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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Lyrical and lovely, it's no surprise that Ella has become a celeb baby name favorite. And what girl doesn't want to be a "beautiful fairy woman"? Harper had slowly but surely been gaining in popularity, then a certain couple by the name of David and Victoria Beckham decided to name their only daughter that, and it's simply shot straight to the top. Another one of those trendy unisex names, Harper is also the first name of the author of the classic "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Now this is a gorgeously vintage name with some serious girl power cred. As the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart is an inspiration for girls then and now. It's also the name of the frazzled children's book character, Amelia Bedilia. Not quite Audrey, and not quite Avery, Aubrey is another oh-so-trendy unisex name that's come over to the girls.

Be prepared to see more and more Aubreys on the playground. Clearly originally meant as a boy's name "son of Adam" , Addison has come to play on the girl's side It's less stuffy than Madison and more girly than Emerson, making it a strong contemporary name choice. As we've learned over the years, everything comes back in vogue at some point, and Evelyn is a case in point. The last time this name was popular was over a century ago, but now, perhaps thanks to the super hot Ava, Eva and Avery, Evelyn is back on top.

If you're expecting a baby around Christmas, you may want to consider lovely Natalie. Beyond the more obvious Noel for a holiday baby, Natalie also refers to being born on Christmas. It's one of those classic names that's been adopted by timeless starlets from Natalie Wood to Natalie Portman and doesn't look to be getting stale anytime soon. Another one of those oh-so-popular virtue names think Hope and Faith, Grace is short, sweet and simple.

If you don't like it as a first name, Grace is uber-popular as a middle name right now and pair well with many other names. Hannah is one of the most popular Biblical names for girls she was the mother of Samuel, the prophet. A more contemporary reference for this lovely moniker is the now defunct Disney show, Hannah Montana, where a now notorious Miley Cyrus got her precocious start. And while it had once faded into old-fashioned name obscurity, it's come back with a vengeance. Zoey has become one of those super-cute cool girl names.

So if you're looking for a name that's not so everywhere, you may want to look elsewhere. From a long-reigning queen to a former Spice Girl-turned-fashion-powerhouse to a famously pink lingerie chain, Victoria has successfully shed its formerly stiff image to become or is it remain?

Its strong meaning of "victor" is an added dose of inspirational girl power. Talk about making a comeback. Having pretty much fallen off the name popularity charts since its peak in the 20s, Lillian is enjoying a major revival and even managed to land itself thiiiis close to the Top So why the sudden leap?

Perhaps with its very similar name cousin Lily entering name superstardom, parents chose to flock to Lillian as a less trendy alternative, eventually making it even more popular than Lily herself. Lily is among the most popular of flower names making a big return. Because of its attractive attributes, including its lovely sound and symbolic meaning of purity and innocence, the name has become a favorite of celebrity parents, including Chris O'Donnell, Kate Beckinsale, Greg Kinnear, Fred Savage, and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Brooklyn is one of those rare unisex names that actually still works for both genders. Thanks partly to the Beckhams who named their first child Brooklyn, the formerly boys only name as creeped more and more into girl territory thanks to its combination of two feminine sounding names, Brooke and Lynn.

Also, a super hip NYC borough that's so cool, it's soon to be not. Moms may associate this name with either a the 80s think Who's the Boss? It's not hard to see why parents keep gravitating towards this name, especially with its super-fun associated nickname, Sam. This romantic sounding name meaning "dark beauty" is slightly exotic, slightly lyrical and completely mesmerizing. It's also the name of a hit Eric Clapton song. What are you waiting for? Oh-so-pretty Audrey - always popular but never too popular.

The name is often associated with timeless beauty icon Audrey Hepburn and with an awesome meaning like "noble strength," what's not to love? While the meaning of "weary" is a bit of a downer, Leah is a Biblical name that's found a great deal of popularity among parents year after year.

In the Bible, Leah was the first wife of Jacob and the sister of Rachel - the girl that Jacob really wanted. Talk about a real Sister Wives situation! There are several spelling variations to the name from Lea with no "h" to the more Star Wars-inspired Leia.

