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Say yes to adventure by hopping on a tour of Canada designed for solo travellers and explore the world on your own. The itineraries will guide you through the streets of Vancouver, and charm you with the vibe of Lake Louise. Find the tour of Canada that suits you, travel solo and observe the world up close. View Map. Canada's Rockies.


15 Best Places for Female Solo Travelers

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Womens Travel Network was founded 15 years ago to help others experience the fascination of travel, the exploration, the connection, the growth, the sense of accomplishment, and the joy.

Our guests are women between the ages of 40 to 60, though some are younger or older. They are single, widowed, divorced or married but enjoy a separate vacation from their spouse. Many women come on their own — instead of solo travel, these women enjoy the camaraderie and security of being with a group.

Other guests come with a friend, some with a group of friends, some with a relative — you may meet sisters, or a mother and daughter. Guests tend to share common interests, and are open to new people and ideas. Friendships that develop on a trip may last for years.

Our tour leaders are knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. Debbie Ross , founder of Womens Travel Network has been providing travel services to her customers for over 40 years.

With this experience she has realized the need for women to have an opportunity to travel without the single supplements or hassle of finding a travel partner.

Debbie graduated from Travel Career school with honours and received her CIT status in the travel industry, with top honours in Ontario. She has owned and operated her own travel agency and now owns and operates her own successful travel consulting service. Her travel around the globe has been extensive. Be it relaxing holidays, trekking or sports related, she has first hand knowledge of many varied travel experiences.

In our hectic world of family and work life it is not always possible to coordinate travel with a companion. Out of a need of her own to find a group or organization catering to women with the same travel desires, Womens Travel Network was created. In doing so she hopes this network of women travelers and women tour companies will fulfill that need. Debbie and her team of professional consultants can help you find that special trip to suit your travel needs and desires.

Their goal is to provide you with excellent customer service while answering all of your questions and give you the information you need, to make sure you pick the right trip. This trip should excite you and meet all of your expectations. They will make sure you are completely prepared for your trip. Debbie and her team look forward to helping you in making your travel dreams come true. Nanette Snel is a seasoned and passionate traveler. Nanette enjoys a successful career as an Interior Decorator and runs her own business, but she loves to take time out to see the world.

She has traveled as a guest on many tours. This has given her insight as to what it takes to be a good tour leader and she understands what it takes to make trips extra special. Nanette has excellent people skills and she is a very well organized. Her positive attitude and love of fun and laughter make her a great tour leader.

She will make sure your tour is memorable and that every need is taken care of — with a smile. Lori Dalton is an enthusiastic leader, personal life coach and gifted speaker and she has a desire to help others live their lives to the fullest. Lori believes that traveling is one of the best learning opportunities that one can have. She is a well traveled individual and as a tour leader with WTN she uses her excellent people skills to ensure everyone is enjoying, learning and growing while on tour with her.

Lori enjoys new experiences and friendships and we guarantee she will make you feel welcome and ensure that you are having the time of your life.

She founded Your Mind Matters , a unique private coaching and training company that helps adults take control of their lives by harnessing the power of their minds. Corey has assisted many people in supercharging their lives, be it their health, wealth, career, relationships or sports performance. Corey now wants to help women supercharge their travel experience. She uses her corporate leadership and organizational skills to ensure that each tour experience is worry free. Her sense of humour and passion for travel will make your tour fun and eventful.

Carolyn believes that the exciting sites we visit and the new friends we make are equally important. We will remember the beautiful, historical sites and reminisce about the funny shared moment with new friends and travel companions. Ruthi Segal was born in South Africa and has lived in Toronto for over 35 years. She has a passion for travel and has traveled extensively all her life.

She has a joie de vivre and is a fun loving, caring person. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to be able to be the catalyst to help others fulfill their dreams, while developing new friendships and sharing memorable experiences.

Sandy Girvan is an avid traveller and has always infused her sense of humour with a responsible side wherever she goes. She has travelled widely and lived abroad for short periods. Sandy has often gone on solo travels and has had to be aware of every detail to make sure the adventure was calculated.

