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Can gemini man be jealous

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By pinklibra — September 29, am — 52 replies. He says if I say??? Then he?? One time we were face timing and he asked who was at my house, I told him my sister and her boyfriend.

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Gemini men are easy-going and fun to be with. They rarely complain, and they are usually in a good mood. So, it would seem like a Gemini man would be a perfect partner. There is a catch, however. A Gemini man has an extremely short attention span, and it is notoriously difficult for him to stay with only one person.

Out of frustration and desire for his fidelity, you may be wondering how to get a Gemini man to miss you. In most cases, such thoughts are an indication that there is trouble in the relationship. If you are wondering how to get a Gemini man to miss you, however, it may very well be that it is because he is just being himself. The easy-going and flexible nature of a Gemini man means that he will adapt to whatever circumstance he finds himself in. If you are there, he is happy.

If you are not, he will find something else to do to amuse himself. This can be very hard if you are the type of person who needs to feel needed. Read on to understand the difficulty in getting a Gemini man to miss you, and how to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with him anyway. They really do live in the day and for the moment, without really thinking very much about tomorrow.

A Gemini man is curious and interested in his surroundings. He does not have a sense of permanence in his life. Instead, he flits from activity to activity, like a bird hopping from twig to twig. He has no expectation that anything in his life will be the same from day to day. Indeed, if it were, it would be boring. This means that no matter how much he loves you, a Gemini man is generally not going to worry too much when you are not there.

Instead, he will find something else to amuse himself with until you return. This does not mean that he does not love you or care about you. If you are not there for a time, he will be genuinely happy to see you when you come back.

As a general rule, Gemini men are not jealous. Jealousy requires at least some sense of permanence. Generally, you get jealous because you expect fidelity and consistency from your partner. If you feel that this is threatened, it brings up negative feelings, such as jealousy.

Gemini men rarely have any sense of expectation about anything. Each new day is a new adventure, and every new person they meet represents a new conversation. Indeed, Gemini is one of the few signs that could truly manage an unconventional relationship, in large part, because they do not get jealous. So, if you cannot make a Gemini man jealous, will ignoring him get him to miss you? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is also no. A Gemini man will interact with you so long as you are interesting and entertaining.

If you ignore him, you will be boring, and he will find something else to do. Social media was made for Gemini. It allows for superficial contact with many different people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are not paying attention to him, he will have no trouble finding someone who will.

If he is not communicating over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, he will be surfing the web for whatever new information he can find. So what can you do to get your Gemini man to give you the attention that you want and need? The answer to this is a two-pronged approach. The first prong is to keep life interesting for both of you, and the second prong is to set boundaries.

The most important thing that you can do get a Gemini man to miss you and keep your Gemini man attentive is to make your life together interesting. A Gemini man thrives on the new and the novel, and he cannot abide boredom.

Below are some tips to add novelty and excitement to your relationship. The most important thing that you can do in a relationship with a Gemini man is to change things up on a regular basis. Change your look, change your routine, change anything about yourself. More than anything else, a Gemini man likes variety. If you make continuous changes, your Gemini man will never know who or what he will be getting when he sees you.

This will make him excited to see you because it will always be new when you are together. In addition to changing things on a regular basis, you will remain interesting and exciting to your Gemini man if you are well-read. A Gemini man is fascinated by many different topics. The more you have read and studied, the more you will have to talk with him about.

He will enjoy the conversations he has with you, and he will look forward to more. Do not be surprised if conversations with a Gemini man last for hours or into the night. This is a very good sign for your relationship. It means that when you are away, he will think about what you were talking about, and he will look forward to your next conversation.

If you are with a Gemini man, it is not really a good idea to spend all of your time with him. In addition to increasing the likelihood that he will get tired of you, you will stop having interesting things to say. Your experiences will be the same as his because you have been together constantly.

It is also a good idea to have your own friends and social connections. If another sign did this, you might suspect him of jealousy and possessiveness. With a Gemini man, however, this is not the motive. His motive is gossip, pure and simple. A Gemini man enjoys people and wants to know everything about them. His friends, your friends, it does not really matter, he just likes to gather information. A Gemini man is usually quite light-hearted and fun.

He has a wonderful, and often quite silly, sense of humor. Gemini enjoys words, and he often likes to play with words. Puns are his specialty. If you show interest in his puns and can tell some of your own, you may even be able to get a Gemini man to show signs that he misses you when you are not around.

He will gather jokes and puns just so he can share them with you the next time he sees you. Be willing to play, especially in the bedroom. Feel free to incorporate games and role play into your sex life. In order to get a Gemini man to miss you, it is important to be as fun and interesting as you can.

On the other hand, unless you are willing to be a full-time stand-up comic and entertainer, you will not be able to keep him occupied all of the time. Because of this, it is important to set boundaries with him with respect to what he can and cannot do to relieve his boredom.

As Mutable Air, a Gemini man does not have natural boundaries of his own. He does whatever he feels like at the moment. For this reason, you will need to be the one who decides what is and what is not acceptable in your relationship. So, here are some things to consider when setting these boundaries.

A Gemini man is not naturally monogamous. If he had his way, he would date lots of people, and he would enjoy his time with all of them. If this is something that you can live with, that is great, but there are not many women who can. For this reason, it is important to really explore your own feelings about monogamy and fidelity. What are you willing and able to tolerate?

