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Body language a guy likes you yahoo answers

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Sometimes he looks away when he notices you does, cos hes shy and you just caught him checking you out. He may touch his hair, arm or shoulder or chest when talking to you or in contact with you in anyway. He wont always get you something you ask for can you get me a napking? When a guy first sees a girl he's attracted to, chances his eyebrows will rise and fall. You can slip the flip of an eyebrow back at him, if you're interested - it's a clear signal both ways.

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Signs a guy likes you ?

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If you do your hair or makeup differently one day, and the guy notices, that's a very good sign that he likes you. Most guys won't notice, and if they do, they won't say anything unless they're into you. Anything like, "You look nice today," "I like that shirt," or even "Did you do your hair differently today? It looks nice," are all indicators that he could be interested in you. NOTE: If he's a good friend of yours, these won't necessarily be indicators of romantic interest.

It could just be him being a good friend. Not all guys are this straightforward about compliments, so don't be worried if he doesn't compliment you. Pay attention to his friends: If they know he's interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you're around, hint to you that he likes you, or even try to find out if you like him.

Study their reactions to your presence - do they smile? Do they turn to him? Do they smirk in a way that suggests they know something that you don't? Check him for signs of nervousness. Signs of nervous laughter, sweaty palms, deep breaths, fidgeting, or possibly even looking away quickly when you notice if he is watching you are all good signs of an attraction towards you and that he is nervous about making an impression on someone he likes.

He may give you hints that he likes you. Such as telling you in ways that may sound like he's messing around Stuff like this that may make you question if he likes you or not. Be aware of touching. He might put his hand on your arm when he laughs, and won't move his leg if it happens to touch yours, or he may hug you for small things - all are good signs of a guy liking you, unless he's a bit of a "playboy" who flirts with a lot of girls.

Read about body language online. One sign they like you is they turn their whole body toward you when they talk to you. He will look at you for a lOng time and shyly look away. He will also find excuses to talk to you. Izobelle Rose.

Anything, just want to know, either from experience or knowlege : thanks! Answer Save. Here's my list: Looks at you consistently. Usually has his shoulders facing your body. His eyes stare into yours. He finds random excuses to be in your company.

You may even hear it from his friends. He talks to you a lot. He makes contact with you a lot. Playfully, ETC His pupils dilate as he is looking at you. Hope I helped! Marie Lv 4. Body language huh? Well, if he likes you then you might see a bulge in his crotch move a little. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. You can usually just stare at their eyes, and see what they're thinking. In my book, if someone like you then they will open their mouth and tell you! Still have questions?

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What are some BODY LANGUAGE signs that a guy likes you?

Do What I Do: unlike mirroring , which is a sitting or standing posture, isopraxism is "same behavior" -- walking in the same way, eating at the same speed or taking a sip of your drink together. Eyelashes: This gesture is a dead giveaway that the hormones are racing. When the body is aroused, lashes flutter faster than a hummingbird's wings.

The fact that he's shy is a fairly good sign that you make him nervous but if he's nervous and sticks around you for long stuttering conversations that go nowhere it's a fairly good sign he likes you. He will stare at you.

Please I'm asking for more experience people who study on this "topic" and happen to have experiece, the longest one with interesting and helpful signs will get my vote! The first obvious sign is that he will stare at you for a very long time. Usually when men keep staring at you they are reading your personality and observing you. If you are around this guy and when he is around his friends they all get silent unto you go or they kind of just look at each other then this means that his friends know that he likes you and they are kind of edging him on silently to say something to you. A lot of times when a guy really really likes a girl then he is afraid to let her know right away UNTIL he feels that she may like him back.

Signs and body language that a shy guy likes you?

What are the body language signs that a guy likes you? Plz answer and if u got a question u want answering just leave the link thanks xx. Hmm, I'm not sure about the body language but I can give you advice on how he might act. Plus, some ways you can act if you're interested in him. He'll always smile or make some kind of contact with you. Whether it's an appreciative nod or a friendly wave. Just smile and wave back and that may make him come and talk to you. Majority of the time he'll try to sneak a peak at you. Now this could either be in class or at a school event or even at lunch. If you glance over at him and catch him looking at you, just smile and wave or even giggle if he turns red with embarrassment after being caught.

can you tell if a guy likes you by his body language?

