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Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. The world of Gran Pulse is sinking into the sea and what remains is now called Nova Chrysalia. With only thirteen days remaining until the end of the world, Chaos reigns in a world that never ages.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Side Quests Guide - Luxerion Walkthrough

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The metropolis is ruled by the Order, an organization devout to their god, Bhunivelze. The residents spend their days absorbing the teachings of this sacred deity. Metal is a common material found in the various structures of this gothically tinged city. Traveling bags and other ornaments are scattered around, depicting a charming yet surreal atmosphere. As the day draws to an end, the city's serenity is no more. Monsters and other creatures of the night prowl the area, leaving Lightning to fend for her life.

A religious organization known as the Order of Salvation is in charge of keeping the peace. The Order worships the deity Bhunivelze , and spreads his teachings to the populace praying for the doomed world's salvation.

After the formation of Nova Chrysalia, Hope Estheim , Snow Villiers , and Noel Kreiss made a pact to find a way to save the decaying world and established Luxerion before Snow became the patron of Yusnaan. When Hope disappeared years after Nova Chrysalia's formation, it left a power vacuum the Order of Salvation exploited. Noel, burdened by guilt, took residence in the rundown area of Luxerion, the Warren, and came to be known as the vigilante "Shadow Hunter".

Due to Vanille's newfound ability to hear the dead she was venerated as a saint, and the Order keep her under constant supervision.

Fang learned the Order intends to use Vanille as a sacrifice on the world's final day, and left for the Dead Dunes and formed the Monoculus bandit group to thwart the Order by obtaining the holy clavis needed for Vanille's ritual. Thirteen years later, after confronting Snow and Lumina in Yusnaan, Lightning arrives in Luxerion via the monorail and learns of a string of murders in the city. While investigating, she learns the culprits are the members of the Children of Etro who have been targeting pink-haired women.

Following the cultists incognito, Lighting witnesses them slipping to the Forsaken Graveyard were they commit their ritual murders. To enter, she requires a code, and decides to search for it the following morning. Lightning comes across an alley where people are gathered and finds a digit of the code.

Noel sneaks up to her but vanishes when Lightning turns around. The final digit is by an Oracle Drive that depicts a vision of the savior being killed by Noel, the Shadow Hunter. Lumina says there are people who believe they must make the prophecy come true. Noel confronts Lightning, confirming what Lumina has said, but claims it's not the time and place for him to kill her and leaves. After midnight Lightning uses the code to enter the Forsaken Graveyard and finds the Children of Etro about to murder a captured woman.

Stopping the ritual, Lightning is joined by Noel in defeating the cultists as he denounces them for killing innocents. As soldiers of the Order arrive to the scene to arrest the cultists, Noel departs asking Lightning to follow him. In the Den of Shadows Lightning learns the Oracle Drive depicts Noel killing her on the final day and being reunited with Yeul in a new world. She provokes Noel into a fight, but he destroys the Oracle Drive, knowing killing Lightning is not what Yeul would want.

Yeul's spirit appears from the broken Oracle Drive and promises Noel they will soon be together. Lightning saves Noel's soul , and he departs saying he will stop living in the shadows. After hearing about Lightning's exploits in the city, Vanille requests to see her. Lightning speaks with Vanille's servant, Aremiah, who tells her a precious crystal shard has been lost.

When Vanille awoke from crystal stasis, she was grasping a piece of crystal and it has been her precious possession ever since, as it lets her glimpse the estranged Fang. Lightning finds the crystal from a delivery company employee who claims someone high up in the Order gave it to them with no receiver's address, and Lightning thinks someone from the Order wanted to steal it from Vanille.

Lightning returns the crystal to Aremiah and is granted passage into the cathedral at night time. Lightning finds Vanille with Lumina. Vanille leads Lightning underground to God's Sanctum and shows her a concentration of Chaos around the altar, which Lumina refers to as the "wind of sorrow", lost souls in suffering. Vanille explains the souls of those who died after Valhalla's Chaos burst through Etro's gate were drawn to the cathedral and that she can hear every cry of their pain.

The Order seeks the save the dead from their anguish and needs Vanille to call them to her. Lightning asks if she will be able to handle millions of souls at once, but Vanille answers she doesn't have a choice.

