and, after my game, I went to have a have a beer and watch the results come in on TV.

She is a staunch Republican. I am independent, but backed Obama in When I got home, I stuck a bunch of Obama yard signs all over our yard and a big one across the garage door.

When she left for work in the dark at a. She jumped out of the car, snatched them all up, got back in the car and hit the button to close the garage door. Then she saw the 4x8-foot sign slowly emerge, taped to the garage door. Jason Zimmerman met his wife, Caryl Ann, in college. They have been together 13 years and live in Orlando, Fla. When we met, she was doing an internship at the George W.

Listen as Jason and Caryl Ann describe some funny and difficult moments in their year relationship. Giuliana Reed, 67, met her husband, Jack, 55, through friends. Jack is a Ronald Reagan conservative. Trump getting elected was great for our marriage.

For once we came down on the same side, both of us appalled at the fact that someone so incompetent for the job could actually get elected.

Now we worry about the same issues, shake our heads in unison as we listen to the next outrageous appointment and read the next offensive tweet. Thank you, Mr. We met after the election, thank goodness!

But we both still have posters in our apartments of our respective candidates. Not cute. We disagree about everything! But political discussions drive us to explain where we come from. For one of our first dates, he took me to a gun range and taught me how to shoot. Katie, 33, met her husband, Dave, 34, in law school. I am a Catholic conservative from California. He is a Jewish liberal from Pennsylvania. One of the first things that attracted us to each other was our opposing views on life.

More important, our relationship works because we respect our differences. One thing my husband always did and does is defend me and my views, or at least my right to have a different view without being labeled a racist or bigot or whatever it is. We love each other, plain and simple.

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My husband is walking around the house carrying a MAGA coffee cup. Nicole Phillip contributed reporting. Home Page World U.

LoveBetter – How to Love Someone with Different Political Views

Whether you decided to enter a cross party partnership from the off, or they just got a bit radicalised via Mumsnet, there's every chance you might find yourself sharing a bed with your political nemesis. The Guyliner takes you through the steps to assuring a peaceful coalition. BBC Parliament and rolling news are leaving E! A depressing outcome seems inevitable. Would you date someone whose political outlook differs from yours?

People bring different perspectives, talents and strengths to a relationship. You might appreciate some of the things your partner has to offer — great cooking, their sense of humour, good sex, getting on well with your family and friends — but you might not like their taste in music, the time they spend on technology or the fact they get stressed easily. Some conflict in relationships is inevitable, but there are ways to handle it so it is not destructive to you individually or as a couple.

If you and your partner are having trouble resolving a difference in opinion, you might like to consider the following. You are here Home Relationship help Help with relationships Arguing and conflict Me and my partner have very different values. Me and my partner have very different values. Dealing with differences If you and your partner are having trouble resolving a difference in opinion, you might like to consider the following. Talk things over - properly.

Me and my partner have very different values

Click here to schedule. Imagine this: you and your partner are on your usual morning walk, but you decide to take a different route today. One that leads you to a beautiful grey, brick house with a huge front yard. You always envisioned starting a family in your hometown… not on the other side of the country. Realizing you and your partner have different visions for the future can make your heart race. It can make you question everything. This way you are also able to figure out how you aim to achieve your goal when you start discussing it with your partner, rather than just saying things for the sake of saying things—which could place unnecessary strain on your relationship. However, there are a lot of emotions involved in any relationship, which means that you inevitably wind up getting sadder or angrier than you would were you to make the same decision in another context.

6 People Reveal What It’s Really Like To Date Someone With Opposing Views

Something in the message resonates deeply in you and you find yourself prepared to overhaul your home and life. Then the thought hits you, your spouse will never go for it. For starters, remember that every relationship has conflict. And every marriage has conflict as well, which is why knowing how to communicate with your spouse is so important.

In the current political climate, it seems almost impossible for anyone to cross party lines.

Some say opposites attract, and others note that differences make couples stronger. But when social and political views differ between partners, things can get tricky, to say the least. In our increasingly divided nation , with our rampant social media posting, and leading up to the midterms, politics is none too easy to avoid.

When You’re in Love With Your Political Opposite

Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. We tend to think that the way we view the world is the way the world really is. How else could they see things so differently? But failing to understand that each individual is entitled to his or her own point of view is failing to appreciate what makes the other person who they really are.

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Politically, these are rancorous times. Not only are our social networks turning into poisonous echo chambers , but partisan animosity is also higher than it has been in decades. We heard from readers across the political spectrum, who are finding ways to bridge the partisan divide at least in their love lives. These are their stories, edited and condensed for clarity. We went to bed late on the night of the election. I was pretty smug until about 9 p.

Dear Therapist: I’m Losing Patience With My Boyfriend in Quarantine

Much like peanut butter and jelly opposites can make a great pair! An easy place to start! There may be a lot of things about you and your partner that are different, but finding some common ground can help build a steady foundation on which you can grow together. Just kidding. That means you might avoid trying a new dish even when your S.

Oct 25, - My social views are very liberal and I'm particularly invested in the LGBTQ In general, my partner, Ben, who considers himself a 'conservative liberal,' and I have a “Once upon a time, I had a long-term relationship with a born-again He challenges my spirit and allows me to see things from a different.

Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear.

What to do when you and your partner have different political views

If you're looking to see if your relationship has staying power, take a second to evaluate your shared values, which experts say might be the key to answering, " Is my partner my soulmate? Are you and your partner pretty much on the same page when it comes to your beliefs, and where you see yourselves going in life? Or are you constantly arguing and trying to convince each other to change? If you can't ever seem to agree on certain foundational things in your relationship, experts say there's a good chance your partner isn't "The One.

Normal differences and warning signs of a relationship breakdown




7 Ways to “Make it Work” When You and Your S.O. are Total Opposites


Why Are Shared Values Important In Relationships? Experts Weigh In On This Common Thought


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