A variation of the French name Alice, Allison is one of those names that isn't always the first to pop up on everyone's girl name list, but somehow seems to slyly make its way to the top. We love the cute built-in nickname of Alli, too. Anna is one of those rare names that's become used worldwide in various cultures.

From its Hebrew origins to Russia Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" springs to mind, to Italy to the Scandinavian nations, this is a name that's as universal as it is lovely. And thanks to a certain massive Disney hit called "Frozen" and the intrepid Princess Anna, we're sure there will be many many more Annas to come.

One part Southern charm, one part Spanish romance, Savannah is a name that's been a part of the popularity charts ever since such charts existed. It's recently experienced a huge surge in popularity perhaps due to?

As a fresh alternative to the enormously popular other double "L" names like Ella and Bella, Gabriella has climbed her way into the Top The feminine version of Gabriel, Gabriella was also the name of the lead female character in Disney's "High School Musical" movies. If the four syllables are too much for you, consider the nicknames Gaby or Ella instead. It's also the name of Prince Charles of England's former mistress-now-wife drama, drama! Originally an Italian word meaning "melody," this once not-so-hip name is now back in the name game thanks to - what else - TV.

And what's not to love? It sounds pretty, has a lovely meaning and isn't common enough to have every other little girl on the playground responding to you yelling, "Ariaaaaa! Kaylee was one of THE "it" names of the early s, and while its slightly waned in popularity since its heyday, this sunny-sounding moniker is still a Top 50 name for girls. While its origins remain unclear - is it just a combinaton of Kay and Lee or a variation of Kayla?

From Scarlett O'Hara to Scarlett Johansson, this is definitely one name that's fit for a future bombshell. It's simultaneously romantic and fiery red is the color of power, after all and different enough from the sea of Sophias and Emmas to make it stand out, so it's no surprise its been rapidly gaining in popularity to break the Top This name has been around forever in multiple spelling variations Hailee, Haley, Hayleigh but Hailey is the version du jour.

It's short, sweet and easy to say and works equally as well for a year-old as it does for a two-year-old. Arianna is kind of having a moment right now. Whether its due to pop songstress Ariana with one "n" Grande, or a similarity to the way Princess Anna is pronounced in the hit movie "Frozen" AH-Nah , this lyrical name has slowly but surely creeped its way into the Top It also comes pre-packaged with the cool nickname "Arie.

This unisex name is strong on the female side and it's no surprise. Riley sounds at once playful and strong, and who doesn't love a girl name with an awesome meaning like "courageous"?

Just keep in mind that as more and more girls are named Riley, there will likely be less and less Rileys that are boys, as is the trend with most unisex names. A girl named Alexis just may be destined to rule the world - one teddy bear at a time. As a variation of the boy name Alexander, which refers to the great conquerer, Alexander the Great along with a handful of other Byzantine emperors, little Alexis has quite the strong arm history behind her. Think about it Neveah is just "heaven" spelled backwards cue the ohhhhhs - and a surprising member of the Top 50 club.

I guess we can see why it's become so popular in recent years - it sounds slightly exotic and has a cool concept behind it that you can tell your little girl one day. Just beware that this is definitely one of those names that people will either love or hate.

This Old Testament name is one of those classic names that will never go out of style. In the Bible, Sarah was a pivotal female character as the wife of Abraham and the mother of Issac. Not just the uptight mom from TV's "Modern Family," Claire is also a lovely name with an equally lovely meaning of "bright" that we think many parents will adore. If Claire is a bit too bland for you, consider its Italian name cousin, Chiara.

Sadie is one of those super cute vintage names that's made a huge comeback. Originally used as a nickname for Sarah, Sadie's became huge all on its own in the s, fell out of favor, and is seeing a major revival in recent years.

It's not hard to see why. There's something just so sweet and likable about a girl named Sadie. Total BFF material. Another one of those oh-so-trendy unisex names, Peyton started out as an English surname.

It's still more popular for girls than it is for boys - even with football star Peyton Manning - and its slight Southern vibe adds to the moniker's charm. Aubree with the double "e" is like the wilder, more laid-back fraternal twin of another top name, Aubrey. Both are equally pretty and elegant, but something about this particular spelling variation holds a dose of fun.

