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Where to get eco friendly wrapping paper

Skip navigation! Story from Holiday. Between flights to visit family, receiving more holiday cards than you know what to do with, and keeping your tree lights constantly plugged in, the holiday season isn't exactly the most sustainable time of year. Fortunately, there is one area of holiday merry-making that's well-suited for greener choices. It may come as a surprise, but there are actually many sustainable alternatives to standard single-use wrapping paper.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Eco friendly wrapping paper ideas

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

The hustle, the bustle, the never ending to do list…it is all on us. According to the Clean Air Council,. That seems ludicrous, especially when you think about the 0. Luckily, you have beautiful and eco-friendly wrapping paper and other gift wrap options right at your fingertips, through EcoEnclose and by reusing or repurposing items you already have in your home, office, and backyard. Not sure where to start? Grab your eco-friendly wrapping paper and read on.

The design was imprinted using a rubber stamp and eco-friendly fabric paint. Middle Box: Newsprint Paper Roll , organic linen fabric, hemp twine , banana paper gift tag, and real feathers! How to pull it together: Wrap gifts with the eco-friendly wrapping paper Paper Roll as you would gift wrap using eco-friendly tape or compostable stickers or labels. Stamp on designs if desired and let dry. Tie the branches and embellishments into place with the twine, and tie with raffia if you wish.

Designs were imprinted using a rubber stamp and eco-friendly fabric paint. The gift tag template was downloaded from the web, and the design on the gift tag is made with an eco-friendly paint pen.

I dipped the evergreen branch in beeswax local! Wrap gifts with the Bogus paper as you would gift wrap using eco-friendly tape or compostable stickers or labels.

Stamp on designs and let dry. Tie the branches and embellishments into place with the twine, then tie the raffia into place.

The design on the gift tag is made with an eco-friendly paint pen. What was used: 30 Kraft Paper Roll , Indented Kraft Paper Roll , burlap ribbon, evergreen branches real , pinecones real , hemp twine, sleigh bells, brown and recycled gift tags. Tie the branches and embellishments into place with the twine, then tie the ribbon into place. The ribbon is to large to hold the embellishments. The designs on the smaller package and red gift tag are made with an eco-friendly paint pen, and as with previous examples, the evergreen boughs were dipped in local beeswax to prevent them from drying out.

How to pull it together: Assemble tuck boxes. Tie the branches and embellishments into place with the twine. Tie the raffia and any other choice of ribbon into place if applicable. The designs on the gift tags are made with an eco-friendly paint pen.

This is a great, natural-looking, eco-friendly wrapping paper alternative that is sure to wow the gift recipient. Tie embellishments onto the bag handles with ribbon or twine. Once again, dip the evergreen branches in beeswax to prevent dryness. What was used: Kids art… it is so innocent, fresh, and meaningful! This super cute ornament was made with bottle caps, so you can see how fun it is to get creative! Purchased, sustainable alternatives to gift wrap that are made with recycled content and are reusable, recyclable or compostable:.

The chemicals and toxins in the paper can be toxic. The chemicals and additives used in many of these wrapping papers can be carcinogenic when burned. Learn more. Cut down on gifts. Ask yourself, does great Uncle Buck really need or want another tie, or would he rather have a homemade treat, or a wonderful afternoon spent with you?

Recycled wrapping paper can only go so far, however. When you are buying gifts, consider when less is more. One high quality, thoughtfully made item often means so much more than five less expensive, less durable and less ethically made alternatives.

Make the right Christmas tree decision for you! In many instances, a live tree is more ecofriendly than an artificial tree especially when purchased from a local tree farm with sustainable, rotational practices and then mulched after the holiday. A living tree in your home for the week and then planted outside is even better.

A potted plant in your home that can double as a Christmas tree is also great. And then there are stunning wood and even cardboard ornament tree options that are also wonderful. Keep your holiday lights on a timer, and keep it to a minimum, shining only when people are actually going to enjoy the view. Studies have shown that ecommerce is more environmentally friendly than most brick and mortar counterparts, but not when two day or overnight shipping is selected. Shop in advance and select the longest shipping option that works for you even when they are offering two day shipping for free!

Hopefully this post brings you some crafty inspiration to wrap up those offerings to your customers or the special people in your life. This year, we hope you are able to relax, remember the real reason for the season, and bring deep joy and thoughtfulness to our holiday rituals! Four million tons of this is wrapping paper and shopping bags. A hand drawn picture or card on recycled or reused paper of course! Other reused or recycled papers, such as comics, old maps, and old sheet music make great sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper.

Reused gift bags. Reused Kraft or white boxes you already have at home or in the office Feathers, shells, pinecones, and other collected items — be creative! Clippings from evergreens, winter berry trees and bushes Cinnamon Sticks, lollipops, and candy canes If you are already planning to include small toys in a gift, include them as an adornment instead Necklace pendants, either that you have at home and no longer wear, or that you were planning to gift, make great adornments.

