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Last Updated on May 4th, Have you thought of a cool new idea for an amazing app? Getting an app idea is only a part of the process. The process of creating an app is a long one!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: मानसिक रूप से मजबूत कैसे हो - Emotionally Strong Kaise Bane - Motivational Video In Hindi

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: मन को मजबूत कैसे करे: how to strong your mind in hindi - man ko strong kaise kare

Acchi Personality Kaise Banaye [Tips in Hindi]

So if you come back later, you might no longer be able to get this for free. So absorb this page completely until the very end while you still can. Walk with me for a moment as we imagine you waking up tomorrow being able to do lightning fast math in your head. Your family and friends are going to look at you like you are some kind of a genius. Since calculations are done in your head, you would have acquired better memory habits in the process, and your concentration and your ability to think quickly would have also improved.

Within the next 7 days, you will start thinking like a genius. This will in turn start to positively influence other areas of your life. Working memory is the short term memory required for you to complete a task. Think of it like the RAM of your computer. This is an easy multiplication problem and in fact it would only take most people seconds to multiply the individual numbers.

However to get the final answer, you need to remember every single digit you calculated so far to put them together. You might even end up multiplying again because you forgot one of the numbers.

So it might take quite a bit of effort to get the answer of the multiplication. But there is another way, and I will show you that in a moment. Imagine when we tried to multiply x 3, if you could have come up with the answer in the time it took you to multiply the individual numbers.

I will show you how to do that in a moment, so keep reading. Before we get into the actual method of calculating in your head fast without writing anything down, I need to tell you about a weird trick that made me go from hating math to making math my full time job.

When we try to do math, we sometimes have sweaty palms, feel nervous and find it hard to concentrate. This phenomenon is called math anxiety and it will only slow you down.

Most of us suffer from math anxiety of various degrees. You might think you are anxious about math, because you are bad at it.

You are doing poorly in math, because you are anxious about it. Math anxiety decreases your working memory. Worrying about being able to solve a math problem, eats up working memory leaving less of it available to tackle the math itself. So you can struggle with even basic math skills like arithmetic that you have otherwise mastered. Your new math super power is not going to make you a super hero unless you relax. If you ever feel math anxiety, take a few deep breaths and you will actually be able to do the math faster.

Use the knowledge about how your working memory works to create a mindset where you enjoy doing math. See math as a challenge that will expand the limits of your intelligence. Do this and you will increase your mental math calculation speed even further. Can you see yourself not only doing math fast but also enjoying yourself being a mental math super hero?

This is called the LR Method. Let me tell you, if you do not do this, any trick you can possibly learn to do mental math, will really be useless. This secret is like the rocket fuel for your mental math skill. Everything else just builds on top of this. This works so well because it frees your working memory almost completely. You will be using the absolute minimum amount of working memory. The secret of doing mental math is to calculate from left to right instead of from right to left.

Notice that you started to call out the answer before you even finished the whole multiplication problem. So you end up doing math a lot faster. In our example, we used a one digit multiplier 3. Imagine calculating with the same speed for more complex numbers like two and three digit multipliers eg x 38 or x Imagine doing addition, subtraction and division with the same speed.

Option 1 - You could use what you learnt about calculating from left to right and apply it to every math problem you solve in the future. It might not be very easy to figure out how to do this in every situation and you might find it confusing on your own. Which brings us to our savvy Option 2. Option 2 - This is the quickest, easiest and smartest way to do math in your head and it will change the way you do math forever.

I have already done the work for you. Why start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel, when there is already a proven and tested system you can immediately apply. A system that has been used by countless thousands of men and women across all ages to do math faster in their head than in a calculator.

This is what the vast majority of people decided to do and its called Ofpad Mental Math Program. The Ofpad Mental Math Program is the only system to do math in your head faster than a calculator making math your new super power. These radically simple techniques for mental math will work for you, EVEN IF you hate math and are terrible at math to begin with or even if you have tried everything.

You will not find complicated rules that work for specific situations in this program. Instead you will learn broad concepts that you can apply to all types of arithmetic problems.

