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How to get printer friendly version

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In this article, we review the art of creating printer-friendly web pages with CSS. Relatively few pages will ever be reproduced on paper. But consider:. Converting responsive, continuous media to paged paper of any size and orientation can be challenging. However, CSS print control has been possible for many years, and a basic style sheet can be completed within hours.

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Ever tried to print a webpage and ended up with 15 pages of ads to your one page of useful text? Not only is this annoying, but it's harmful to the environment. An easy way to avoid the excess pages is to print using Print Friendly.

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Learn more Explore this Article Steps. Related Articles. Copy the URL of the page you wish to print. Go to printfriendly. Click "print preview". You may have to wait a bit for the page to generate. Customize the page to be printed. Decide if you want to keep the images. If the pictures add to the page you want to print, you'll probably want to keep them.

However, if you don't feel that they are necessary, you can choose not to include them in the printout by checking the box in the upper right corner. Choose whether you want a PDF or hard copy of your page. A PDF will be saved on your computer, whereas a hard copy will be sent to your printer. You may also choose to email a link of the Print Friendly version of the document to your friends.

Unanswered Questions. Why aren't the images copied when using Print Friendly? How do I find the print friendly button on websites? Why do I keep seeing the words "one more step" without being able to advance to the next page?

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How to make ANY website printer-friendly

Potential customers, business parters or investors may sometimes need a hard copy of one or more of your website's pages. If your website wasn't specifically designed to be printer friendly, however, some of the content on your Web pages may be lost or unreadable when printed out. For example, your Web page's layout may be too wide for the visitor's printer, or your high-resolution images may take a long time to print. Click the "Open" button.

Kayleigh is a web developer at TBH Creative, specializing in front-end development and responsive design. She likes to blog about a variety of web design topics, including design tips, the latest trends in the industry, and how to make your website more successful. There are still a variety of reasons users might decide making a hard-copy of a webpage is necessary.

If your website offers a lot of text information — such as user guides or tip sheets — then you'll want to give your visitors a tool for printing out that information. Instead of creating a separate document or PDF file, you can simply modify your website's stylesheet to be printer-friendly. It's fairly simple to modify your website with minimal effort and without changing your existing layout. While the print medium is more constrained than the screen, stylistically you can still experiment with what works.

How to Make Printer Friendly Web Pages

Here are some guidelines to get the best outcome. Please note, that your browser and printer may impact your printing experience outside of The Atlantic's control. We recommend that you check the print preview for the article that you wish to print. Some browsers may adjust the page by default. If this appears not to be the case, try these two further tips. Set your browser's print options to "Shrink to fit page. Our pages are formatted for screen width.

Print Friendliness – How to print web pages that aren’t printer friendly

Perhaps you need to print off instructions for fixing a computer problem, not everyone has a smartphone or tablet to access the internet while the computer is offline. However, a problem with a straight print off from most websites is they contain text, advertisements, images and design layouts. Here are 3 useful services to optimize webpages making them better for printing and also optionally save the page as a PDF. Go to the PrintFriendly website, enter the URL of the webpage that you want to make more printer friendly and click the Print Preview button.

Ever tried to print a webpage and ended up with 15 pages of ads to your one page of useful text?

If your web site delivers value to your audience, chances are they are going to want to print pages out. Making sure desktop printers handle your web site well is another aspect of building a great user-experience. If the web page is just a little too wide to fit on one printed page, you get a wasted sheet with a little stripe of color on it. And, when you print the page, you get all the banner ads, logos, and navigation on your print-out.

3 Online Services to Optimize Printing a WebPage or Saving to PDF

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How do I change or remove layouts from my application on a specific Rails view to allow my users to have a more enjoyable printing experience? No navbar, or other extra data.

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You never know how people will choose to consume your website's content. They may choose to visit your site on a traditional desktop or laptop computer, or they may be one of the many visitors who is visiting on a mobile device of some kind. To accommodate this wide range of visitors, today's web professionals create sites that look great and work well across this wide range of devices and screen sizes, but one possible consumption method that many fail to consider is print. What happens when someone prints out your web pages? Many Web designers feel that if a web page is created for the web, that's where it should be read, but that is somewhat narrow-minded thinking.

How do I print an article from the website?

Printer-friendly is a term used on the Internet to describe a version of a web page formatted for printing. Normally, web pages include information and navigation content that is only useful while browsing the website. Printer-friendly pages are designed to fit on an 8. Inline hyperlinks become ordinary text, links on the margins may or may not be shown. Additionally link target URLs may be shown. Navigation tools such as on-screen menus are not included.

Directly printing a webpage isn't great since you have to waste extra ink and paper to print Within a few seconds, the more friendly page will be generated.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. Ever try to print a web page? The reason for this is that website content is designed to be displayed on your computer screen, not sent to the printer to be put on paper. So even though it looks perfect on your monitor, the printed page is often completely messed up. You can see it at PrintFriendly.

We now have access to digital media practically everywhere — on our computers, tablets, phones and so on. We can download and save these pages on any of our various devices as soft copies. Yet we do need to take the occasional printout; because sometimes you just need the hard copy in your hands. Now unlike digital printing from your computer, a web page presents some challenges.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add a "Printer-friendly version" button to your Drupal articles. This produces a super-clean version of your article, with any of the site design. The main reason you'd want to do this is a courtesy for your readers.





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