Lumina says the souls have been building up for years, and if Vanille does not call them to her and they ever escaped, it would destroy the world as well as the future. On the final day of the world Chaos advances into Luxerion, engulfing the city with Anubyses emerging from its depths, the cathedral remaining as the last safe haven as Vanille prepares to sacrifice herself in the Soulsong , a ritual the Order claims will save the souls of the dead.

Lightning has learned the Order seeks to use Vanille to destroy the dead and ensure their own salvation in Bhunivelze's new world. With help from Noel, Lightning is joined by Fang as they reach God's Sanctum where the ritual is being performed, and convince Vanille to stop the ritual and instead guide the dead to the Ark where they can be reborn. When the final bell tolls, Bhunivelze appears, using Hope as a medium, and captures the souls of Lightning's friends and invites her to witness the birth of his new world.

After Mog arrives to help, Lightning goes through the Savior's Trials and forges the Ultima Weapon , and enters the last trial to confront Bhunivelze in the realm of Cosmogenesis. The monorail to Yusnaan is located here. North Station becomes a warp point for the Teleport EP ability after being visited the first time. Chocolina maintains the Canvas of Prayers outside the station. The rare shop Forge Rare sometimes appears near the water's edge on the plaza, and there is an outfitters on the plaza called Divine Protection Outfitters.

At the North Station Plaza, there is a look-out post and a treasure sphere on the northeast corner for Fighter's Emblem. When Lightning arrives here on the first day there is a murder victim on the middle of the plaza next to an angelic statue holding a clock, and an investigator from the Order asks Lightning's help in finding the culprits in the quest " An Evil Savior ". After " In the Shadow of the Heretics " quest starts Lightning can spot the cultists on the North Plaza and either shadow them to the Forsaken Graveyard or take the group head on in a battle.

A girl on the plaza starts " The Things She's Lost " quest, where Lightning must find the girl's doll. In front of the angelic statue there is a woman who starts the " Like Clockwork " quest where Lightning must locate every clock in Luxerion, thirteen in total. As part of the " Voices from the Grave " quest, Lightning must find the ghost of Carla near the central statue after midnight. Many shops are found in this area. On the steps next to the Beverage Shop is a clock that needs to be inspected for the " Like Clockwork " quest.

The way up the steps leads to the Forsaken Graveyard , and the way south to the Arcade and Warehouse District. One of the shops on the Avenue is Chocobo Emporium and next to the Emporium is a clock that needs to be inspected for the "Like Clockwork" quest.

From the North Plaza there is an alley leading to Old Town. Turning right after the first gate, Lightning will enter Gate Of Revelation and continuing forward, enters Temporary Route. At the end of the Temporary Route turning left and then right reaches the Marketplace. There is a Sorcery Shop here for synthesizing abilities , a forge for buying weapons and shields at Mighty Grandville Forge , and an inn for recuperating and fast-forwarding through the day.

During the Stuck in a Gem " quest Lightning can find a boy here surrounded by cats and must give him an item without any of the cats touching Lightning first. On a pile of junk there is a green doll needed for " The Things She's Lost " quest. South of the hotel there is a clock that needs inspecting for the " Like Clockwork " quest.

Lightning can also find the Sparkstrike Lv. The way north leads to the The Wall of Joy area of The Warren but the gate is only open after midnight. Forge Rare can appear in Old Town. The rundown part of the city where crime is frequent and the Shadow Hunter makes his home. There is a gate leading here straight from the North Station, and another from from Old Town. During the " Find the Code " quest, Lightning can find a digit here behind the Rusted Gate northwest from Old Town that opens at midnight.

When the clock hits Lightning should go through the gate to reach the Wall of Wealth to find Lumina with an Oracle Drive and the number. Den of Shadows is a part of Warren where the Children of Etro reside. When Lightning comes here to track down Noel during the " Hunter in Light and Shadow " quest, all random encounters are against Fanatics.

The correct way is to stay elevated on the precarious footpaths, but if Lightning drops to the bottom level she can find Thorn of Protection and Battleaxe of the Believer. At the end Lightning will find Noel's abode and another Oracle Drive, where she must battle Noel as a boss to complete the main quest. Afterward, Den of Shadows remains empty and there is never a reason for returning.