I uncovered these hidden patterns and unique sometimes 'odd' tactics they use to do math with super human speed. The strategies of these math geniuses can NOW be duplicated easily by you, giving you the power of using math and numbers in life, as you enjoy an improved memory and a laser sharp concentration all while you calculate faster than you ever dreamed possible. There are some people I simply do not want to give a copy of this course to I just don't want you to waste your time and money.

After you watch the videos in the program you will immediately start calculating in your head faster than before. However for the techniques to become second nature to you, you will have to do the practice exercises that come with the course. The Ofpad Mental Math program isn't your fantasy land nonsense. It's the real deal, and it is only for folks like you who are really serious about improving their intelligence and who are willing to put in the time to practise and hone this new skill.

While doing math in your head isn't "easy" nothing worthwhile is , with the Ofpad Mental Math program I have made mental math as easy as it can get. Lesson 1. Introduction To Mental Math — You will learn how the course is structured and will get a taste on how to do mental math by learning the age old trick to multiply by You will learn variation of the LR method in this module.

You can learn just this and nothing else and you will be calculating lightning fast. Basic Multiplication — This lesson was added for completeness of the course, we will cover really large multiplication with smaller numbers from 3 to Most students choose to use the LR Multiplication but this lesson is there for those who want more.

Squaring — You will learn how to square numbers quickly in this lesson. Advanced Multiplication — LR Method is difficult for really large numbers. UT Method — Another technique to multiply really large and complex numbers quickly and efficiently. FP Division — You can use this technique to divide numbers quickly in your head. This will take quite a bit of practice to truly master. Now, you're not just receiving Ofpad Mental Math Program today.

For the next batch of students, I am giving away the weekly training material as an added bonus to practise after completing this course. However I am giving this as a value added bonuses free of charge, just to help you master mental math after completing the course.

Even without the bonus, it's a steal at that price. First this is the first time I am offering this program online and we need enough students to get feedback and improve this course even further.

So, I came to the decision that I need to let as many men and women into this cause as possible for the benefit of everyone. This course was created as a way to fund this cause and help make the cause more self-sustainable.

You are one of the first founding students. That means a MUCH lower price for you today I know this might still be a large investment for you and I know it can be a bummer to waste money on something that does not work. If you do not start calculating faster in 48 hours after completing the program OR. Just let me know and I will say thank you for trying and will refund every penny you invest in this program. I have a feeling that is not going to happen. Remember we are giving this at this ridiculous discount only to our founding students.

Once we get enough students, the price will be moved closer to the actual value. So you risk coming back at a later date or even a few minutes from now to see the price go. So lock in on your discounted price while you still can. Remember: It's not just a fantastic bargain you'll be receiving today. You'll be joining in on one of the biggest movements in history.

Plus, you'll join the ever growing Ofpad community. Not to mention the fact you'll make a whole new group of friends that will help you progress, stay inspired, and have more fun along the road to success! Click on the green button that says "Buy Now" and lock in your discounted price today! Search for anything. Udemy for Business.

Learn How to Make an App for Free in 9 Easy Steps using Appy Pie?

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Agar sister apko lagata ap apne sapne ko pura karne ak sucessful ban skate ha full confidence hato risk nai lena bas ha confidential ho to sapna bi pura kar skate rishte daro ko nai dekho apni mom se bat karo apni kushi bata sahi se salha karke apna dil ka fasla lo agar hoga to dimag se jada sochana kya jada shai ha shadi karna ya aim. Hello sir me ek college ki student Hu aur me Apne college ki har gatividhi mein apna best karne ka sochati hu aur mai best bhi Karti hun isase mere friend se vajah se kuch log jo mere sath acha behaviour krte h ve mere peeth piche burai Karti hai ki har chij mein bahut serious hoke bhag leti hai serious ok kam karti hai ya padhaai bahut jyada serious hoke kam Karti hai vagaira vagaira aur vo logo is vajah se mujhse acche se baat nahin karte lekin main Aisa nahin karti ho agar koi best Karta hai to main usse kuch sikhati hun lekin vah mere sath Aisa kyon Karti hai to UN logon ke sath mujhe kaise behaviour karana chahiye. Sir mai el ladke se bht pyaar krti hu wo v krna h hmare relation ko 5saal hogye.. Plzzz sir mera answer dedijiye bht tnsn me hu mai plzzz sir. Hello sir..

