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Marathi wedding look for girl

BY Apoorva 01 Jul, views 8 min read. There is more colour, more traditions and the most unique aspect — unique nauvari sarees to see! Now we all have seen those amazing nauvari sarees on Deepika and Priyanka in Pinga, but bridal nauvari sarees have their own finesse. Traditionally, Marathi brides wear nauvari sarees on their wedding day. There are various draping styles that you can opt for while wearing a sarees. The kaashtha or nauvari saree is a style of saree draping is very similar to the way the Maharashtrian dhoti is worn.

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20+ Most Beautiful Nauvari Sarees On Maharashtrian Brides!

Admin 6, Views. I am an avid jewelry lover. Traditional pieces of jewels attract me the most. There is no doubt about the fact that weddings are the perfect occasions to flaunt your beautiful jewels. In the olden days, it was considered as a symbol of wealth and status, and women considered jewelry as Streedhan, their personal wealth. The jewelry we wear on formal occasions is very different from those that are worn at weddings and when it comes to bridal jewelry, it has to be special.

You will be amazed to see the variety of styles that we Indians have, community or state wise. The pieces of jewelry worn by Kashmiri brides is totally different from that worn by Marathi brides or Tamil brides. Talking about the state-specific jewelry, Marathi brides adorn a unique style of wedding jewelry. Here is the checklist of jewelry worn by the Marathi brides —.

Both Marathi brides and grooms wear mundavalya , which are strands of pearls tied horizontally across the forehead and on either side of the face. The vertical strands of the mundavalya dangle to the chin. Like the mundavlya, nath is an exclusive Marathi bridal jewelry piece. A nath or nose pin gives a distinct appearance to the Marathi brides.

These nose-pieces have pearls stringed together with a few precious stones like rubies and the centerpiece rests on the nose with another matching stone like ruby, diamond or emerald studded on to it.

It is made up of gold beads, gold leaves, and petals, and has a round pendant with a red stone woven in a gold wire. Maharashtrian choora is a set of dark green glass bangles, which are given a contrasting look with 3- 4 beautiful gold bangles. A few glass bangles are separated by a gold bangle.

Traditionally, choora is worn in odd and different numbers in both hands. For example, you can wear 11 in one and 13 in the other, and so on. Green is a sign of fertility and hence you can see a lot of green hues in Marathi bridal trousseau. Putli Haar has is a neckpiece which has round gold coins stringed together on a silk cord.

Each of these coins has a Lakshmi motif, symbolizing the goddess of wealth. This style of jewelry dates back to 17th century and looks beautiful. I was so smitten with this jewelry that I bought one in gold for my wedding too. Vaki is an armlet made from interlocked gold chains and is adorned with a ruby studded at the center. Thushi is a necklace with thick chains of golden balls and is held together by a thread.

It is worn right at the base of the neck and is crafted from pure gold and is embellished with intricate designs. Hope you liked this post on Marathi bridal jewelry, stay tuned for more information on other Indian bridal pieces of jewelry. Hello Jeevansathi, your blog is great! I like how you describe each one of them. The jewelry is very beautiful but their history in why they are what they are is amazing.

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Indian wedding clothes

Admin 6, Views. I am an avid jewelry lover. Traditional pieces of jewels attract me the most. There is no doubt about the fact that weddings are the perfect occasions to flaunt your beautiful jewels. In the olden days, it was considered as a symbol of wealth and status, and women considered jewelry as Streedhan, their personal wealth.

It contains all the accessories, clothes, makeup, jewelry and everything else that she would need in her new life post-marriage. While a bride might want to put in as many things as possible in a trousseau list, there are a few that are absolutely important to pack and not worth missing out. Thus, we have made this custom-trousseau-packing list , which would certainly help you in packing exactly what you would need.

Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Bhagalpuri, Paithani, Mysore Silk, or Bandhani sarees - you can choose from a wide range of lovely saree sold online by a number of brands, such as Anand Sarees, Divastri, Saara, Ishin, Kashvi Sarees, and Ratnavati, among others. Flipkart offer a wide variety of sarees of different fabrics, colours, or styles to let you pick anything that you want. From ethnic sarees to contemporary design, you can buy any wedding saree online after reading user reviews, checking ratings, and comparing the prices. Price list last updated on May

7 Adornments that Make us Fall Hard in Love with Marathi Brides

This post was published by Vidhi Jhaveri. Ajanta and Ellora Caves Mahabaleshwar Panchgani. View all places to visit in Maharashtra. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Places Near Bangalore. Places Near Kolkata.

9 Navari Looks That Can Turn Any Marathi Bride into a Queen

India is home to many religions, cultures and traditions. Indian weddings are not only opulent in nature but also diverse in customs and rituals. This diversity is also visible in the wedding outfits and jewellery of Indian brides. Maharashtra, one of the Indian states with a rich cultural heritage, has got a unique place in wedding fashion radar. A Marathi bride usually selects the traditional leaf green or golden yellow Paithani saree.

Today Anuradha Art Jewellery introducing the traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery that completes the look of a Maharashtrian woman.

Indian bridal makeup is a lavish affair and there is no scope for any mistakes! When it comes to the D-day, every woman wants to look special. A typical Maharashtrian bridal makeup just like any other bridal makeup enhances the beauty of the bride.

The Complete Trousseau Checklist For The 2019 Bride!

I found that I related to Ria more than many characters I have read recently. The journey in getting to know these characters through the book was more intense than previous romances that I have read recently. Think I found a new favorite author!

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A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person. Marriages are said to be made in heaven and we just have to preserve for lifetime. Marriage celebration varies from community to community. Marathi peoples like to celebrate this event in very simple, traditional and ritual way. Marathi wedding is carried out in morning or in noon, that time is very auspicious for getting married.

25+ Marathi brides who took our hearts with their graceful looks!

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Colloquial English is so much easier to speak than Marathi. 'Rita gave up her own education to look after the younger girls when you lost your job, didn't she?Shanta Gokhale - - ‎Fiction, General.

Photography by - Vikram Moghe photography. The most beautiful accessory that our Marathi bride wears is - Mundavalya. Mundavalya is not an ordinary accessory, there's a beautiful meaning to it. The bride in the morning performs a puja with her parents.

Indian wedding clothes are elaborate set of clothes worn by the bride , bridegroom and other relatives attending the wedding. In India, the wedding rituals and clothes make the wedding as much as that of the bride and her groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous outfits. Not just the couple, but the guests attending the family and the relatives are often seen dressed to the teeth.

One look at a bride, one can easily figure it out that she is a Marathi bride or not. Dressed in classic Paithani sarees with gobs of gold jewels, Marathi brides ooze an unnoticeable traditional charm like none other. So with this blog, we draw your attention to the adornments that make Marathi brides look super traditional and different.





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