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Woman at the well printable word search

I've made a number of printable Bible Word Search puzzles that you can print out right now. See the list of puzzles below. You have my permission to print out the Bible Word searches below for personal, classroom, or church use, or for use anywhere else. Feel free to make as many copies as you need.

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Make your own word search puzzle

I've made a number of printable Bible Word Search puzzles that you can print out right now. See the list of puzzles below. You have my permission to print out the Bible Word searches below for personal, classroom, or church use, or for use anywhere else.

Feel free to make as many copies as you need. Basically you can do whatever you want with the word search puzzles except sell them. All I ask is that you keep the copyright notice at the bottom of the puzzle page in place. Are you the publisher of a newsletter, bulletin, newspaper, or magazine?

Include a word search in each issue. Your readership will love it! Reprinted by Permission. By the way, do you know a special needs student who might enjoy solving word search puzzles, such as a child or adult with autism or severe ADHD? Then check out my collection of Special Needs Word Search puzzles , which includes 25 Bible word searches.

Also free, of course! For even more word searches, see my Word Search Printables page. Here are the Bible Word Search printable pages. The puzzles cover a variety of topics related to Christianity and the Bible.

Many are based on suggestions made by visitors to this page. Click the link to open a printable version of the word search in a new window. For the solutions to these puzzles, scroll down to the Solutions section of this page.

Abraham's Travels. Bible Word Search. Biblical Judges. Books of the Apocrypha. Books of the New Testament. Books of the Old Testament. Called to Be Merciful. Choose to Serve God Joshua Countries in the Bible. Jesus Heals Blind Man John 9. Life of Joseph. Life of Moses. Light of the World. Lydia Learns to Follow Jesus Acts Missions 1 Word Search. Missions 2 Word Search. Moses and Joshua Deuteronomy Mountains of the Old Testament. Names and Titles of Jesus.

Occupations in the Bible. Plagues of Egypt. Tribes of Israel. Women in the Bible. The word search pages are in PDF format. Most computers should be able to view and print out these puzzles with no problem.

Note: If nothing happens when you click the link, you might need to install free PDF reader software on your computer. This can be found at various places online such as Adobe. I've double-checked all the puzzles to make sure all the words are in them. So if you can't find a word, don't give up too soon! These word searches are good puzzles games in their own right, but parents and Sunday School teachers can make use of these puzzles as teaching aids as well. Allow your students five or ten minutes at the beginning of class to work on one of these word searches.

I've taught informal classes at work before. One technique I learned for helping students get their mind in gear to focus on the lesson is to allow them to first work on a puzzle at the beginning of class. This helps them relax and gains their attention. You can even spend a minute or two quizzing the group on their knowledge of the related Bible topic. For instance, if you've given them the Apocryphal Books of the Bible word search, ask the class to explain what those are.

Or, if they're working on the Books of the New Testament puzzle, see if any of your students can recite the books of the Bible from memory. By the way, it doesn't matter if all students don't finish the word search in the alotted time.

Just allow them to take the puzzle with them after class but don't allow them to work on it while you are teaching! They can finish it at home. Parents, too, can use these puzzles to get their children more interested in the Bible. For example, working on the Plagues of Egypt word search naturally makes one wonder about the plagues and may encourage your child to look up or ask about the details. Examining lists of terms from the Bible and then delving into their meanings is a refreshing way to learn more about the Bible.

Spend a few minutes on Wikipedia. I suppose not everyone has solved a word search before, so here's how to do it. There are a certain number of words hidden in each printable Bible Word Search. The words in each puzzle are listed at the bottom of the puzzle page. Words can be forward, backward, or at a diagonal. When you find a word, circle the word and cross it out from the list. For example, the word Aaron is one of the Bible terms hidden in the Life of Moses word search.

Spotting the double "AA" is a quick way to pinpoint the location of that word in the puzzle. Another trick is to begin with words that contain letters of the alphabet that are relatively rare. Letters such as X, Z, Q, etc. If you have an idea for a printable Bible Word Search puzzle, feel free to send me the list of terms and I'll make a puzzle for you for free. Include about 10 to 15 Bible terms, and please provide a title for the word search for example, "Life of Moses".

Use the form on my Contact Me page to send your request. Feel free to leave a comment as well. Thanks very much! No sign-up or log-in needed. Just go to a game page and start playing! They work in modern browsers automatically. Popular Free Online Brain Games. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission prohibited. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. More information. Featured Article:. Word Searches help students focus. Facebook Comments Have your say about what you just read.

Leave me a comment in the box below. Free Online Brain Games. Cube Field. Scrabble Sprint. UNO Card Game.

Basic Solitaire. Bubble Hit. Word Searches.

Resources for Catholic Educators

Blank Puzzle Piece templates provide a way to keep your mind busy and you can improvise by mixing two or more templates to create unique puzzles and mind testing games simply by taking print out. All free. We offer free printable games to you from our website.

These printable word searches will be sure to challenge even the most advanced puzzler. You'll find three different levels of hard word searches below, each growing in difficulty based on the number of words you need to find.

Add, edit, delete clues, and customize this puzzle. Print copies for an entire class. The woman who was seduced by her own brother. Tamar The woman who wanted more.

Sunday School Worksheets

This can immediately shift your morning, bedtime, and mealtime routines … The words could be arranged horizontally, vertically and in a diagonal. Locate all the words given on the left. You are sure to find something in our free collection that will please you here. Printable Word Search Puzzles. Learning will become more fun if you know how to make it more engaging, and by giving them these fun worksheets, your kids will be more relaxed in doing the study. Fret not! A free daily word search puzzle - solve it online or print it out. The puzzle is completed when all of the words have been found. Daily Word Search Puzzle. Whether you are a teacher looking for printable word searches for the classroom, a parent looking for word searches for the kids … Word Search Puzzle Overview.

Free Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God saw that the light was good. It was day one…. God saw how sinful the earth had become.

Our Christian word search puzzles are fun and interesting, because we always add a twist! This puzzle is great for for anyone who's trying to learn the books of the New Testament.

You can use this page to create your own word search puzzle with your own list of words. These puzzles are popular with different groups of people, especially teachers and students. I have just changed over to https for a more secure browsing experience.

39 Hard to Extremely Hard Word Search Puzzles

The word search puzzles on this page are just a taste of what TLSBooks has to offer. These puzzle handouts are fun to have available for car trips, extra credit, or as a supplement to a related subject area. These educational word search puzzles vary in degree of difficulty and range in age from kindergarten to sixth grade.

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‘Woman at the Well’ Wordsearch Printable


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The Woman At The Well Word Search






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