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How to get friend powder on pocket camp

Since its late November worldwide release in , Pocket Camp , a new entry in the life-simulator Animal Crossing series, has had me in its grips. In this game, one of the main objectives is to complete requests for visiting animals in order to level up relationships with them. Doing so nets players crafting materials for use in building furniture to decorate your campsite and camper, and for building and upgrading larger campground amenities such as a tree house for example , as well as a chance to invite animals to stay at your campsite. I fished many squids out of the ocean.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to get friend powder in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Friend Powder & What it Does

Brittany is a mobile gaming addict! Her favourite genres are simulation, casual, RPG, tycoon, fashion, adventure, puzzle, and city-builders. The game allows you to run your own camp site: decorate your avatar, camper and camp grounds, befriend the animal villagers around the nearby areas, collect items and craft goods, and more! The game is very in-depth despite being for mobile devices, and there's a lot you can miss out on!

The Animal Crossing games are essentially all about being social; the main point is to make friends with the animals in the game. But you also need to have real human friends in the game to really progress in levels, get materials and bells. Of course you can add your real friends if they play the game by sharing your ID or entering theirs. It's a good idea to add lots of friends, because it'll make it easier to play the game in many ways. Add lots of players, visit visit their camp, water their gardens, help them with events, lend them a hand in the quarry, and they'll return all the same favours to you!

You can only get them for completing special tasks, levelling up, receiving rewards for quests, or buying them with real money. While it may be tempting to use them to speed up crafting times- don't do it! Be patient and let things finish crafting. There are other more useful things for leaf tickets, like crafting premium objects or clothes, buying special fortune cookies or unlocking inventory space.

As you play the game and collect items, you'll notice that your storage space will get full quite quickly. Your inventory increases as you level up, but only to a maximum amount of slots. You'll likely need more than that as you go along, so it's a good idea to use some leaf tickets to increase your storage space.

I find it pretty comfortable to get up to slots at least, and then try your best to manage your space from there on out. One of the main parts of the is fulfilling requests for animals around the camp and at different locations on the map. To make sure you can quickly fulfil their requests, I recommend keeping a stockpile of 10 of each:. Keep in mind, however, that if you ever get a request for an item you don't have in stock, it's an automatic catch if you go to the location in game to find it i.

Sometimes you'll get a request not for a specific item, but for any fruit, bug, shell, fish or flower of your choice. Make sure you give out the items that are worth 10 bells only! You'll still receive a gift and friendship points for doing so. Giving out higher items does net you a higher reward, but never give away anything worth more that bells, as the animals won't ever pay you higher you than that. Giving away special fruit worth bells can end in a reward of bells, and some rare fish and bugs can also end in higher rewards.

But if you nab a fish or bug worth or more, just sell it directly. Rare items are worth quite a bit of bells. Sell them directly from your inventory to get quick bells for them. Rare fish crawfish, koi, king salmon, etc. Don't bother selling rare items like this in the market box; players will rarely spend 6, bells on items they can just find themselves! With each new day, you'll get a three-page list of goals to complete for bells, treats, friend powder and sometimes leaf tickets.

The goals are usually things you'll do anyway, like visit a certain area on the map or fulfil animal requests, but you might also get ones to catch a specific amount of animals or fish. From that time, the game goes on a cycle every three hours on the hour.

New villagers and requests reset every three hours. The quarry resets after three hours. The shops reset after six hours starting from 1 AM. Try your best to check in every three hours while you're awake. It takes me about 15 minutes per check-in to visit each location and fulfil villager requests.

You can also use Pete to deliver items quickly if you don't have enough time to go to each location and speak to each animal. Once you become a high enough friendship level with the villagers, you can invite them to come and camp out at your camping grounds. In the beginning, you'll probably just have a random assortment of animals there, but as you level up and have more animals to invite, it's time to get strategic.

You'll notice you need lots of crafting materials to make furniture and clothing. Villagers will reward you with their primary crafting material if they're on your campsite. So if you needed lots of steel and cotton, it'd be good to keep Goldie and Tex at your camp to collect these goods from them. Every player has two unique fruit trees at Lost Lure Creek. These trees produce either grapes, lemons, or lychee. It's a good idea to sell these in your market, as other players might need them for quests and might not have access to them in their own game, if they don't have the same unique fruit.

If you want to be nice to your friends or don't really need the extra bells, you can sell your unique fruit for the lowest value. If you're trying to make a good profit of bells, jack up the price to the max amount- someone will still buy them if they're desperate enough! Make sure you're always crafting something during the day.

If you've got some time to play the game, craft items that take a short amount of time some can be crafted in a minute , so you can maximise the amount of things crafted during your play time. Before bed or before heading into work, when I know I can't play for a big chunk of time, I usually craft things that take hours.

If I'm at home and can spend time checking in and playing, I'll craft things that finish quicker. But all three of my crafting spots are always occupied! Make sure you're levelling up your amenities as soon as you can. Amenities are directly tied to how high a level your villager's friendship level can get. That means fulfilling requests, talking to them, changing clothes, etc.

By crafting the Half Pipe, you can unlock the friendship hearts and start collecting points again! Gulliver is located on Sunburst Island and you can give him 10 unwanted items- either clothes or furniture, or a mixture of both- to him and he'll return back with snacks and sometimes even new villagers. The rewards depend on the quality of goods given. If you want to aim for themed snacks snacks which work best with villagers who have the matching theme or villagers, I recommend checking out this page on the Wiki , as it goes into deeper detail on Gulliver and treats.

