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This week I celebrated my one year curly anniversary, a year since I started following the curly girl method. My mum had no clue what to do, or how to manage my curls. I spent most of my child looking like a love child of Macy Gray and Worsel Gommage. Pink Lotion was about the only thing that went near my hair until my mid-teens when someone introduced me to mousse.

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Five New UK Curly Girl Method Gels To Try

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Do you suffer from curly hair that's dry, damaged, frizzy , or uncontrollable? Are you open to trying something new? The curly girl method also referred to as "no-poo" is based on the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey.

The nickname "no-poo" alludes to not using a sulfate shampoo, because sulfates tend to strip the hair of its natural oils. Once you take away the sulfates, your hair can retain its natural moisture. Like many beauty regimens, the results will vary from person to person, but this method just might work for you.

So, say good-bye to the frizz and split ends and hello to soft , healthy curls! If you want to follow the curly girl method for curly hair, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any dirt, oil, and styling products that have built up on your hair and scalp. The next time you wash your hair, massage a sulfate-free conditioner into your scalp instead of using shampoo. Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb to distribute the conditioner throughout your hair to gently untangle it, then rinse with cold or cool water.

To learn more from our Cosmetologist co-author about how often to get your hair trimmed or how to find a stylist, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Ashley Adams Updated: May 5, This article was co-authored by Ashley Adams.

There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Maintaining Healthy Curls. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Clarify with a shampoo for the last time before beginning.

This will cleanse your hair of any silicones — ingredients in some hair products that are not water-soluble see the Warnings section below. You do not have to buy a new shampoo for this step, just use something lying around the house. Using a clarifying shampoo will also remove the oil, dirt, and styling products built up on your hair and scalp.

Throw out your shampoo! Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.

These common detergents found in shampoos make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. If you cannot let go of shampoo, use a more gentle shampoo that contains mild cleansers i. Yet most shampoos contain harsh detergents sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate that one also finds in dish washing liquid. They're great for pots and pans because they cut grease so effectively.

Your hair, on the other hand, needs to retain some natural oils, which protect your hair and scalp. Stripping them away deprives the hair of necessary moisture and amino acids and makes it look dry and dull.

Above, the same sulfate is circled in their ingredients list. Buy silicone free conditioners and styling products. You will probably want a conditioner for washing your scalp, a thick moisturizing conditioner to moisturize the length of your hair, and a conditioner to leave in during the day.

You can use the same conditioner or different ones. You will also want any serums, gels, or mousses, but keep in mind these all need to be free of silicones. You may also want a sulfate free shampoo if you spend a lot of time in chlorine. For more information about getting the right ingredients check out the tips section or read How to Determine if a Hair Product is Curly Girl Approved.

Have your hair trimmed. This will get rid of any damage or split ends. If you don't want to visit a hair salon you can always trim your own , of course. Method 2 of Wash your scalp with conditioner conditioner washing. Begin your routine by wetting your hair in the shower. Distribute conditioner on your entire scalp and massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers not your fingernails.

This rubbing action and the resulting friction will loosen dirt, product residue, and dandruff which can then be rinsed away. Be sure to avoid silicone in your hair products, see the Warnings. Thoroughly rinse your scalp afterwards, still massaging with your fingertips as you do so.

Rubbing the scalp firmly with fingers is enough to loosen dirt. Distribute conditioner throughout all of your hair and untangle gently. Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Start by untangling bottom sections of your hair and then gradually move upwards.

Let the conditioner sit in your hair for five minutes or so for extra moisture. You also may want to part your hair at this point with a comb. It's recommended that you part your hair to the side to prevent "triangle-shaped" hair. If it is difficult to untangle your hair this way, remember to use a large quantity of conditioner when wet or you may need to trim dead ends Untangling hair while dry with any tool is not a good idea.

Separating the curls dry just causes more frizz and damages the hair. Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Leave some conditioner in your hair, especially in dry sections like the ends. It's fine to run your fingers through your hair gently, but do not comb your hair after this point.

Apply products to your hair. Do this while your hair is soaking wet if you have curlier hair, but wait five minutes or so if you have medium to wavy curly hair. Put product in your hands and rub them together to emulsify.

Then, smooth or rake the product into your hair by sections. A common method is to begin with a leave-in cream or conditioner to decrease frizz and then follow with a gel or mousse for hold and definition. Using your normal conditioner as a leave-in is fine too. Some prefer curl creams or just conditioner for softer curls, however these products will not help the hair last as well for second day hair. Use whatever type and order of products you like as long as they are silicone free.

Gently scrunch your hair with a t-shirt, paper towels, or a micro-fiber towel to remove excess moisture. A generic terrycloth towel will make your hair frizzy. You may wish to finger shape your curls at this time instead.

Next, wait five or so minutes so the hair can assume a permanent shape. Decrease the drying time of your hair by plopping. Bend over at the waist and position your hair in the middle of the cloth. With your head touching the cloth, drape the back section of cloth over your head. Twist the sides until they form "sausage rolls" and clip or tie them at the base of your neck.

You can also use the sleeves of a long sleeve t-shirt to secure. After minutes remove the cloth. If your hair is frizzy after plopping lightly graze the hair with gel. Plopping works best for medium to long length curly hair. The curls usually become weirdly squished after plopping in shorter hair.