A love of cooking has taken Sandy to numerous spots and given her the wherewithal to provide cooking lessons in her home when not travelling. Sandy is a people person and strives to make sure your experience with WTN is unforgettable. Her mission is to make history fun, entertaining, and engaging, and to draw attention to our shared human nature across the centuries.

Her travels have taken her all over, but she has a special love in her heart for Scottish and English castles. AnnaLena Seemann came to Canada from Sweden at age 19, eager to travel and explore the world.

She photographs headshots, events, magazine style portraits and family portraits. AnnaLena has also been an active 4-H leader for 8 years and utilizes her leadership, enthusiasm and organizational skills to make every club, such as the Photography Club, Cooking Club and Upcycling Club, she leads, a success.

AnnaLena is down to earth, has a sense of adventure and is very honoured to be a host with WTN! She is looking forward to sharing memories, many laughs and experiences with you. Life should be fun! Travel with her and she will teach you how to take the best travel photos. Laureen Morris has always had a passion for travel and her first trip with WTN was to Greece in and since then has taken many trips to explore the world.

Laureen is an avid photographer and enjoys documenting and sharing her wonderful travel experiences. She has a passion for politics at all levels and in June worked on her 27th election campaign.

When not on the move, her grandchildren and family take up her spare time. Laureen embraces life with great enthusiasm and enjoys meeting new people. Deb Kozlowski is the founder and owner of Deb K Fitness, which helps men and women over the age of 60 reach and surpass their health and wellness goals. She has been involved in the fitness industry as a professional since Deb is committed to working closely with her clients, so that they remain functional as they age. She does it in her practice and now will have the ability to maintain it as a trip leader for WTN.

Rowena Lamy was born in Guyana, South America. At age 20, she migrated to pursue Undergraduate studies and has since made Canada her home. She is an experienced, enthusiastic International traveller for both business and pleasure.

A long and successful Information Technology IT career including roles as a Management Consultant, and Corporate Director, has afforded her the opportunity to work in multiple cities in Canada, and internationally in the U. A, the U. She is a natural organizer and problem solver with a calm and easy-going demeanor, who creates the perfect ambiance for her WTN customers to enjoy their vacation.

Her enthusiasm for travel along with her passion for collaboration and integration, means that no client will be left behind AND a memorable experience will be had by all! Recognized as an award-winning growth strategist in the Business world she is an international speaker, author, panelist, and strategist. She has a deep sense of curiosity which fuels her love of exploration and travel. Let the adventures begin! Laurie Flasko is a customer service expert, motivational speaker, life coach, and author.

She has been interviewed around the world in all forms of media for her knowledge and insight. Having held international healing retreats from Sedona to Mt. Tremblant to Paradise Island, Bahamas, and obtaining her travel agent license, Angela loves travel and believes it feeds the body, mind and soul.

Rita Plaskett is a passionate and fun filled leader who has been in the travel and meeting industry for over 25 years. Rita being a traveller herself, knows and feels what it takes to make your trip a memory of a life time. Rita is looking forward to traveling with you soon. Susan Jones insatiable love of learning, passion for adventure and travel, along with her desire to ensure that others are living their dreams makes her a dedicated tour host.

In this capacity, she helps people to follow their hearts, feel more empowered to make significant changes to enjoy fulfilling lives and ultimately, achieve their goals. Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with emphasis on attention to detail, effective communication, problem solving and leadership skills.

She is currently volunteering as a support group facilitator helping people to maximize their quality of life. While being very conscientious about her work and responsibilities, she loves to laugh and has the ability to see the positive side of every situation. She loves meeting new people, learning about different cultures and making new friendships. Happily retired in Prince Edward County after 35 years as a risk manager, consultant and teacher, Cynthia loves connecting people and places.

Effective communication, negotiation and problem solving are second nature to this highly organized and unflappable woman. The Womens Travel Network was founded by Debbie Ross, who provides the inspiration for women only small group trips as well as some mixed company trips. The WTN is affiliated with Worldwide Quest, a TICO Travel Agency, that provides all of the trip logistics, trip designs and details, and also looks after the entire booking process and client care before, during and after your travels.