In the Wall of Joy area in the Warren, reached from the alley from the North Station, has a man at the base of a ramp who needs to be talked to as part of the " Avid Reader " and " To Save the Sinless " quests. Forge Rare can appear in the Warren. The only other shop here is Luma's General Store. The graveyard is located on the northwest part of Luxerion and is linked to a Major Route leading to the Wildlands , but to open the route Lightning must do a Canvas of Prayers quest on the 9th day.

The most powerful enemies in Luxerion roam about the graveyard, including Gaunts , Dreadnoughts and Zomoks , and Chaos infusions are frequent. The Children of Etro commit nocturnal rituals on the site. Stray dogs wander around the area during daytime and the area contains Stormbane Choker and Zirconia Brooch in treasure spheres, and the Crest of Etro key item as part of the story. The graveyard has two exits, but the western one north of the Residences area opens after doing the main quest related to the area.

To gain access to the graveyard Lightning must find the four digits around Luxerion s part of the " Find the Code " quest, and answer the phone in the phone booth on the Forsaken Graveyard Gate that starts ringing at midnight, or force an entrance by insulting their goddess and facing a "Dreadnought". After gaining access to the graveyard, the " Rites for a Goddess " quest begins, where Lightning must interrupt the cultists' ritual on the monument.

Afterward, the west entrance to the graveyard opens. Outside the graveyard near the phone booth there is a clock needed for the " Like Clockwork " quest. As part of the " Voices from the Grave " quest Lightning must locate Myka's ghost at the Monument after midnight. The Residences is a quiet area where Lightning can do some quests. It is near the Warehouse District and the north leads to the Forsaken Graveyard , but the gate remains closed until the main quest of that area is complete.

Near the Sentry in the middle of the Residences there is a clock that needs inspecting for the " Like Clockwork " quest. Virgil is a robed man on the Plaza of Prayers in the Residences who asks Lightning top check up on red spheres in the " Suspicious Spheres " quest. There are three spheres: one next to Virgil, one in Back Alleys, and one is found near the phone booth on 1st Ave.

A man with large glasses found in the area called Armand is part of two quests: talking to him the first time starts the " Buried Passion " quest where Lightning must return to talk to Armand on multiple days and finally find Armand's pen. Afterward he can be interacted with for the " To Save the Sinless " quest.

The arcade is a small grassy area with columns between the business area and the warehouse district, leading to the southern part of Luxerion.

"Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" and the 10 Coolest Special Costumes

The metropolis is ruled by the Order, an organization devout to their god, Bhunivelze. The residents spend their days absorbing the teachings of this sacred deity. Metal is a common material found in the various structures of this gothically tinged city.

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Don't be in too much of a rush to race through to the second chapter of Lightning Returns. There are some pretty entertaining side quests to enjoy in the city of Luxerion, and you'll bag yourself some useful gear, money and experience for completing them too. Listed in alphabetical order, these are all of the tasks you can get stuck into away from the main storyline, with all of the information you need for picking them up and getting the job done quickly. Once you've obtained a Phantom Rose from working your way through Voices from the Grave, take it to Alrick to get your reward. Save this one for a little later on in your journey through Luxerion as it represents a pretty meaty challenge.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Gamers play as a seasoned warrior named Lightning, who attempts to save human souls while battling creatures big and small. It's a noble task, but the game has a lot of fantasy violence, which doesn't make for positive role modeling. Plus, a character buys alcohol to replenish her health.

You've come to the right place.

Lightning Returns employs a highly revamped version of the gameplay system from the previous two games, with an action-oriented battle system, the ability to customize the player character's outfits, and a time limit the player must extend by completing story missions and side quests. The game's story takes place five hundred years after the previous game's ending. Lightning , the main protagonist of the first game and a key character in the second, awakes from a self-imposed hibernation 13 days before the world's end, and is chosen by the deity Bhunivelze to save the people of the dying world, including former friends and allies who have developed heavy emotional burdens. As she travels, she learns the full truth behind both the world's fate and Bhunivelze's true agenda.



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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII side quest guide


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