We guys are hopeless - absolutely hopeless - at controlling our own body language and the like. Which means sometimes we give out confusing signals - we say or do one thing but our bodies act out another! Which is where you end up thinking "well, which way? So if he's a bit shyer or unsure - which I'd say he is, given he hasn't come to you and said how he feels - he's probably trying to see if he can attract you, instead. Get you to like him then do the "hard work" of coming clean about feelings.

Raised eyebrows. Research shows that when a potential mate appears, people raise their eyebrows slightly.

Okayy, so I like a guy, and we talk.. But I'm a really friendly person and talk to everyone of any gender. My friend told me if he puffs his chest out when I'm talking to him that he he likes me, but I dont think she is exactly sure

Body language signs that a guy likes you?

From Cosmopolitan. Just like women, men don't always say exactly what they're feeling precisely when they feel it. But guys don't have to say much to show you what they're thinking, or how much they're really into you.

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Examine his body language. If he likes you, you may see that he leans towards you. Notice if he shows off in your presence. For example:. He may approach you and try to impress you, or get your attention by getting in your personal space. If he likes you, and you like him, neither of you will step back.

How can you tell if a guy likes you?

He dosent want you to talk to any other boy but him He always asks you if you like anyone 3. He sits next to you in class 4. He smiles at you all the time when you look at him 5. Guys do all of these things to girls they don't like too, but if you notice that he does a couple of these then it may be a sign, or he's just a flirt, but look at the way he treats you compared to other girls and consider if he has known those girls for longer than you, but still talks to you or vice versa.

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I think he's very attractive and he has shown many signs that he may if even though we don't know each other. I'm just not too sure Signs: Signs would be him staring at you and then looking away the moment you catch him doing so. He should be on his best behavior around you.

Body language signs a guy likes you.?

It's a primal, biological instinct, and most guys don't even know they're doing it. So if a boy at the bar is striking this pose, he's digging you but needs reassurance that the interest is mutual. But you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to catch a glimpse of this telltale signal.

what are signs that a guy likes you?

There r way to many signs to just have one clear one because guys show how they feel in many diff ways Basically - the BIG clue is that his behavior changes when you're around compared to when he's around his buds or other girls. These are some of the more subtle clues - keep your eyes open - you may have more guys flirting with you than you realize!!! It may take you by surprise.

If you do your hair or makeup differently one day, and the guy notices, that's a very good sign that he likes you. Most guys won't notice, and if they do, they won't say anything unless they're into you.

And they'll raise their eyebrows when they look at you. If they're still boys, they tease and give you a hard time, anything to get and keep your attention. Like you said a man adjust his tie when he sees a lady, he smiles with a yeilding sign of happiness, he smiles with joy whenever you around where around him,he always want to render help when you are in need of any, always show care like helping to lift a load, running eras, helping you to catch a check etc. And before you know it , he has taken over your mind, your thought will be him, your speech will be him, your dreams will be him. Then you must have started thinking of him to be your Mr.

I have this friend that I really like and I think he likes me too but I dont want to say anything if the signs are not all there ao what are some signs. Examine his body language. If he likes you, you may see that he rarely turns his back to you, often leans towards you, and also looks at you a lot. If he slouches his shoulders when near you, he's romantic and cares about what you have to say. If he points his shoulders and pelvis towards you while sitting, he is definitely feeling something for you. Notice his eye contact. If he likes you, he may either look away quickly if he is shy, or he'll try to catch your eye and hold it or make faces.

Body positions that are indicative of physical attraction include legs crossed and pointing toward you, one or both feet pointed toward you, or their whole torso squarely facing you. Making excuses to touch you while speaking the back of your hand, your shoulder, etc. The proximity of the other person to you is another sign of attraction. The closer they are, the more interested they are.

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