See How to Plop Your Hair for more info as well. Dry your hair. Air drying is the easiest and gentlest way to dry your hair. If you must blow dry your hair use a diffuser to avoid frizz. Only dry your hair partially about 80 percent dry and air-dry the rest of the way. Both types of diffusers work well in terms of diffusing and decreasing frizz: A bowl diffuser with fingers causes more volume and clumping curls sticking together instead of going every which way , is bulky and heavier, and will probably only fit on the hairdryer it comes with.

Place a section of hair in the bowl and press the bowl to your head.

Curly Girl Method - Before and After

While straight hair-havers may balk at the extremes that curly, wavy, and frizzy hair-havers take to keep their manes tame, the truth is that coils and ringlets often require more products and maintenance than their smooth counterparts. This is accomplished by replacing a conventional shampoo with a low-sulfate or sulfate-free alternative , or cleansing with conditioner, called no-poo i. Still with me? If your shower routine is just shampoo, conditioner, and towel dry, chances are this already sounds like quite a switch up. Also, the curly hair community seems to have realized that hair gel — which many of us associate with terrible, rock hard hairstyles of our embarrassing youths — is actually a godsend for frizz-free locks.

So you have decided to embrace your curls and you pop in to your local supermarket or drugstore to look for curly girl method UK products and are confronted by different hair products! Where do you start?

Find this Pin and more on Curls by marina. Grey Curly Hair. Wavey Hair. Curly Hair Tips. Curly Hair Care.

VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel

When I first started my Curly Girl journey , I found it quite overwhelming at times. I, therefore, compiled a list of approved UK products so that you can make easier decisions when finding products to use for the Curly Girl Method. These range from budget conditioners and gels from drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug and more luxurious products from brands such as Umberto Giannini and Cantu. Wrong products or even too many products can cause your hair to turn dry, frizzy or even damage it further. That is why I recommend trying a few at a time and focus more on the method rather than the products you use. All of these products are made by different brands and with different ingredients, but none of them are officially approved as there is no such thing. If you need further information on how to follow the Curly Girl Method, I have created an easy to follow step by step guide which will take you through it. These chemicals can be found in most shampoos and conditioners and can actively contribute towards damaging your hair.

VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel 200ml

How to get the absolute best out of your curly hair and UK product guide- where to get your CG friendly silicone free and sulphate free products from British supermarkets and drugstores. Updated for This post has been a long time in the making. My hair is wavy but not curly in that fetching Sarah Jessica Parker way, more like some wool that that the cat played with then sat on. For many years I just wore a bun or for special occasions I would straighten the life out of my curls.

Do you suffer from curly hair that's dry, damaged, frizzy , or uncontrollable?

This is a Pharmacy Medicine item. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to ensure this is appropriate for you which our pharmacist will check. VO5 delivers high performance, salon tested styling products that won't let you down, and gives you the power to create, control and finish any style you want! New VO5 Styling Gels, with aquascreen?

Hair Styling Products

Have you ever wanted to have soft healthy hair and maybe even embrace your natural curls or waves? I have just recently started out on my curly girl journey. A method of nuturing and protecting your hair to achieve its best potential which then in turn enhances your hairs natural curl. This post contains affiliate links.

I even got my hands on the spray! I am always fond of a good wet look, hair must not be left soaking wet but moist enough and products should be applied to help keep the style in place without frizz and tangles. This product of VO5 seems to have hit the hammer on the nail beacuse it does just that. Apply immediately after washing hair and massage a fair amount evenly through roots and tips. Use of hair dryer is optional. What I like about it is that for at least 24 hours I don't have to worry about my hair too much because the styling gel add natural body and bounce while keeping the syle locked in for longer.

Following the Curly Girl Method | One Year On

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Nov 15, - Cantu for Natural Hair Twist & Lock Gel. VO5 Firm hold Styling Gel. VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel. Vo5 Mega Hold Styling Gel. Cantu Define and.

That stuff your teenage boyfriend used to lather on his hair every morning, noon and night. I understand your reservations, believe me. However, hair technology has thankfully moved on a lot since then! When I first started with the curly girl method I think the idea of using hair gel was the one that freaked me out most.

How to Have the Best Curls of Your Life, According to Reddit

Not sold in stores. Whether you are an adult or child, man or woman, and have curly, straight, fine, or thick hair, there are hair styling products for you. We carry styling products for all types of hair and scalps. Looking for something new or refreshed?

Grey Curly Hair

Find this Pin and more on Curls by marina. Grey Curly Hair. Wavey Hair.

Sulphates, silicones, drying alcohols, methods, techniques — find your self overwhelmed after discovering the CG Method for Curly Hair? I feel you.

And I'm still learning and figuring out what works best for my hair. Thank you for those who have commented and shared their experiences to help me along the journey! Here's how I began and where I've ended up I was in desperate need of a haircut, was wearing a lot of ponytails, the weather was humid and atrocious, and I had read about this " Curly Girl Method " and figured I'd see what it was all about.

A Pocket-Friendly Step by Step Guide to Starting CG Routine for Your Curly Hair


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