Have you ever seen Jackass Penguins? These African penguins live in colonies on the coast of southern Africa. They… twitter. In our hectic world it is not always possible to coordinate travel with a companion.

Womens Travel Network was created to empower women to get out and see the world.

Holidays for solo travellers

If you make a purchase through these links, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This disclosure pertains to all affiliate links. Solo travel in Canada is amazing. Sometimes I still laugh about my experience. On a camping trip?

Womens Travel Network was founded 15 years ago to help others experience the fascination of travel, the exploration, the connection, the growth, the sense of accomplishment, and the joy. Our guests are women between the ages of 40 to 60, though some are younger or older. They are single, widowed, divorced or married but enjoy a separate vacation from their spouse.

Empowering, exciting, challenging : Few things are more rewarding than solo travel—and research shows it's on the rise, especially with women. That said, traveling alone isn't always easy even if you're a Traveler editor and choosing the right destination can be equal parts exhilarating and overwhelming. Luckily, British tour company Ampersand crunched the numbers to figure out best places for women to travel alone, rating countries by their safety and women's rights records, along with common interests like scenery, adventure, food, and, well, Instagram hashtags it is , after all. Here, the 15 best places for solo female travelers. Counting down

Single woman 55; best solo travel groups/sites - Solo Travel Forum

Women travel for countless reasons, whether to discover new frontiers, pursue business opportunities, or simply to rest and relax — not unlike men. The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone. The Government of Canada assists thousands of Canadian women in distress abroad each year. The problems they face are diverse. Petty and violent crime, culture shock, poor sanitation, the dangers and disappointments of international cyber-dating — the challenges are many. But so are the benefits. With careful planning, common sense, and respect for religious and societal differences, you can minimize your risks and maximize your chances of having a safe and successful trip.

Her own way – a woman’s safe-travel guide

For those who love the outdoors, want a safe and incredibly friendly place to travel through, and who want to experience many different cultures all at once, Canada is the perfect solo destination at any time of year. Though the whole country is worth exploring, these are a few places that my fellow travel bloggers and I think are particularly good for solo travelers in Canada:. Alberta was my first stop ever in Canada and by the time I left, I was seriously asking myself if I should just come back and move in. Alberta is a winter wonderland with snow-shoeing tracks, nordic skiing, ice climbing, and ice fishing all nearby.

Our specialty tours were created in for women who enjoy travelling in small groups to beautiful places.

I would rather go with a group or tour at first to get used to it and prefer one out of the US and offering trips for those of us over 50 and single; any thoughts? I no they have single cruises for uselders n they have a stagg memberon the cruise. I'm thinking about it in Oct. Don't have any companies specializing in this sort of travel that I can recommend but what I can suggest is to have a look through past discussions that are similar to your question.

10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

All of our group tours are suitable for solo travellers, no matter your age. The average group size on our solo holidays is just 12, so you'll have the opportunity to meet new friends looking for the same experiences as you are, but not too many to disrupt your trip. From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored. First time on a group holiday as a solo traveller?


With a positive attitude and general street smarts, there are plenty of places in the world where you can feel safe and secure on your own. Australia is home to some of the most diverse wildlife and landscapes in the world, and it was the destination of my first ever solo trip abroad! Ireland may not be known for great weather, but the Emerald Isle is a place of happiness and beer. Namibia is the ultimate road trip destination and a fantastic destination year-round. Located in the largest conservation area of Africa, Sossusvlei is breathtaking.

5 Reasons Canada is Perfect for Solo Female Travel


Women who travel with us are from across Canada and around the world with an even mix - single, married, widowed and divorced. Some of our travellers come  ‎Travel Blog · ‎Travel Links · ‎Our Tours · ‎About Us.


13 of the Best Places in Canada for Solo Travelers


Canada Tours for Solo / Single Travellers






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