Once a day, you can shake one of the bare trees meaning one of the trees which don't bear any fruit to get bells. A bag of bells will fall from one of the trees each day and you can get anywhere from , bells each day from doing so!

The reward can be bells, crafting material, friendship points, or other items. Sometimes they'll ask you to change their clothes. You don't even have to pick new clothes, just close out of the clothing tab and the villager will make a joke about it being the same outfit and you'll still get two friendship points. Don't forget to check out the Shovelstrike Quarry once a day!

You can request for friends to help you get into the quarry and you can ask every person on your friend's list for help. Keep in mind that you can use their help to enter at any time that day. That means that you don't have to use the help at the time you requested. Wait for Shovelstrike to refresh every three hours and give a reward you want like a material you're low on and enter then. Also, help your friends enter the quarry!

You can see if they need help by looking in the friendship tab and clicking on the "lend a hand" button. For every friend that you help to enter the quarry, you'll receive bells at the end of the day. Even if they don't end up entering the quarry, and you helped, you'll still get 20 bells! Again, check your friendship tab to see if any friends need their garden's watered you'll know if there's a little water drop icon under their name.

If so, click the details tab and then click on "Water Flowers" to water their garden and get Friend Powder which you need for crafting. You can water their garden multiple times a day, depending on how often they plant and harvest flowers! Finally, you should create a free My Nintendo account and link it to the game. Creating one allows you to save your game's progress on the My Nintendo cloud, so that you can log in across multiple devices, or restore a game on a new device.

But you can also get special rewards for connecting your My Nintendo account and completing regular tasks in the game. Click on the More button, then My Nintendo and have a look at the Missions tab.

You can collect special points there for tasks you've completed in game and then on the Rewards tab, you can trade the points for in-game items. You can trade these in as many times as you need, as long as you have points.

You can also get 50 leaf tickets just for connecting for the first time! Those are all the tips I have for now! Do you have any tips for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? Which tip did you find most useful? Let me know in the comments section below! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Friend Powder

As the first Animal Crossing game on mobile devices, it's clear that Nintendo had a more social experience in mind for Pocket Camp , and I'm not talking about all the animal friends you can make. You can add other players to your list of human friends , and they're incredibly useful for a wide array of tasks. Other than just having friends because they're nice people, building up a posse in Pocket Camp is beneficial for both you and them.

Brittany is a mobile gaming addict! Her favourite genres are simulation, casual, RPG, tycoon, fashion, adventure, puzzle, and city-builders.

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Friend Powder

Animal Crossing kudos is a new feature for the series, introduced in Pocket Camp on mobile. Required to complete some Timed Goals and Stretch Goals - and a source of Friend Powder - it encourages you to interact with other real-world players, whether friends or those you come across when exploring different locations. If you're interested in other Animal Crossing starter guides, we can explain how to change appearance and clothing , what Calling Cards and Request Tickets do plus troubleshooting Pocket Camp error codes. Kudos allows you to commend or 'like' another player. Beyond the requirements of several Goals and their reward, Friend Powder there is no other benefit apart from the act of giving someone a pat on the back for having a nice campsite, or selling you something useful from their Market Box. You can see the kudos you have received in the same place you'll view your Friends list. Select More from the strip at the bottom of the screen, then Friends, then tap the 'Kudos From' tab along the top. To visit someone's campsite, approach them in person then select the option to 'Visit his or her campsite'.

Friend Powder Explained: What it Does | Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp uses a crafting system to upgrade your campsite.

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. This post is for folks to share friend codes for the new mobile game from Nintendo, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Happy camping!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: Secret Tips For Rare Items, Clothing, Friend Powder And More

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is here at long last, and with it comes a whole new world of crafting, collecting and paying off massive loans. Of course, no crafting system in any game would be complete without a massive list of materials and resources to pore over. Except this one is actually fairly modest in size - that's nice. Below you'll find all of the materials you'll find in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp , where you can get them from and what you should use them for.

You can walk somewhere by simply tapping your destination on the screen —or drag your finger across the screen, and your character will follow along. If you want to go to a different area, open the map , choose a destination, and select Let's go! Tap the Craft icon to make furniture. When it's finished, it will be marked Complete! You'll need to acquire certain craft materials to craft a piece of furniture.

15+ Tips for Playing "Animal Crossing Pocket Camp"!

With over 15 million downloads in the first week, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has taken mobile devices by storm, with everyone from my grandmother to supermodel Chrissy Teigen jumping on the bandwagon. This guide is geared towards players below level 20 and will hopefully put you on the right track if you are struggling to find materials, attract new friends or get animals to come to your campsite. At the start of the game, players are greeted by KK Slider, a guitar-strumming doggie who asks you what your ideal vacation would look like, and you are given a few ways of responding. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp the question has less significance, in that it will simply determine which kind of campsite you are shown first. Which campsite theme is best? The honest answer here is whichever one you like best.

Nov 22, - Here's what you need to know about Friend Powder and how you can get it in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android devices.

There are a lot of different items and materials that players can collect in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp , but one of the oddest is Friend Power. Unlike other crafting materials in this game, it appears you can only obtain this powder by reaching Stretch Goals or Timed Goals tied to the online component of the game. This makes it far different than other materials, as these can typically be acquired simply by completing favors or leveling up.

Friend powder


15+ Tips for Playing "Animal Crossing Pocket Camp"!






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