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The Magic​ of Simple Gardening Indoors

    I asked my husband for a Tower Garden since I heard about these magical Jetson-like growing machines in mid-2017.  He insisted that we didn’t need one since we live on 50 acres, but I knew what a blessing it would be.  So, I casually mentioned (about 100 times) how beneficial it would be.  No…… Continue reading The Magic​ of Simple Gardening Indoors

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Early Learning~Outdoor Play

We don’t have much near where we live.  The closest library is 30 minutes away.  Pretty much any business is at least 30 minutes away.  So, we’ve learned to enjoy what we do have at home. I’ve started to notice just how much more our son learns with everyday activities…especially when he plays outdoors.  It…… Continue reading Early Learning~Outdoor Play

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Hike with your Toddler Today!

We aren’t extreme hikers, but we do a lot of trekking around our property.  (We live on 50 acres so there is a lot of room to roam.)  We love to take our son exploring and try to point out any wildlife that we see.  So far, just in our backyard, he has been introduced to:…… Continue reading Hike with your Toddler Today!

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Chicken Safety

We moved our chickens into their permanent big girl coop just over a week ago.  We know there are many predators around and we’re quite concerned about one of them breaking into their coop.   We have a creek on our property and live near a river, so predators are pretty common.  Our trail camera’s…… Continue reading Chicken Safety