If Aubrey is sitting at the table with perfect posture, Aubree is dancing on top of the table - got it? Both are a nice alternative to the more tried and true Audrey. Part zen, part hippie, part sci-fi TV show, Serenity is another virtue name that's rising in the ranks. Fun random fact: Sailor Moon's princess name is Serenity in case this swings your vote in either direction. Commonly used in Welsh culture, the name Ariana means 'like silver".

This particular spelling has become increasingly popular due to the success of pop sensation Ariana Grande. In the beginning there was Genesis. As the first book of the Bible, everyone agrees Genesis holds an important role. As a girl name however, it's more than a little divisive which is why it's that much more impressive to see it in the Top

Hindu Girl names starting with T

Back to all baby names. For many breastfeeding mums, in the early stages, breast pumps quickly become an essential piece of baby gear that allows them to express milk and store it for another day. Is it a boy or a girl?

When it comes to popular baby girl names, Emma has been No. And from to , it was the similar-sounding Emily. The big question: Will Emma continue to be one of the most baby girl names in ?

Last Updated on April 29, From Tabitha to Tyne and everything in between, hundreds of baby girl names starting with the letter T along with the meanings and origin of each name. Baby Girl Naming Tip — Naming a baby after relatives or friends can be a wonderful tribute. It can also be a source of embarrassment later on down the road.

Baby names beginning with T

Take a peek at girl names that start with T like the timeless Tabitha and the trendy Tessa and Taylor … or try an unexpected baby name like Tabby and Thea. Try on a new name or two with girl names that start with T. From timeless picks like Tabitha to trendy chart toppers like Taylor , T names for girls are top-notch in style. With its tangible energy and terrific flexibility, the letter T is a great start to any name. While there are many terrific baby girl names that start with T, the letter as a whole is not too common as a starter on the Top charts for girls. This leaves a whole lot of unique girl names that start with T for you to choose from. Baby girl names starting with T are trailblazers as well, with names like Tessa and Teagan forging ahead in recent years from relative obscurity. There are a number of origins to explore in girl names that start with T from Greek gals like Thea and Teresa to Hebrew honeys like Talia and Tamara. Muhammad's follower.

20 Baby Girl Names That Start With the Letter A

Web aussiethings. T Girls baby names beginning with the letter T. If I have missed any, please add them. Tanah Fairy queen found on Christmas Day. The combination of Tanya and Natasha.

Lyrical and lovely, it's no surprise that Ella has become a celeb baby name favorite.

Last year, there were estimated to be about 3. How unconventional baby names have become the norm. The gender associations of a name can have a big effect on how people are perceived.

Girl Names Starting With T: Find T Names For Girls at

There's just something about an A name that has really caught on in recent years. We don't know what it is, but parents seem to love A names! We can certainly see the appeal -- A names seem clean, solid, and strong -- plus an A name will guarantee that a child will always be first in line.

Baby boy, baby girl names of So your bundle of joy has arrived or is on the way. Picking out the right name for your baby girl or boy is the focus of conversations between the parents-to-be and the extended family. The name can be traditional, but not too much, modern but should stand the test of time. Choosing the right name for your baby boy or baby girl is not a simple task. Also Read 60 Muslim baby boy names of Also Read Newborn Baby Wishes: 50 messages to congratulate new parents.

Baby Names Beginning with T

But that cool T initial gets more love internationally. More unusual girl names with the initial T include extravagant options like Tallulah, Theodora and Tatiana, virtue names like Temperance and True, and intriguing international gems like Tove, Tesni and Tamar. Featured here, our all-inclusive lineup of girl names beginning with T. Unique names rank below the Top and are listed alphabetically. Taylor is one of the prime unisex surnames used for girls and has also been a soap opera favorite. Taylor was in the Top 10 for the last several years of the twentieth century, so that now it

Mar 12, - When it comes to baby girl names for , here are five trends to its users that didn't make it onto the SSA's list of the top 1, names in the.

Once a surname and boys' name, Taylor and its variants are growing in popularity as names for daughters, thanks in part to Read More. Oh Tiffany, you 80s princess, you. You used to be so fancy much like the little blue box you symbolize that even Donald In Irish tradition, Tara was the name of a hill where the ancient Irish kings were said to have reigned.

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

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