It is not reasonable to ask a Gemini man to not have other friends or social contacts besides you, male or female. He will wither if he does not have an active and varied social life. If you try to curtail this, far from getting your Gemini man to miss you, you will make him miserable, and he will start to resent you. It is reasonable, however, to ask him to be faithful to you on a romantic and sexual level.

Understand, however, that there will always be the possibility that he will stray. This does not mean that he does not love you or enjoy your company. It just means he is acting on his nature. For this reason, it is important for you to look inside yourself and see what your limits are. Can you live with him having an active social life apart from you? Will you be able to forgive him if he strays? What are your deal breakers in this area?

The second boundary you may want to consider is communication. In particular, how much information do you want and can you handle surrounding his other social activities. If this is something you can tolerate without upsetting you, you may want to consider having a rule that he must be honest with you about everything he does.

The Gemini Man

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other?

He is the vibrant, energetic type that could naturally attract people to him. In other words, he has lots of qualities making him irresistible.

Email address:. The sign with the most charisma, the Gemini man loves in a unique way. Is it likely that he could get jealous sometimes? Lively and always optimistic, the Gemini man is independent when it comes to love and romance. The energy that a Gemini man emanates is what makes people to be drawn to him.

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous?

If you are considering a breakup with a Gemini man , you may want to know how he is likely to handle it. Will he be jealous, or is he the calm and reasonable sort? The answer depends on the moment and the man himself. Geminis tend to swing back and forth between perspectives, and their behavior is subject to change according to whim. Gemini is the mutable air sign. Mutable signs are adaptable and flexible; they can change and evolve, depending on their level of personal and intellectual development. The average Gemini is confused. A mind that keeps changing does not know what it thinks or believes. On one day, a Gemini may tell his friends terrible stories about what a witch you are.

Are Gemini Men Jealous When They Are In Love?

Always on the boil, the Gemini is a partner who knows how to communicate his love for life. If you like him need to change in your life for you to thrive, your relationship will be more positive. This is not the case, it will make you get out of your little habits or even destabilize you. If you dream of a story in a quiet, pass your way…. Very much in love, the Gemini is still able to engage in the marriage, it just takes him time.

Your Gemini man has a multiple personality.

Are you interested in a Gemini man and would like to know whether or not he is the jealous type? This article may help you to figure out what you may contend with getting involved further. So, are Gemini men jealous? The reality is that the Gemini man is probably the least jealous sign in the zodiac.


Men or women, the Gemini zodiac sign truly shines bright within the zodiac constellation. They are vibrant, energetic people who light up a room when they enter. It might seem exaggerated to be using this word, but for some evolved Gemini men, they have an aura about them. Think of all the Gemini celebrities you can: Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Tupac… all these Gemini men are extremely self-assured males who live life with a certain flair to them.

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He doesn't seem to feel anything at all expect happiness, does he? I hear so many women complaining about how their Gemini boyfriends or partners don't care about them. That they are not affected by anything they do. But this man does feel! He feels a lot.

Are Gemini Men Jealous And Possessive?

I know how Gemini men are, so I kept him at a fun distance. Now, he is acting "stalkerish" it's kind of freaking me out. The once fun-loving do whatever you want to do, call me when you want, don't call if don't has suddenly turned into "Where are you going? Will this pass, I miss my fun loving friend? Posted by BuffaloBills28 it means he's scared to lose you. It's a good thing in my opinion. He is definitely going to lose me with this psycho behavior. He is calling 3 to 4 times a day, he is even becoming slightly scary

Dec 20, - Hi, I'm Gemeni Man. Gemeni's a gifted with the talent of communication. They are Messengers. They are deep into knowledge but you wouldn't think that when  What makes a Gemini man chase a woman?

The Gemini man is a wordsmith and a master of communication. He is an intellectual, always seeking more information and knowledge. Bright, quick-witted, and mercurial, the Gemini man is many things but he is never boring.

Living with Gemini Men

As the love interest of your Gemini partner, there are at least 9 things you need to do for your lover who is such a duality. Of course having multiple partners wrapped up in a single person can be both an extra help as well as too much to handle. Keep reading to find ways to double the bliss in your Gemini romance.

Gemini man: how to understand that he is in love, clear signs

Incredibly charming, bright, and versatile, people holiday. This is the way to describe a man born under the sign of Gemini. He is always the soul of the company.

Gemini men are easy-going and fun to be with. They rarely complain, and they are usually in a good mood.

But many people who have dated Geminis will tell you different. Most likely, the reason for the various answers is that Geminis are hard to pin down. The motivations and reactions of the astrological Twins, with their dual natures, are often surprising to the rest of the zodiac signs to say the least. Can you push any man to a state of uncontrollable jealousy? Sure, but not every man is going to react the same way.

A Gemini man is a multiple personality. He is vital to new experiences and emotions. A charming conversationalist captivates from the first minutes of acquaintance, knows how to win over the lady. Air zodiac sign is extremely unstable in its manifestations. A quiet man in the blink of an eye turns in a suspicious jealous for no reason!

In comparison with men of other zodiac signs, Gemini man is probably not the jealous type. On the contrary, you may be more jealous than he is. He is truly a flirt when it comes to the romance.

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