Purchased, sustainable alternatives to gift wrap that are made with recycled content and are reusable, recyclable or compostable: Cloth gift bags, such as those available through VZ Wraps or Reuseit.

Our GreenWrap makes a creative adornment to any package, and can be used for wrapping fragile items. Natural fabric ribbon and bows, such as cotton, hemp or burlap. Or, cotton lace can be used as well. Avoid the landfill whenever possible!

8 Recyclable Wrapping Paper Picks for a More Eco-Friendly Holiday

Christmas brings family, togetherness, food, and presents. Unfortunately, Christmas can also bring a lot of waste. Fortunately, there are many easy and creative ways of ditching the wrapping paper and reducing that unnecessary waste. Here are 10 of our favourite wrapping paper alternatives! Most of us already have a big gift bag filled with smaller gift bags tucked away in a closet somewhere.

Last year it was estimated that Brits would throw out million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. Brown paper is one of your cheapest options, and yet has the most potential to look impressive — you just have to get crafty see eco decoration ideas at the end of the article.

Last Christmas it was estimated that in the UK around million rolls of wrapping paper was thrown away. We were shocked to discover recently that a lot of wrapping paper is not recyclable due to how it is dyed, laminated, has added glitter as well as plastics. With foil or glitter decorated wraps especially not being recyclable this means that a lot of the waste will ending up in landfill this Christmas. You can tell whether a wrapping paper can be recycled if you are able to scrunch it in your hand. This shows the clear need for eco-friendly wrapping paper which lives up to the Christmas cheer whilst being more environmentally-friendly.

10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

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Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper Solutions for the Holidays

Click through to see our top picks. Lokta paper is made from the bark of the evergreen Lokta shrubs, native to Nepal. It's fast growing and environmentally friendly — so it makes a great gift wrap. This paper is reversible, so your gifts will look complementary together without being too matchy-matchy.

The hustle, the bustle, the never ending to do list…it is all on us.

Kat has been writing about veganism, environment, and sustainability for five years. Their interests include over-analyzing the various socioeconomic forms of oppression, how that overlaps with veganism, and how the media in all of its forms reflects the current culture. Updated December 4, Gift-giving is a holiday tradition in most families.

12 eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper

Gathering around to open gifts is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the entire holiday season, but what is your household planning to do with that pile of used wrapping paper once the fun is all done? Most wrapping paper can simply be recycled, but there are a few key exceptions. Any paper with metallic foil, velvet-flocked details, or glitter is not recyclable at all. Ribbons, bows, and tissue paper also can't be recycled, though if you receive them as part of a gift, you can most likely reuse them in the future.

I recently found out that half the paper consumed in the U. Eco-friendly, green gift wrap could mean lots of things, but for me, this means reusing and recycling as much as possible. A few more thoughts:. Find inspiration from things lying around your house—shopping bags, newspaper ads, and the like. Once you start looking at material as potential gift wrapping aids, the possibilities are many. If your recycling bin overflows, you have plenty of wrapping paper and containers.

The best recyclable wrapping paper for Christmas gifts

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas are more popular — and more needed — than ever. We adore a well-wrapped gift. Whether it be an ostentatious bow, uniquely patterned paper or a stylish colour scheme, we get a thrill from dreaming up with a new concept every year. Plus, they look ever so pretty positioned underneath the Christmas tree. Environmentally-minded brands have started catching on to the wasteful nature of gift wrap, and one that has created a particularly easy-to-use solution is Aspiga, with its set of three reusable bags. Do away with gift wrap altogether and pass your gifts on to their new owner in a recycled gift bag. This means less ripped-up paper that will likely never be used again, and you get to keep the element of surprise. The great thing is your gift bag will hopefully stay intact during the present opening, which means you can use it again and again.

Eco-friendly, green gift wrap could mean lots of things, but for me, this means buy wrapping material, look for paper and bags that can be reused and recycled.

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and sales through those links may reward Bigger Better Days with a small commission at no extra cost to you. According to Wrappily , one of our favorite eco friendly wrapping paper options, over , miles worth of wrapping paper end thrown away each year. And imagine, that happens every year! To make matters worse, most wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to dyes, laminations and additives. Yes, we all love cheery, sometimes sparkly wrapping paper that makes a statement under the tree.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper and More: Stunning, Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Season

Or make you uncomfortable to wonder just how they make wrapping paper so shiny and colorful, who made it, and where? Hint: Asia. But gift wrapping gives us the same challenge as dressing fashionably.

Look around your house and you'll discover all kinds of ways to wrap presents beautifully with less waste. A friend messaged me last week to ask about green alternatives to wrapping paper. I might have to use an old newspaper and tell the kids Santa made a conscious choice this year not to waste.

Welcome to Glamour UK.

Wrappily offers a new take on wrapping paper. Emboldened with fresh designs, renewable newsprint is an answer to the millions of tons of trash generated by wrapping paper every year. We invite you to make one small change that will make a big difference: Gift happily with Wrappily. Somewhere over the rainbow At least they do in Hawaii-based fine artist Lauren Roth's dreamy tropical visions.



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