Sports Career: Kaise Banaye Dream Career Sports Industry Mein

Acchi personality kaise banaye? Bahut baar hum khali baithe yeh jarurr sohte hai ki aisa kya kare ki log humse attract ho. Aisa sochne ke bahut se personal reasons ho sakte hai. Mere hisab se har bande ko apni personality banake rakhni chahiye taki woh logo ke beech mojood na hote huye bhi unke charche ka topic bane rahe. So chaliye kuch tips jante hai jisse humare personality mein jarur sudhar aayega. Chahe ladka ho ya ladki har koi apna personality develop karna chahta hai. Bahut se log toh personality develop karne ke liye course mein lakho rupay tak kharch karte hai lekin humare blog par aapko sabhi tips bilkul free mein di jayegi. Personality agar aapki acchi na ho toh aapke friends aapka mazak udate hai aur funny names se aapko pukarte hai mere hisab se aajkal ke time mein sabhi ko apni personality ka dhyan jarur rakhna chahiye. Agar aapko acting ke field mein jana hai toh aapki personality strong honi chahiye tabhi aapka selection hota hai.

Mentally Strong कैसे बने खुद को मजबूत बनाने की 10 टिप्स

Bachpan se bade hone tak, aur uske bad bhi, har kisi ko kisi na kisi sports yani kehl kud mein interest raha hai. Kayiyon me sports ko lekar by birth passion raha hai aur agar aap unme se ek hain jo sports mein apna career banana chahte hain, toh apko janker khusi hogi ke sports industry aapko kaafi saari opportunities de sakti hai. Toh ab ye kehna galat nahi hoga ke. Padhoge likhoge hoge nawaab, par kheloge kudoge toh banoge naayaab.

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Being strong is not just about being physically strong. When faced with difficult circumstances, some people falter and spiral towards self-destruction while others survive and even thrive once the storm has passed. No one is completely immune to adversity, but some people seem to be better able to cope with and recover from even the most strenuous conditions. To develop your own mental, physical, or spiritual strength, follow these suggestions.

So if you come back later, you might no longer be able to get this for free. So absorb this page completely until the very end while you still can. Walk with me for a moment as we imagine you waking up tomorrow being able to do lightning fast math in your head.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Biggest Secret Of Becoming Mentally Strong Sandeep Maheshwari Latest 2017 in hindi

According to a Gartner Report, Artificial Intelligence is going to create 2. The Job Growth has already flooded the industry, as the demand for someone with AI skills has already doubled over the past few years. AI is a technique that enables machines to mimic human behavior. Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation between languages. If you ask me, AI is the simulation of human intelligence done by machines programmed by us. The machines need to learn how to reason and do some self-correction as needed along the way.

Fast Mental Math Tricks To Become A Human Calculator

How to invite people in network marketing and tell them how to plan, make people feel compelled or attracted to join. Bilkul kariye mil kr kariye jis din aapko knowledge ho jyega mlm ka aapko lge ga isse bda koi industry nhi h Aur sbse jyada enjoy is hi industry me hai aur sbse bda income bhi isi me hai aur dil se kariye jrur kariye Contact me if any help ilyas. Bhai aap ko agar lagata h isse acha aap kese job ,business kar ke aap apna life bnalege to good luck ab feshla aap ko karna h. Company details:- Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi Estd. June , an ISO : Certified Company We have over 24 branches, distribution centers and over four lakh distributors across India. Type of income:- 1.

- Smart Kaise Bane स्मार्ट कैसे बने smart boy beautiful personality banane ke 33 trending beard styles for men 4 – coiffures et barbe hommes Trending Beard Styles, He made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.

I want to create a educational marketing group for students but I have no member for do this work. Thanks sir aapke lekh NE meri chalneka track hi change kar diya lot of thanks sirji. I have an opportunity India ki no1 direct selling company if u r interested contact me Google pe likhiye no1 company in india Ek h name aayega glaze trading india pvt Ltd If anyone interested contact RCM Business Plan is a great network which gives us the opportunity to earn with products that we can do in our part-time with our job. Kisi ko best networking company me join krna h to contact kr lena sbse alg system h nmbr

Network Marketing के लिए लोगों को कैसे आकर्षित करें?

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