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Breakfast Inspiration!

Kayla, a fellow Weight Watcher fan, posted a photo of her breakfast and I couldn’t resist asking her to share it on the blog.  It looks so filling and delicious!  Please welcome Kayla and take a look at her plate: Hi Everyone! My name is Kayla Marie and I started my weight loss journey back…… Continue reading Breakfast Inspiration!

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Weight Watcher Helping Gadgets

The new year is here and many are looking to get healthier and back to eating right.  Are you new to Weight Watchers?  Are you looking for ways to increase your weight loss? Here are a few gadgets that can help! FitBit Tracker: This is one of my favorite weight loss devices!  It tracks how…… Continue reading Weight Watcher Helping Gadgets

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Weight Watcher’s Tips

Almost everyone is looking to drop a few pounds when the new year starts.  We are on board in 2017!   We’re really focusing on eating healthier and getting more exercise in. We’re loosely following Weight Watchers, so I’ve been picking up tips here and there regarding the Smart Points program.  I was a huge Points…… Continue reading Weight Watcher’s Tips

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Soups On!

The days are getting cooler (or at least the mornings are) and I’m ready for fall!  I am also looking to drop a few pounds so I decided to give Weight Watchers The Classic Garden Vegetable Soup a try.  I found it in the weightwatchers 50th anniversary cookbook (one of my favorite cookbooks). To be…… Continue reading Soups On!

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Skinny Meatloaf?

The Front Porch Bliss household is working on eating healthier.  That means we are increasing our fruits and veggies, decreasing soda consumption and making more healthier dinners.  Together we’ve lost close to 10lbs over the past week and our little one has gained almost a pound.  So, we are motivated to keep going!  We’ve done…… Continue reading Skinny Meatloaf?